As promised here are some more videos. These ones do not feature skills but they do give a small insight into some of the backstory as told by Myriam the DiabloWikiMystic to different characters. Myriam is one of the three DiabloWikiArtisans that you will have access to in the caravan area and her particular skill is to enchant items with magical properties.

    A list of all her formulas can be found on this page in DiabloNut. I’ve put just the one video here with the others after the break as they could be considered spoilery. First up the Barbarian speaks with DiabloWikiMyriam the DiabloWikiMystic about the DiabloWikiSkeleton King.

    Myriam the Mystic fills the Wizard in on her Visions.  

    The Witch Doctor gets some of Myriam the Mystic’s background.

    DiabloWikiMyriam the DiabloWikiMystic discusses ‘An Unnatural Beast’ with a Demon Hunter. The Unnatural Beast is the Butcher.

    I have to say, Myriam’s is probably my favourite voice in the game so far. It doesn’t sound forced, nor does it sound like another bad accents. Thanks again to Risingred for shooting these for us.

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