KuangTu has posted a new thread with some mysterious photos he took at Blizzard’s Irvine offices. He was there in late April (TDP interview about his visit) with the guys from Diablo3.cc and some other Chinese media, to carry out an interview with Jay Wilson and other senior Blizzard employees.

    During the two days they spent on Blizzard’s campus they spotted these mysterious symbols spotted around the interior walls. The symbols were brand new and freshly-added, and even the Blizzard employees he asked about them didn’t know their origin or purpose. You can see more photos in KuangTu’s forum thread, along with some details about the glyphs.

    During the trip to Blizzard at the end of April, I saw some mysterious symbols posted all over Blizzard building interiors. These symbols don’t seem to belong to any currently known Blizzard games.

    More interesting thing is….when I asked her about the strange mark, our tour guide told me that the symbol I mentioned to her wasn’t even there that morning. It just appeared during the day. (Well, of course someone put it there, but it shows how new these symbols are.)

    We saw those symbols everywhere, in the main lobby, the library, dining room, even on the elevator door! I was luckily to wait around to see the door closed when got off the elevator. They appear in different colors sometimes, but mainly black. There are about 3-4 types of symbols. I’m not sure if the fourth one is in the same series.

    Anyone recognize these icons? Do you think they have some hidden meaning, or it this just new decoration/discovery for the enjoyment of the Blizzard employees?  Click the thumbs for larger views, or refer to the forum thread for large images and ongoing discussion.


    Incidentally, KuangTu provided one, two, three, four, five, photos of the Blizzard Irvine trophy room. They’ve been in our Blizzard HQ gallery since last much, but haven’t been much viewed, so check them out.

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