lord-of-destruction-soundtrackI check the posts in our Blue tracker every day and find useful stuff and sometimes funny stuff. But seldom have I begun laughing just from the title, before I even click the thread, as I did on this one. Music Volume Too Low in Reaper of Souls:

    Music extremely low compared to sound effects

    …The Diablo series has always had amazing soundtracks to go along with their games, so it just strikes me as strange that the third entry has what sounds like a great soundtrack, yet you can barely hear it, no matter the volume settings.
    Did you check your mixer settings for Diablo III while playing? You access the mixer by alt-tabbing out and right clicking the speaker icon on the lower right side of your task bar. Select Open Volume Mixer and you’ll see separate settings for each open application and the system sounds.

    I’ve had that exact same complaint since May 2012, and it’s not a technical issue on my end. The music is plenty loud… there’s just hardly ever music to hear. I don’t think everything needs to be like it once was, and moving away from the hard-driving soundtracks Matt Uelmen created for D1 and D2 was a valid option for Diablo 3. After all, Matt’s music was amazing in Diablo I and Diablo II and Diablo II: LoD, but it could get repetitious with the same song playing repeatedly in the same dungeon areas.

    That said, D3’s move to hardly-noticeable ambient sound effects, with only occasionally a burst of audible “music,” usually to punctuate a boss fight, has disappointed and puzzled me since 2012, and on the rare occasions I play without some external music in the background, I always get about 5 minutes in and wonder why it’s so quiet, with only the sound effects breaking the silence.

    We’ve debated this several times, but never actually posted a vote. So here we go. What do you guys think about the music and musical style in D3 and RoS?

    What do you think of Diablo 3's musical style?

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    I should stress that I still feel as I did back in 2012: I don’t dislike the music in D3/RoS; I just feel like I only know it from listening to the soundtrack since it’s so seldom audible in the game. And I prefer the mixing style we had in D1/D2 to the subtle ambient stuff in D3. Back in the ago of D1/D2, the music was very up front and a key component in setting the mood/theme of a dungeon area.

    Click for *LOTS* of Diablo music stuff, with Matt Uelmen’s music for D1, D2, D2X, and D3 (which was used in WoW:BC), plus the D3 and RoS by not-Matt composers, and Matt’s more recent music for Torchlight 1 and 2.

    Tristram Music Comparison: Diablo 1, Diablo 2, and Diablo 3’s Tristram themes compared.

    Diablo I soundtrack, Matt Uelmen:

    Diablo II soundtrack, Matt Uelmen:

    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction soundtrack, Matt Uelmen:

    WoW Burning Crusade: (Matt Uelmen’s music here was created for DiabloWikiBlizzard North’s Diablo 3 and instead used in WoW when D3’s development was cancelled/delayed/restarted in Blizzard Irvine.)

    Diablo III soundtrack:

    Reaper of Souls soundtrack:

    Just for a bonus, here’s the soundtrack for Torchlight 1 and 2. I conducted a lengthy interview with Matt around the time of TL2’s release, if you want his thoughts on his past work, his future work, his work in other Blizzard games, and his (very polite) thoughts on Diablo III’s soundtrack, which I was already deeply disappointed in, for reasons stated above.

    Torchlight I soundtrack, Matt Uelmen:

    Torchlight 2 soundtrack, Matt Uelmen:

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