Morhaime apologises for anti-gay language by George Fisher in BlizzCon Video

Mike says sorry

While not directly Diablo 3 related, some of you may have been at BlizzCon and seen the clip which has caused an outcry within the Blizzard community this week and has now prompted a response from Mike Morhaime. Mike has apologised for anti-gay language used by Cannibal Corpse’s George Fisher in a video interview which was shot at a Metal festival then edited with the language beeped out and shown at BlizzCon.

The fiasco has caused a bit of an uproar within the community, not only from the gay community but also the WoW Alliance who took great offense that their faction was being slagged off. While the Alliance faction may be offended, the comments by Mr Fisher regarding the Alliance could be perceived as humour and I think there’s been an over reaction there by Alliance WoW players, even if the language used was rather unsavoury. On the other hand the anti-gay language used has offended the gay community and rightly so.

The video  has now prompted a full apology from Mike Morhaime after pressure from GLAAD.

Dear members of the Blizzard community,

I have read your feedback and comments about this year’s BlizzCon, and I have also read the feedback to the apology from Level 90 Elite Tauren Chieftain. I’d like to respond to some of your feedback here.

As president of Blizzard, I take full responsibility for everything that occurs at BlizzCon.

It was short-sighted and insensitive to use the video at all, even in censored form. The language used in the original version, including the slurs and use of sexual orientation as an insult, is not acceptable, period. We realize now that having even an edited version at the show was counter to the standards we try to maintain in our forums and in our games. Doing so was an error in judgement, and we regret it.

The bottom line is we deeply apologize for our mistakes and for hurting or offending anyone. We want you to have fun at our events, and we want everyone to feel welcome. We’re proud to be part of a huge and diverse community, and I am proud that so many aspects of the community are represented within Blizzard itself.

As a leader of Blizzard, and a member of the band, I truly hope you will accept my humblest apology.

– Mike Morhaime President, Blizzard Entertainment

The showing of the video clip was not exactly the brightest thing Blizzard have done, and while the audience at BlizzCon is mature enough to handle the bad language, it was very short-sighted by Blizzard to think that nobody would seek out the source of the clip, especially considering the massive audience watching via DirectTV. Quite a bit of a PR blunder this one by Blizzard.

The original video interview is still on Youtube but be warned it does contain offensive language and shows what a clever chap Mr Fisher is. The edited video that was shown at BlizzCon is also available on Youtube.

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76 thoughts on “Morhaime apologises for anti-gay language by George Fisher in BlizzCon Video

  1. I shall never click that link! C_C; I know the little [email protected] troll in me will break the lock to his cage if I do.

    ~Tosses him a cookie~
    Everything’s alright lil’ guy, let’s pretend nothing has happened. ^^;

  2. wow, people are sensitive. sure, the slurs were bad. but the language was edited out, so i don’t see a problem with showing it. fisher should be apologizing, not blizz.

    • Yeah, agreed.

      It’s not nice to… not be nice. But it’s Blizzcon – Diablo, Starcraft and WoW all hinge on gruesome slaughter, so… how concerned are Blizzard and it’s fans about not offending people, actually? On-camera BS by majorly overstimulated and vaguely drunken nerds is just a risk you run. If Blizzard was keen to avoid offending anyone, they wouldn’t have thought twice about showing it.

  3. Wow… GLAAD got involved? Just wow… It was definitely not a good idea on Blizzard’s part; they should not have even associated themselves with that guy, but did it merit that huge of a reaction?

    • Let me put it this way.  You spend your free time and your hard-earned money supporting a company that puts forward a great product.  You go to a celebration of that product, and the higher-ups creating that product decide to say that your country sucks, or that your religion is a joke. 

      Seriously, could you imagine the backlash if he had said something disparaging about Christianity or America?

      I could care less about the bickering between the Alliance and Horde people–it’s nothing more than the arguments between rival sports teams–but when you decide to disparage an entire populace, yeah…that’s not going to fly.

      Homophobia on the same level as racism or sexism, and the fact that Blizzard would put this forward as even remotely acceptable sickens me.  Frustrating, to say the least.

      (Full disclosure–I’m a happily married bisexual man, who’s been gaming since he was in 7th grade.  And, more than almost anything, I’m sick of the insecure teenagers who think it’s perfectly fine to disparage someone’s sexuality without a second thought, because they personally don’t like it.  Grow up.)  👿

      [Edit–the fact that I can’t even type the term I need to use, because people abuse it so often, only goes to prove my point.]

