Myriam the Mystic Videos

As promised here are some more videos. These ones do not feature skills but they do give a small insight into some of the backstory as told by Myriam the DiabloWikiMystic to different characters. Myriam is one of the three DiabloWikiArtisans that you will have access to in the caravan area and her particular skill is to enchant items with magical properties.

A list of all her formulas can be found on this page in DiabloNut. I’ve put just the one video here with the others after the break as they could be considered spoilery. First up the Barbarian speaks with DiabloWikiMyriam the DiabloWikiMystic about the DiabloWikiSkeleton King.

Myriam the Mystic fills the Wizard in on her Visions.  

The Witch Doctor gets some of Myriam the Mystic’s background.

DiabloWikiMyriam the DiabloWikiMystic discusses ‘An Unnatural Beast’ with a Demon Hunter. The Unnatural Beast is the Butcher.

I have to say, Myriam’s is probably my favourite voice in the game so far. It doesn’t sound forced, nor does it sound like another bad accents. Thanks again to Risingred for shooting these for us.


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  1. Laughed so hard at the first video when he jumps across the town.
    hahha oh man. That’s the way to travel.

    Great videos! Thank you very much!

  2. why is it that i cannot view those videos? i see no link, nothing, just an empty space

  3. I love her voice, like all those classic fortune tellers but with a certain macabre twist, possibly because of the words she has to speak and the nature of the tales she has to share. it’s awesome how it’s the little things like the accent or the sound of in-game people’s voice that heightens your anticipation and makes you wanna play the full game even more damn badly.

    And indeed, who needs waypoints when you got a pet Barbarian?

  4. thankfully it is short videos. i will avoid talking to the mystic, jesus.

  5. I laughed out loud at her chat with the Wizard. “You need to be happy! Enjoy youself while you can!” Definitely a nice contrast to the sombre blacksmith.

  6. so can the mystic imbue these bonuses to any item? legendary?  if so, that aint bad.  I see there are MF bonuses to be bought…

  7. I like the voice actor for the Mystic, but those are some cheesy jokes.  And the voice actor for the Wizard has got to go.

    • What’s wrong with the wizard’s voice? First time I heard a complaint on that one.

      You guys are taking the mystic out of context. The vast majority of other NPCs are incredibly serious, dark, and somber. It’s like Farnham in D1, but instead of the town drunk, it’s a mystic that sounds like a corny fortune cookie (who just happens to also be correct).
      Most of the character responses to the mystic are written as kind of like facepalms. I imagine that’s what they wanted the player’s reaction to be, maybe something of a surprise to break the moodiness of the game a bit.

      Covetous Shen is more serious, but his accent isn’t as insane as something like Alkor, and he can’t be compared to Myriam. Unfortunately I do not have footage of him.

  8. Jesus the voice acting is garbage.  They did exactly the same thing with SC2.  Fuck is this the level of Blizz ‘polish’ that the industry continues to accept as ‘until its ready’?

  9. On a side note, in the text of the Mystic training descriptions, there seems to be some confusion between the terms “generation” and “regeneration”.  Forgot to note if that came from the game, or just the page.

  10. I love the voice of the female wizard, but then I happen to love Azula 😛

  11. I dislike most of the player voices and in general the D3 voice acting. The male demon hunter seemed best to me. But the mystic is so different! She actually sounds like someone I might want to click on and “talk” to sometime in the game when I have nothing to do….unlike any other NPC so far.

  12. actually for some reason earlier I only wanted to hear her speak, and not see her full screen. this time I did and I can’t help but notice that noone has complained about her huge titties. for some reason I pictured her to look similar to Adria or something, not like a fat maid in a tavern of that era.

    and let’s remember, the Wizard is a young petulent youth, so yeah her voice is MEANT TO sound annoying and childish

  13. Or for nightmare/beyond? But good question.

  14. On a related note:
    It seems that the Mystic is the final solution in the runestone system, as the game guide now reveals:

    Check out the creation materials under “Unattuned Runestones”, and the Mystic info. Looks all final to me now (except the (random) extra bonuses info for all runestones from rank 5 to 7).

  15. Or for replay. Like how the Templar has dialogue for killing the blacksmith’s wife and finding, er, himself.
    In fact, once you unlock the artisans on one character aren’t they present right at the beginning for all new characters? So basically, there’s only ever going to be one time you play the early game without them.
    Not that I disagree the beta is likely substantially different from the real early act one.

  16. Listening to the Wizard voice makes me feel like a pedophile.

    • Which implies that you listen to video game characters with pre-defined sexual intentions. I don’t quite get why you would admit this in public.

  17. Yeah I don’t dislike the wizard’s voice, but it kinda makes it hard to “roleplay” for me personally. I was going to choose female wizard as a tribute to Diablo 2, but I might choose male after all, I’m not sure. I probably have one of each though. 

  18. i like the “terrible terrible damage” diablo edition joke in the wizzard video

    horrible horrible things xD

    @ Flux

    Why would the Mystic have dialogues about the Skeleton King if you’ve killed him before you even meet her? I guess she could have known about it and be talking about it after the fact, but it seems more like she’d talk about a monster that you’re dealing with once she’s arrived in town. Which would mean that the Skeleton King kill comes much later than it is presented in the beta. And/or the Mystic is rescued earlier.
    disabuse me if iam wrong but once you got the mystic she will stay
    when you start nightmare she shoud be allready in town

    so in nightmare and higher you got her already before you kill the skeleton king

    • Um, No.  In D2, when you rescue Decard Cain in Act 1 Normal is Decard Cain “rescued” when you start Act 1 Nightmare?  No, he is not.  You have to rescue him again.  In D3, acquiring the Mystic in each difficulty will (well, should) not be any different.

      • Deckard Cain didn’t craft items for you. They’ve said that you’ll have them in the start of the difficulties.

        • Well, while that may be nice if you want to immediately craft in the next difficulty, it does break the flow of the game.  And if they are going to do this, why force us to redo any of the quests in the next difficulty?

          • You are assuming it would break the flow of the game, or that they wouldn’t make minor modifications to Nightmare/Hell/Inferno to accomodate this.

  19. i love the witch doctor´s charming dance hehe

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