Mystery Red Beam Diablo 3 Legendary Item Rumors! – Update: Faked

Mystery Red Beam Diablo 3 Legendary Item Rumors! – Update: Faked

Update: This has been confirmed as a fake. Ho ho!

We haven’t had angry shouting accusations of fraud and forgery for a while, so let’s do it! Thanks to HolyKnight for pointing me to a fan claiming to have found a mysterious, cannot-be-identified item that fell to Sanctuary in a red beam of light. You see the screenshot evidence below, and the alleged finder’s brief statement as well.

Guess I found something which isnt even supposed to drop yet. no way to ID it, it wasnt doing anything, even when using cains book thingy. Ive never seen that damage range before.

Zoom in all you want, analyze it, its not edited. I shat my pants when i saw it.

This happened in T2, during a rift. At first i thought my monitor was having a color issue. No, its not an exarian, the damage range is different.

Here are his two screenshots, and note that he says the item can not be identified. Which could be true/buggy, or could just be a clever way to keep from having to come up with fake stats for his ‘shopped item.

Another fan pointed that the item’s graphic is the Deathwish, a (new?) legendary sword that shows up in the Chinese D3 site’s database, but isn’t supposed to be findable in the game yet. (It’s not in the official site’s DB, and no one has found one for it to exist in the DiabloNut armory.)

So is this a bug? A new type of item that’s not supposed to be droppable yet? Something to do with upcoming ladders or other features? Or just a hoax to give us all something to rage about for the post-community buff weekend?

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18 thoughts on “Mystery Red Beam Diablo 3 Legendary Item Rumors! – Update: Faked

  1. I was actually expecting new item tier to launch with RoS, but it did not happen. So new tier with ladders is very probable. And would definetely make ladders more appealing even to the less competetive players in the community.

    • Assuming this is not a fake, I would be incredibly disappointed if a new tier of items was added that ended up being ladder only. Ladder should be an option, not a requirement, and once you add exclusive items that are more powerful than you can get any other way, it becomes a requirement. I plan on playing ladder either way so it’s not a huge deal as far as not being able to get the items but I know a lot of people would be incredibly ticked if the only way to progress was to play ladder. Ladder exclusive sidegrades are fine, ladder exclusive cosmetics, titles, achievements, etc, all fine, but once ladder becomes the sole means of progression past point X I think the game is going to have a problem.

      • I doubt that Blizzard would be dumb enough to add an actual new tier of ladder-only items. I’m pretty sure that all the ladder-exclusive items will have special abilities, and those may well be stronger than the ones we have, making ladder-only items more desirable than regular ones. However, an actual new tier, with stats that are strictly better than anything available outside ladders, doesn’t seem to make much sense. The current item tiers are all based on level, so making a new tier of items that depends on your play mode rather than your level doesn’t make that much sense.

        Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that those ladder-only items WON’T be the sole means of progress past point X, it just means that they’re unlikely to be strictly better than what we have now. It’s very possible that the ladder-exclusives will be extremely rare, and be intentionally OP, like the pre-bug-fix Shard of Hate. So, it’s still theoretically possible that they would be necessary for real progress past a certain point, but I really doubt they’d be an actual new tier of items.

        • What the fuck are you on about, there were ladder only items in d2 too, that worked perfectly fine with the items going onto nonladder after the reset

          • With everything being account bound, this doesn’t help.

            Depending how separate ladder and nonladder is (do Paragon points carry over?), many of us who can’t play many hours a day will probably not want to participate in ladder. Never having access to new ladder only items would be a huge disappointment.

          • If all the ladder only legendaries go into the normal pool for D3, then it would be fine: considering you wouldn’t be forced to do them. But then you have all the idiots whining about “Then what is the point for doing ladder?” so I doubt it will be the same in D3.

          • If Blizz would reintegrate a method of trading into the game, then I’d agree that it’d be nearly the same. But without, one still would be forced to play ladder to get to the items, which simply ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. Also players, whose ambitions are to get every leg (, perhaps even in variant for every mainstat) available, may already have run out of character space due to necessary mules. (Especially if their ambition also includes keeping legacy items.)

  2. Sorry to double post, but I forgot to add a question that I have about the drop. When you drop a regular legendary item, it makes the beam of orange light come up until you pick it up again. So my question is, if you drop the item that made the red beam of light, does it still make a red beam, or does the beam change into a regular orange one?

    If it stays the same, it’s probably an item that wasn’t supposed to drop yet that’s still being worked on. If it does change color, it’s probably just a bug with a specific item, assuming that no other item other than this one has a different beam color. Finally, it could always just be fake.

  3. I would say it is fake. As we all know item rolls its properties when it drops, identify just reveals them to the player. Identifying was never restricted in any way (you could identify a 70 level item with a char level 1). I cannot think of any reason why you couldn’t identify this item.

  4. It’s clearly a fake, if you read through the long thread on Diablofans it’s obvious.

    • My favorite part was everyone fooled by it calling for BANS FOREVAR STOOPID TROLLS BAWWWWW coz… that’s just hilarious.

  5. even tho its fake its kinda intresting it would be nice to distinguish legendary items / ladder only items by a tier system so you know its a super rare item when it drops

  6. “Yeah let’s hide my identity before posting a legit screenshot, that makes sense.”

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