      • People shit talk Christianity and America all the time and those people can’t loose their jobs over saying it. To be honest I am sick of people like you that claim to be adults yet can’t get over words which is a lesson that used to be taught to children. FYI- nobody cares who you fuck except you.

        • It’s not a question of getting over words; it’s a question of paying money to attend a thing you like and then having the organisers of that thing insult your biology. The client base is right to be offended.

          You wouldn’t call a manager over or write corporate to complain if the cashier at McDonald’s called you a fatty? …and unlike being fat, sexuality is not a choice.

          These are people who like a product and probably the company too. They are right to chastise such language, and I am sure Blizzard prefers that sort of loyalty to those who would just up and quit the game. This is business, after all, and clients have standards.

          • Actually, there is proof that certain people have a much harder time staying at a healthy weight compared to other based on their genes

            So being fat is kinda a choice, but there’s some biology in there too.

          • Coombs: Do you actually believe that? Do you think 14 year old kids at school choose to be different, get picked on immensely every single day, in some cases commit suicide?
            If you do, I suggest you do some more research before posting absolutes like this.

        • What are you talking about, Platinum? It’s cool to make fun of America and Christianity.
          But if you make fun of homosexuals–or remotely criticize them–watch out!

          • When I criticize America I do it in the hopes someone will make my country a better place to live in.

            When I criticize Christians it’s because they are being unlike Christ, or are using Christ’s name to forward their personal agenda that has nothing to do with Christianity or what Christ wanted, which violates a commandment.

            When I criticize homosexuals it’s because they aren’t being true to their identity. I criticize everyone for not being true to self, me included.
            Got a problem with any of that?

      • “decide to say that your country sucks, or that your religion is a joke. ”

        to be honest… I’m already used to it… the German’s are not seen as good people, and I get always offended as Nazi, although I don’t have anything to do with that, what happened 70 years ago.
        And many Christians say that that Atheists (like me) suck. I don’t care about people believing in someone, or something. But being offended by those guys, just because I don’t believe… well that’s just stupid…

        ofc, i can’t just generalize it. I met many Chrisitians, when I was in the USA, who were nice to me. But on the Internet, people still offend me as stupid Atheist Nazi…^^
        But whatever, it’s just some words. They don’t hurt.
        And it doesn’t hurt to apologize either, even if you never did something wrong (like blizz, in my opinion).

        Blizzard doesn’t even have to mean it… I mean it’s just some words you say, and people are fine with that… like “oh sry” – “hm okay”

    • The minute I found out vagina was amazing.  Why don’t you go find me the genome for scarf wearing and lisping.  You people constantly look upon homosexuals as if they were born with some terrible affliction, they weren’t.  In some rare cases their hormone levels are imbalanced, but even then sexuality is till a choice.  If you’re gay man the fuck up and say “I enjoy cock in my mouth”, but don’t pretend like you’re someone who needs to be pitied because you can’t help it.  That’s as ridiculous as claiming a child molester’s biology makes them want pre-pubescent children, and they should be coddled and forgiven for something they can’t control.  It’s just disgusting decisions made by disgusting people.  Just like homosexuality is a decision and not a biological disease.  There’s nothing wrong with loving cock, but for fuck’s sake don’t cop out and play the unproven biology card, be proud of your decisions.

      • If it’s not biological, then why do successively younger brothers have a successively increased chance of being gay? Studies have shown this effect is statistically significant. If it isn’t biological to some degree, this would not happen.

        • A man will never produce another identical DNA structure in his semen, the same goes for a woman and her eggs.  The sequence of siblings has nothing to do with their DNA structure, one of the many things that could occur though is the womb not healing fully, or properly before another pregnancy.  Those studies, if they are even legitimate, aren’t scientifically sound.

        • @ Coombs, I hate to break it to you, but DNA is not the sole determiner of your biology. If you spent more time researching and less time spouting homophobic nonsense, you would find out the following:

          (1) The cells of the 3rd interstitial nucleus of the hypothalamus – known in rhesus monkeys to play a large role in sexual behavior – tend to be significantly smaller in homosexual men than in heterosexual;

          (2) The determiner of the size of these cells is not DNA, but hormones prenatal environment.

