VGChartz has posted their latest Most Wanted Video Games ranking (unscientifically compiled from user comments on their own forums) and while the list is dominated by upcoming console titles, several Blizzard games appear in the top 40, and dominate the top ten most wanted PC titles. When it comes to PC Games, they have Starcraft 2 at #1 and Diablo 3 at #2, with WoW Cataclysm at #6. Perhaps the next WoW expansion is less anticipated since fans are confident it will actually be released in the semi-near future?

    Speaking of vaporware (or not???), Terminal Gamer has a list of the decade’s top five games that never were. No, Diablo 3 didn’t make it, but Stacraft: Ghost did, in the #1 spot. I remember attending the first Blizzcon back in 2005; there wasn’t a trace of anything Diablo-related in the whole hall, while SC Ghost statues, posters, artwork, cinematics, booth babes, and hundreds of linked gaming stations dominated. There was a ton of WoW stuff as well, and as a result I spent much of the day sitting in the lobby, reading an art book with my headphones on.

    Oh Starcraft: Ghost, how you teased us with your almost unlimited possibilities and super-sexy female lead. My personal choice for the game that never was, it showed plenty of potential over its four year, two-developer life span. The game was to be set in the Starcraft universe and was to let us take control of Nova, a popular ghost from the Starcraft universe. It was to involve stealth gameplay in the vein of Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid, and focus on the ability to cloak. Unlike the RTS game it was based off of, this one was a full-fledged, third person action game with cool technology. Although never officially written off, it doesn?t look like it will ever see the light of day. With concentration now fully on Starcraft 2 and Diablo III, and the interest for a new stealth game not very high, even if it did get released it?s quite clear that it would not be the same as it once promised to be.

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