Blue post about character appearance customization that asks a bunch of questions and might be of interest to you guys. The OP mentions how cool some of the two-handed weapons look and how lame it is that characters never get to equip them, and Grimiku’s reply aims to redirect the conversation:

    In WoW it’s called transmogrification, and the ability to visually customize your character adds a layer of depth to the game that a lot of players enjoy. We think it would be cool to implement something like that in Diablo III at some point, but a feature like this has some details to iron out first.

    We’d like to hear your feedback on some of the options you’d want to see in a feature that enabled you to visually customize your character. Some great examples of questions to get you started are: Would you like to have cosmetic slots on your character sheet? Would you prefer a system where you have a npc make an item look like a different item? Should weapons be included? Should weapons be limited to the same weapon types if they are included?

    I didn't want to raise my arms anyway.

    I didn’t want to raise my arms anyway.

    Blizzard has asked about this a number of times in the past so it’s clearly something they’re working on for the future of Diablo 3. To be honest, I don’t really care. I obsess over my char’s gear, but that’s in terms of the numbers and the function; not the look or color. At least not very much; I have used Invisible Dye on DiabloWikiVile Ward shoulders a few times, since the big spiky horns poke up so much they look stupid with some other gear.

    Generally though, I don’t care about armor look or color… but Diablo 3 isn’t just about me. Other people have other opinions and desires, and I’m wondering how many of you guys are into this, want it, need it, crave it? Or is it much less of a priority, but you’d use it if you had it? Or do you not want it, not just since you wouldn’t use it, but since other players would to make their chars look stupid or silly?

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