          You need to understand how DNA functions before you can use it to defend whatever argument. Almost every single cell in the human body has the exact same DNA, yet the cells, as you are aware, are highly differentiated. This is because the environment around the DNA/cell determines which parts of the DNA will be “active” and which will be “inactive”. The reason your cell develops into a neuron and not a skin cell is its location, not its DNA since the DNA for both a neuron and a skin cell are identical. 

          Hormones, nutrients, toxins, etc. are thus highly determinative in human development, including in human sexuality. As such, the DNA involved in how a mother will produce hormones during pregnancy is not one-for-one tied to the sexuality of the fetus, but merely to a feedback system for the regulation of hormonal levels during pregnancy and is thus able to pass down a reproduction system that allows for homosexuality. 

          On top of this, you have oversimplified the theory of evolution.

          Firstly, you forgot that socio-cultural constructs force dichotomies on our biology that may not be present in a more rudimentary proto-human setting. In simpler terms, we may not have been forced to choose gay or straight in prehistory, but behaved more bisexually. (The Ancients Greeks did.) If bisexual behaviour led to group behaviour that better enabled survival or reproduction, then the group that demonstrated that behaviour would reproduce just fine.

          Secondly, even if there were DNA that directly dictated homosexuality – and none has been identified, so this is for the sake of argument – that does not mean that the DNA would “kill itself off”. Look at Sickle Cell Anemia. SCA requires two genes. If you have both genes, you have a deadly disorder that prevents you from reproducing. However, if you have one gene, then you are immune to malaria. (Your blood will become sickle-shaped when malaria infects you and your immune system will attack the deformed blood cells.) There could easily be a scenario where several genes in homosexuality improve human survival or reproduction at the individual or group level, but possessing all of those genes makes your sexual orientation such that you are not (as) attracted to members of the opposite sex and thus have (greater) difficulty reproducing.

          Unlike SCA, though, homosexuality is not a disorder. On the one hand, SCA ruins the life of the person who has it. On the other, homosexuals have been proven to live full and productive and happy lives and even be quite productively involved in rearing children so long as the group in which the homosexuals does not pointlessly (and rather arbitrarily) demonize them. Over 40 species in the wild have been identified to have life-long, same-sex pair bonding. Humans are just one of them. But we are the only species with members that have decided to try prevent homosexuals from being productive members of our group. We are also the only species that lies to achieve greater power and wealth within the group and between groups. And you can bet these two are related.

        • @Coombs (your second comment),

          You really do not understand how DNA works in reproducing cells and thus organisms. Read the comment I posted above for an explanation of the errors in your argument.

      • @ Coombs – okay firstly, keep it clean. No need to be crash, if you have a good point to make you won’t need to do that.

        So, as you were saying you tried women (and I’m assuming men) and decided you liked one but you definitely did not other.  What age were you when you tried both of these, in the throes of puberty or were you a lot older?


      • @Coombs last, very derogatory comment.

        The victimization of which you talk is your own projection. Homosexuals are not saying they are victims of their biology; they are saying they are products of their biology. But you think homosexuality is “disgusting” so you assume that homosexuals are trying to justify their “disgusting” behaviour by calling themselves victims. This is not at all the case. Homosexuals are saying that they are the product of their biology like heterosexuals and there is no reason that they should be denied the same rights as heterosexuals.

        As for you nonsense about DNA, again, you clearly do not understand development and reproduction at the genetic and cellular level.

    • It’s partially biologically and environmental.
      But I really don’t see how that is relevant… Homosexual behavior could be completely biologically based and still be wrong.
      Many people are born with mental disorders, but that doesn’t mean their mental disorders are how things ought to be.

      • And many people are born with eyes…

        A tenth of the population expresses homosexual behavior to some degree and homosexual behavior is not intrinsically harmful to the physical and psychological health of he person exhibiting it or to those in her/his environs so homosexuality fails to meet the definition of a disorder.

  4. Apology accepted, Blizz. The anti-glbt garbage online gamers constantly spout gets old. It’s nice to know it isn’t condoned from the top level.

  5. It was completely muted out, unless if you went online to find the original video. And even then it was 1 word, grow some balls.

  6. The apology is good and will conclude an embarassing moment for Blizz. 

    But from a PR lessons learned perspective, Blizzard should know better. They should be proactive instead of reactive, and that’s why (although many of you will disagree) I think this apology is a little late. Very amateur Blizz. They shouldn’t have even aired the thing to begin with.  

