“Multiple Diablo Projects in the Works” – More info this year

In the latest community update video from the Diablo 3 community team via a video, there appears to be more than just one single new Diablo project in the works.

According to CM Brandy, Blizzard is currently working on “multiple” Diablo projects. The good news is that details on perhaps at least one of these new projects is likely to be revealed later this year. In other words, BlizzCon could have some Diablo news coming this year.

With all the job posting that have appeared over the past twelve months, it’s no huge surprise but it’s good to get some confirmation.

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  1. It’s a strange thing, even with how rather disappointed I was with D3, that hearing about new Diablo projects gives me goosebumps.

    • If D4 is more like D3 (and less than D2), then I’m not buying D4.

      For D4, please give us a full fledged PC game (and a dumbed down console D4 version for consoles).

      In D3, we PC gamers simply got a dumbed down console D3 game that ran on our PC.
      Just look at the game mechanics (or the lack thereof) as evidence.

      Hope Blizzard is listening.
      I did not buy D3, entirely skipped this game completely.
      But I have *multiple* licences of D2/D2X and D1.

  2. I think it will be something like this:

    — D4 Announcement – 2-3 years till launch “will take longer than others”
    — D2 Remastered Announcement – 6-18 Months till launch “will take longer than others” (HighRes textures/sprites & 16:9 support, remastered sound, maybe dynamic lighting, maybe shared stash etc)
    — D3 Patches and/or Druid/Amazon/Assassin DLC Announcement 1-24 Months (to milk some more money out of D3)

    They have to bridge the time to D4 somehow. D3 has lost 99.99% of its playerbase (apart from the Diablo fanbase that was already lost in 2012). That loss was faintly alleviated by casuals trickling in whenever they have D3 on sale or newcomers to the franchise that dont know what Diablo is. You guys should see the D3 forums, its a clown-fiesta of casuals and trolls arguing with each other about trivial things.

    D2 remastered, if done right, will be amazing.

    D4 will be either crazy good and bring back all D1 and especially D2 fans, or it will abandon its Diablo fanbase in favor of casuals and newcomers that both come and go and have no passion for the franchise (because there is more money to be had).

    • I’m not entirely sure if Blizzard realises it, but they’ve pretty much already confirmed D2 Remaster anyway.

      On their Careers page, they have an opening in the “Classic Games” team that is focused on the Diablo universe and requires a passion for Diablo:

      • If there is a D2X Remaster, I’ll jump to buy two (2) licences to support Blizzard!

        And to send a message that I would like D4 to return to the roots of D2/D2X.

    • well what you think will happen in the future I think is right 🙁 but your statement about they have lost 99.99 % og their fanbase is crap sorry mate where did you get that numbers from ?? and call the D3 forums clowns forum is out of line

    • > — D4 Announcement – 2-3 years till launch “will take longer than others”
      I estimate 12 to 18 months, but otherwise yes
      > — D2 Remastered Announcement – 6-18 Months till launch “will take longer than others” (HighRes textures/sprites & 16:9 support, remastered sound, maybe dynamic lighting, maybe shared stash etc)
      Again, yes, but 6 to 12 months.
      > — D3 Patches and/or Druid/Amazon/Assassin DLC Announcement 1-24 Months (to milk some more money out of D3)
      I think not, D3 is in back catalogue support mode, for Blizzard that means minor updates that get further and further between. We’ll get themed seasons in the near future, and that is it, no new classes or acts ever.

      • > I estimate 12 to 18 months, but otherwise yes

        wasn’t there 4 years between D3’s announcement and its release ?

    • dude LOL, you are the 1st fking clown here , your comment show how retarded can you be ^^ . D3 is the 3rd pc game ever sold in the history and you come here and talk shit like a newbie who got rekt in this amazing game. There is no D4 lol (only retarded sheeps can believe such nonsense!), they dont have even a close number of people that can work in such a sequel. There will be a new expansion (2020+) and several new classes/new modules (within end 2019) + D2 remastered.

