Update: This has been confirmed as a fake. Ho ho!

    We haven’t had angry shouting accusations of fraud and forgery for a while, so let’s do it! Thanks to HolyKnight for pointing me to a fan claiming to have found a mysterious, cannot-be-identified item that fell to Sanctuary in a red beam of light. You see the screenshot evidence below, and the alleged finder’s brief statement as well.

    Guess I found something which isnt even supposed to drop yet. no way to ID it, it wasnt doing anything, even when using cains book thingy. Ive never seen that damage range before.

    Zoom in all you want, analyze it, its not edited. I shat my pants when i saw it.

    This happened in T2, during a rift. At first i thought my monitor was having a color issue. No, its not an exarian, the damage range is different.

    Here are his two screenshots, and note that he says the item can not be identified. Which could be true/buggy, or could just be a clever way to keep from having to come up with fake stats for his ‘shopped item.

    Another fan pointed that the item’s graphic is the Deathwish, a (new?) legendary sword that shows up in the Chinese D3 site’s database, but isn’t supposed to be findable in the game yet. (It’s not in the official site’s DB, and no one has found one for it to exist in the DiabloNut armory.)

    So is this a bug? A new type of item that’s not supposed to be droppable yet? Something to do with upcoming ladders or other features? Or just a hoax to give us all something to rage about for the post-community buff weekend?

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