  7. I completely agree with Furades… it was 1 word! Do people actually think stuff like that isnt said in game?

  8. I understand the apology and why it was necessary and really it probably shouldn’t have been shown, but let’s see how that all came about:
    Why did they show the video? George Fisher was known for playing WoW and his enthusiasm for the game for some time, they made an npc in his honor (Gorge the Corpsegrinder) and sent him all sorts of merchandise etc, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that he would make a guest appearance alongside LVLxxETC, given the somewhat similarity of genre of their respective music. Now the video was recorded in 2007, prior to all that, and since many people probably would not know why he was up there and since ETC is somewhat horde biased, they decided to show it as an introduction.
    Why did George say that stuff? He was not talking to a video game reporter, he was talking to a metal reporter, to people who were probably not all that familiar with what he was talking about, the point he was trying to get across (as you may see in a more complete version) was that he was pretty deep into that game, that he would get pretty upset over virtual stuff and that he was kind of a pathetic nerd (his words) when it came to WoW. It probably won’t take much at this point to turn George into some kind of anti gay symbol and that is just fucked up, because he is actually a rather nice guy, as metal guys usually are.
    It seems to me, that if there is any sort of intended stereotypical bigotry in this discussion, it’s the anti metal kind. I, as a gay man, really did not feel offended, at all. But as a metal head, the discussion has me pretty annoyed at this point.

    Edit: Really? You censor g.ay? You do realise that that just plays into using the term as an insult, which it really is not. Brb, calling GLAAD.

  9. Just a publicity stunt to get more people talking about WoW. For arguements sake if that group continued to do gay slurs and nobody complained or there weren’t enough complaints would Blizzard still apologize ? I think not…

  10. I didn’t see the video and I don’t need to, but I’ll just say this:
    If I don’t like something, I better be free to express my opinion about it without consequences.

    Many people of the world find the thought of being gay disgusting. Censoring that won’t make them like it.
    The monkey covering his ears comes to mind.

    • I hate to break it to you kid, but once you grow up you can and will lose your job if you take the “be free to express my opinion about it” attitude. Certain things are not acceptable coming from someone acting as a spokesperson for a company.

  11. I dunno about this one, using any video of George Fisher talking and then acting surprised when people get offended is like stabbing yourself in the leg with a screw driver and acting surprised when you see blood… I still think people are over-reacting though, I understand the anti-gay stuff but if the Alliance players really did feel “threatened” by the Horde wanting to “kill them all” after that video… Well… I just don’t know what to say… Makes for a pretty bright media spotlight though.

    • Yep, as evidenced by your comment. I always find it hilarious when people are too sensitive about there being too much sensitivity.

  12. Someone got fired. I can tell you that much.

    Then again, this really shows that Blizzard knows their audience, well the majority of it. I mean, let’s not kid ourselves here, the majority of WoW players are not exactly the best society has to offer.

  13. Walking home with a hangover one Sunday morning, a man discovered he’d lost his hat. He decided the easiest way to replace it was to go to church and steal one from the cloakroom.
    Once inside, he heard a sermon on the Ten Commandments. After the sermon, he said to the minister, “I want you to know that you saved me from crime. I came here to steal a hat, but after hearing you, I decided not to.”
    “Wonderful,” said the minister. “What did I say that changed your mind?”
    “Well,” said the man, “when you got to the part about committing adultery, I remembered where I left my hat.”

  14. Super fail. And after reading that “apology” I gather they thought it was going to fly. He approved it so he agrees with what was said, he only “apologised” because of GLAAD. You can urinate in my face just don’t expect me to believe you when you tell me its raining.

    • “You can urinate in my face…”
      You cocked up that metaphor in a very Freudian way. Er wait…

    • Just because you approve to show something does not mean you agree with everything in it, especially a couple of censored words.  Omg Lol @ your logic.

  15. PlatinumWarlock
    “Full disclosure–I’m a happily married bisexual man”
    Your wife knows you playing with guys ? 😆

    • 🙄
      You don’t have to be “active” with people of the same gender to be bisexual. Maybe they have really awesome 3somes – it isn’t your business.

  16. On some browsers, the red down arrow from the old voting system still shows up, and if you click on it, the person gets +1. That’s the only explanation I have for this idiot having any little green numbers at all.

    Looked at the video, wow, Blizzard was proud of this? Garbage is as garbage does.