    • Let’s see how this turns out.

      But I am afraid I disagree with your DLC content for D3. The game is in maintenance mode. Although I would’ve liked to see more classes added like the Druid (at the very least), I guess I’ll have to accept that there won’t be any more content for it. Well, too bad. As someone who bought the Necro (and enjoyed it as much as I tried to temporarily forget about D2 when I played it), this was the only thing in D3 that I was hoping would materialize.

      But well, this is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  3. 1) Diablo 4: Battle Royale for the PC
    2) Diablo 4: Battle Royale for PS4
    3) Diablo 4: Battle Royale for Nintendo Switch

  4. She said to follow the links below to upcoming seasons, can anyone find those links?

  5. I’m going to keep hope alive that it’s Diablo 4 and that it’s a high quality, highly advanced graphics MMORPG in the Sanctuary universe where we go on raids to hell with classes from the Diablo franchise. I would LOVE that. But alas, it’ll probably be Diablo 3 for mobile or some crap.

  6. I suppose it’s not a surprise that they want to continue the franchise given the insane success it’s enjoyed. What will be potentially surprising though is the choices they make moving forward. Crossing my fingers.

  7. Please be D2 remaster, please be D2 remaster, please be D2 Remaster. Please no D4, Blizz. Be honest, you know you can’t handle it right now. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be Diablo 2 Remaster. We have Final Fantasy 7 remaster, Resident Evil 2 Remaster and now Diablo 2 remaster? Like 3 of the best games from 97, 98 and 99.

  8. I hope one of the announcements is a D2LOD remaster, this will bring back players in droves to the franchise which will be healthy for the game. Diablo players needs to see what a proper Diablo plays like, where items actually are diverse and matter more.

    Another really cool side effect is that there will be tons of questions about the game and all of the hard work put into guides and informative posts by the D2 community will be highly sought after once again.

  9. Exciting !! Multiple projects means a higher chance that at least one will be very good :).

  10. I’m terrified that they’ll break or take away my beloved D2LoD

    • Blizzard : We’re happy to announce a major update to D2LoD. That’s right faithful Diablo fans. We here at Blizzard haven’t forgotten you. For the past 3 years we’ve been working on combating duping and hacking in D2LoD and today we’re proud to announce out newest update to D2LoD.

      With this release D2LoD will join Diablo 3 in a secure playing and trading environment. That means all D2LoD games will be created and played online and all characters will be saved online.

      We’re looking forward to seeing all of you join our vibrant online community this November 16th.

      Just use your existing Battle.Net account to log in and create a new character and start slaying monsters on your way to Diablo and Baal.

      And we have a few more surprises waiting for you once you log in.

      • LOL, but of course you’re right! Really, at this point in Blizz’ life, would anyone expect an offline game for real? Of course not, the company wants to be 100% in control of the game experience, who cares if some players find that abusive and restraining?. Even remastered SC1 relies on online validation, it downloads something (preferences? profiles? saved games?) each time we log in. Goodbye MODs, goodbye ATMA. Goodbye hacks. I guess that for those of us who like modding our games, the only way will be to not “upgrade” to remastered. Not many people will risk getting banned.

        I wonder… which limits will Blizz impose on D2 remaster? Limited chars? Limited saves? I know I am not alone when I say that some folks like to make lots of chars. It would really surprise me a stash modification that allow storing multiple items and muling.

        Let’s see how this turns out.

        Keeping my expectations low to avoid being disappointed once more.

  11. Trying to keep my expectations low but I don’t know how long that will last…

  12. Diablo 4, Diablo 3 patches, Diablo mobile game.

    Most unlikely – Diablo MMO.

    Perhaps some random diablo content within hero’s counted as diablo stuff?

    If we get something ‘real’ diablo at blizzcon I’ll be happy.

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