As Rush alluded to last week (in an unintentionally controversial post), a lot of “Games of 2011” articles have recently been filed on various gaming sites, and many of them include Diablo III, despite it’s lack of release date. That sort of thing is mostly driven by traffic; including games that are much-anticipated is obviously a good way to get more people to read your preview, regardless of when you think the game will actually be released. Diablo III made plenty of “Most Wanted in 2010” lists as well, after all.

    I don’t feel any need to change my prediction that D3 will feature quite prominently on, “Most Wanted in 2012” lists as well, leaked Blizzard release schedules or not, but since most of you guys are more optimistically-impatient than I, here’s a collection of “D3 coming soon!” articles posted in recent weeks. The game gets just a sentence or two in most of them, but it’s fun to see that the rest of the internet shares our anticipation.

    • RPGLand puts Diablo 3 at #3 on their most wanted RPGs of 2011.
    • Express Buzz predicts D3 in 2011 in their anticipatory list.
    • Cult of Mac predicts D3 in 2011 in their Best of 2010 wrap up article.
    • Now Gamers include Diablo III amongst their most anticipated 2011 titles.
    • 1up.com includes Diablo III on their Most Wanted of 2011 list.
    • All Voices has Diablo 3 in their 22 Most Anticipated Titles of 2011. (A top twenty-two list WTF?)
    • Gamrfeed expects to see D3 in Q4 2011.
    • Player Affinity expects Diablo III in 2011 and they can’t wait.
    • College News includes Diablo 3 in the PC lineup for the best gaming platform for 2011.
    • Tech News HQ includes “Diablo III: Daemon Hunger” in their Top 8 Games of 2011 list. (I think that’s just a translation issue, but it made me laugh since I often typo “Demon Hunger” when referring to the newest class.)
    • 411Mania does not think D3 will be released in 2011. But they want it.
    • TGN News includes Diablo 3 at #3 on their Games of 2011 list.
    • PC Games Hardware says Diablo III should be out in 2011, and they can’t wait.
    • Wired’s GameLife disincludes Diablo III from their “Most Anticipated of 2011” due to a lack of a release date.
    • Cheat Code Central offers a quick Diablo III preview and hopes for a 2011 release.
    • Most Wanted Features in Diablo III. Not actually a release date prediction, but an article about what D3 should have.

    What do you guys think? A shocking 68% of you expect D3 in 2011, at least according to our latest vote, regardless of Blizzard’s long history of releasing everything at least a year after we think they will. Does the presence of Diablo III on so many Best of 2011 lists encourage you? Or do you fear the non-wisdom of the masses?

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