    • Whether or not it’s funny, it was a poor business decision on Blizzard’s part. They are championing a tool so grossly unintuitive, I’m not sure who should be more insulted – the Horde or the Alliance. I mean, that is the demographic they just iconized. The poster-child horde, if you will.
      From a company standpoint, that was stupid, immoral, and probably cost them several hundred grand. (Which may be drops in the bucket for them, but it’s significant). Anyways, they effectively insulted more than half their users and a very fiery movement that WILL get vocal if they sense a foul.
      This was one such case. Bad business move, poor placement, and nobody ended up winning from them including it. Funny as it may be, it was the wrong thing to do.

      • Yeah, from a business point of view it was really strange. I didn’t see it at Blizzcon, so I don’t know the context or what not. But there are passionate people on both sides – hardcore diehard horde and alliance fans – so I can see the comedy in it myself (I’ve gone apeshit at people in the game when they do something really cheesy to you, as much as it is a game, it’s what happens). But I probably liked it because I’m a horde player. If I was an alliance player, I’d probably not see the funny side of it.

        That all being said, that wasn’t really appropriate for something that has such exposure to many types of people.

  17. Comments about the anti-gay language aside… This guy has some serious problems, he sits here and says “It’s just a game” but hes talking about punching people through their language and clearly takes the game a little TOO serious. Oh and he must be one of those people that thinks that using foul language every other word makes you some special snowflake or something. It’s pretty depressing that people like this are actually looked up to by people…

  18. This is a good display of the average intelligence of WoW players. D1/D2 players are much more mature, shame we don’t get our sequel .

  19. Sorry sorry sorry……..meh sorry is cheap, anyone can say it. But proving you’re sorry, that’s a different story. Blizzard, release Act 1 in its entirety as a beta build and hand out a few 10,000s more beta keys within the next 7 days, and then we’ll believe you’re sorry.

    Forward the first key to me, and I’ll forgive you. Morhaime can even play it with me while he’s sitting on my knee. I promise, we can both be adults about it….you sexy beast!

  20. I went digging through the video trying to find what all the fuss was about.  I didn’t think it could just be for that one comment at the start, could it?  Turns out it was heh.

  21. Blizzard weren’t being intentionally homophobic or ignorant.  I believe it was a honest mistake and someone’s brain wasn’t in the right gear when they decided to include the clip.  It’s good of them to apologize, just give the imbecile who was in charge a slap round the head to knock some common sense into him. Issue over.

  22. Blizzard shouldn’t have pushed the offending interview at all, but if anyone is deeply hurt by his comments just grow up. Consider the source.

  23. Hmm, after watching this “corpsegrinder” rant, I think Blizzard shouldn’t have apologized for homophobia, but rather for making fun of retards.  😯

  24. Well, if anyone was offended by the Fisher WoW video .. they sure as hell dont want to stumble across any of the CanCorpse songs, or uncensored album covers 

    deal with it

  25. By insinuating that the ALLIANCE is the faction known for ganking (or for just generally being annoying) Corpsegrinder is guilty of partisanship.  And he might sound immature with all the swearing and stuff, but he is, I believe, justified in his anger.  Either way I assume that Blizzard was trying to illustrate the kind of emotion their games can generate.  Oops, they made some gays and oversensitive non-gays offended.

    P.S. just because you’re offended doesn’t make you right.

    As for me, I also wanted to reach through my screen and strangle that rare gem of a player who had the gaul to grief me for no reason other than their own amusement.  Bear in mind I suffered through the early days on a PVP realm, before they had battlegrounds.  There were some real losers out there (generally night elves and undead, and almost ALWAYS rogues) who spent their time camping low-level players (ganking in Stranglethorn Vale comes to mind).  Now, some of will no doubt say that I took it too seriously – ‘it’s just a game’ – but I maintain that online games like Wow have a way of exposing some really shitty people who probably have really shallow lives.  If you told me that _________ who used to play a night elf rogue on the Laughing Skull server got his ass kicked in real life at a bar the other day I would think, ‘Of course he did.  He was a piece of shit and he probably deserved it.’

    There are t-shirts that say, ‘I Survived Barrens Chat’ for a reason.

    • So we are supposed to sympathize with your irritation at the way people ruined your fun in a video game, but not with people saying disparaging things about other’s biological sexuality.

      I am glad you’ve got your priorities straight and you survived Barrens Chat. Now about all those adolescent homosexuals who are verbally harassed and even physically bullied because of idiots who believe the content of that harassment, where are their T-shirts “I survived bigots”.

