You are the master of all these characters.

    Multiboxing, which is controlling multiple characters at the same time using seperate accounts, is a strange one in that not everyone approves of the practice but at the same time it’s perfectly legal according to Blizzard’s rules. If players want to pay for multiple accounts then that’s up to them, but not everyone agrees that it should be allowed. It’s been happening for years in WoW and also Diablo 3 but a thread kicked off in which Blizzard felt the need to step in and clarify their policy on the issue.

    For Diablo III, multiboxing walks the strange line of being something we technically allow, but don’t officially support.

    For clarity, players are allowed to have multiple Battle.net accounts, and each of them can have a Diablo III: Reaper of Souls license (one per account). There is no limit to the number of Battle.net accounts a single user can have, so long as no more than three of them have Battle.net Balance*. There is no restriction to how many of these accounts can be online at once, but the methods to do so may not be supported. We do not support third-party software, and third-party software that automates gameplay is not allowed. Accounts found to be using third-party software that automates gameplay risk being closed, possibly permanently.

    In other words, you can have multiple accounts, and you can be online with all of them at one time. We don’t support multiboxing in Diablo III, however, and some software used to facilitate multiboxing may violate our policies, so do so at your own risk.

    *Please note that this clarification is not reflected within the EULA and TOU at this time. We will be updating both documents in the near future to correct this.

    It’s a really cagey answer that doesn’t address any concerns normal players have with the concept. Blizzard are in a win/win situation, they don’t have to crack down on it and at the same time they shift more copies. Ultimately it doesn’t really matter how other people play the game (as long as it doesn’t affect you), as long as you enjoy the way you play it.

    So how is it done? Well there are programmes such as ISBoxer which makes it simple and this is how players are doing it in Diablo 3.  The video below demonstrates it.

    The question is, should this be allowed, should Blizzard make efforts to stop it because there is 3rd party software involved? Or as the software doesn’t actually interact with the game but rather the hardware (1 mouse controls all game movements as I understand it) there is nothing to object to.  The simple reason people do it is to get loot quicker but as there is no economy in Diablo 3 it can’t even affect that (even if there were an economy it wouldn’t have an adverse impact on it) so where is the harm?  The thread on the official forum turned into a bit of a cesspit and was finally locked with Grimiku’s post so it was difficult to determine what people’s real opinions on the subject are.

    Do you have any strong viewpoints on multiboxing or are you happy for others to do it, or do you multibox Diablo 3 yourself and love it?

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