More v1.0.5 DataMined Visuals

BloodFace Killer and the other guys at Chinese have dug some more images out of the Diablo III v1.0.5 patch files, and here’s the translated version of their news post.

They’ve got floorplans for a couple of PvP arenas, sapphires, WoW:Panda in-game artwork, and the most interesting Diablo III stuff which you can see below. Two somethings related to the Infernal Machine event, a huge sheaf of new views of the character and follower profiles, and an interesting new character who is identified as the Arena Quartermaster. Perhaps he’s the one who delivers that awesomely-corny, pro-wrestling style ten second countdown to the round?

Click the thumbs for larger views, or see them in the post.

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  1. ohhh more info! love it, just wish i could have hands on approach, come on pvp hurry up… wont play you but would be nice to have the option

  2. PvP in 1.0.5 ?

    that would be awesome

  3. So we are finally getting Sapphire gems in game? Did I just miss this announcement somehow? Because I am pretty excited about this. 😀

    • @hellfurion

      That was actully kind of silly for them to include that, those gems have been in the client since beta.. they are not new and nothing indicates they have anything to do with PvP

  4. Any news on randomized areas, as in complete map layout change, like in Diablo 2 and Torchlight 2?

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