      • I’m actually surprised there aren’t t-shirts like that already.  Here’s the part where I open up a new tab, google image search for “[email protected] support slogans” and copy/paste links to a bunch of clever t-shirts/bumperstickers/whatever showing that the [email protected] rights movement already has this covered.

        And I got it: we’re not s’posed to use the word “[email protected]” or “[email protected]” in a negative way.  It’s just that I don’t really care and I think you know that.  But set yourself at ease, JEDOUARD; I don’t personally pick on homosexuals and my uncle is [email protected] and I have [email protected] co-workers, [email protected] customers, and [email protected] friends.  Happy?

        Also, I don’t care if you sympathize with me or not.  Anyone who played Wow and got repeatedly ganked by rogues who were a much higher level (especially in the pre-battleground days) knows how this guy feels.  That’s my point.

        • I know what your point was, but your severe hypocrisy is astounding. You wants sympathy for getting ganked in a game, but have the gull to say, “Oops, they made some gays and oversensitive non-gays offended.”

          It seems sensitivity towards having your biology disparaged (particularly by a company whose product you support) is much more well placed and justified than sensitivity towards someone ganking your game, yet you denigrate homosexuals for being offended, then rant on for two lengthy paragraphs about the woes of being ganked. Sorry they ruined your game, but there are bigger fish to fry, and homophobia and the harassment that comes from it are two of those fish.

  26. Lol. I just watched the uncensored version. Tooooootallly not appropriate for a Blizzcon, but man I had tears in my eyes because I couldn’t stop laughing – probably because I’ve been there where you wanted to go after that little fuck of a gnome rogue who just ganked you…. or you’re some low level toon who gets camped on by some idiot who is 30 levels above you with nothing to do and you just want to jump onto your main and kick his ass….

    Oh I’m so glad I stopped playing that game lol.

    It’s a pitty people took offense to it, but understandably so, I guess. Alliance are gay though 😛

  27. @JEDOUARD,

    If I had to pinpoint what annoys me about this situation, it’s that his remarks have been referred to as “[email protected]” which I think is a false statement and an overreaction.

    Perhaps I should have stated this right up front: I don’t care if I get sympathy from you or from anyone, I don’t want it, and I don’t need it.  Furthermore I also don’t care how many people sympathize with corpsegrinder’s rant, for whatever reason they might choose to (and I’d say there’s a fighting chance he doesn’t care about getting sympathy either, seeing as how he described himself as “pathetic”). But judging from the cheers in the audience at Blizzcon, the popularity of the original youtube clip, and just the mere fact that Blizzard chose to use the clip at all shows that someone at least concedes his is a common reaction to the game – understandable in the sense that it is common.  Or common enough.  He takes it to a vitriolic extreme in front of the camera, maybe, but it’s the same kind of frustration that many of us have felt, and Blizzard knows it.

    You’re bothered, JEDOUARD, because I’m less irritated by the flavor of his rant than I am by players who grief others on online video games.  I get it (that “hypocrisy” is what started this whole situation).  The thing is, neither really offends me.  That reflex you have that makes you get all self-righteous?  I don’t have that because I don’t see the use for it.  There are people out there who use salty language and there always will be and wagging your finger at them isn’t gonna change anything.

    Here’s an example: I got called a [email protected] once after I told this guy to leave my bar and stop swearing at me.  It escalated (not because I was offended but because he wouldn’t leave) and he eventually got shoved to the ground.  We picked him up, I politely gave him his hat back, sent him on his way (he actually shook my hand) and that was that.  Using the word “[email protected]” was the least of that guy’s problems.  My coworkers and I were concerned about his violent, rude, bullying behaviour which was only gonna get worse the more he drank, and we didn’t have time to waste giving a lecture on how to be more sensitive.  He wasn’t [email protected] – he was a dangerous asshole. I’m sure you think this story has nothing to do with what we’re talking about but I bring it up because sometimes, it just isn’t worth getting OFFENDED.  It’s a waste of energy.

    (Oh but you’ll like this one: an Indian I kicked out this other time called me a “balding white f*ck.”  Don’t worry, though, I’m okay; somehow I was able to keep it together.)

    In any case this is such a wonderful distraction!  I haven’t argued with someone on the internet for at least three years!  I forgot how fun it can be!

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