More Treasure Goblins in Season Three?

Treasure-goblin-posterAre there more DiabloWikiTreasure Goblins, and/or more of the rare types, spawning in Season Three and/or Patch 2.2? I’ve seen that stated in numerous comment threads, most people in clan chat feel it’s the case, and I’ve definitely noticed it in my own play so far in S3. (I had to gamble at level 44 since I was already maxed at 500 shards thanks to 4 Blood Thieves, and I went the last month of S2, playing/gambling a lot, without seeing 4 of them.)

I played a fair amount of Patch 2.2 on the PTR and did not notice Goblins appearing more than I expected, and definitely not of the unusual kinds. As in S2 and earlier patches, in v2.2 on the PTR the majority of Goblins were the standard type with occasional Gem Hoarders and Odious Collectors and Rainbow Goblins, and less often a Blood Thief of one of the three new types.

That was the PTR, though. This week with Patch 2.2 live I’ve seen numerous threads asking, “Is everyone else finding more Goblins than usual?” and it’s definitely become a theme of Season 3, at least in the early going.

So how about it? Are you guys seeing more goblins than you saw in S2 and v2.1 and earlier? More goblins of non-Treasure type? Is this a stealth buff for the whole patch, or a stealth buff for the level 1-70 period? Or are some people (like me) just getting lucky goblin RNG for a couple of days early in Season 3 and drawing spurious conclusions?

Update: Messed up the initial poll, so created a new one with different answer options. Revote!

Are you finding more Treasure Goblins in Patch 2.2 or Season 3?

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More Treasure Goblins in Season Three? Click through for a bonus Treasure Goblin odd images gallery, just because.


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  1. I think we are just noticing them more because of the greater variety in goblin types. If every goblin I found so far was a regular old vanilla style treasure gob I doubt I would have hardly payed attention.

  2. I see more of them, both pre-70 and at max level. The variety is greater too 🙂 At least for me. Sadly, there is no such answer in the poll, so I had to go with "no opinion".

  3. why is a simple “Yes” not an option. I find a lot more goblins than before while doing bounties. Plenty of Odious Collector and Blood Thief outside of rifts.

  4. Yup I’m seeing more variety of goblins and their frequency is higher, although not seen one goblin pack yet. I have had one yellow portal to Greed’s Domain from a treasure golbin about an hour after I dinged 70 with my first season 3 character, which is lucky.

    • Very lucky, since I've only been to the Vault once, shortly after it was introduced & then never since (but I've had Whymsydale/shire/whatever ~3 times). 🙁

      • Well you have to do a lot of bounties after you hit level 70 until you get a portal. They don’t spawn in rifts, greater rifts or trials.

  5. i would welcome this higher rate. I have seen several and I have seen many of the new ones while working my way to 70 so far. (and I'm only lvl32 now)

    I have a gut feeling though that its a temporary high rate to introduce us to the new goblins. Time will tell.

  6. Non-season play, but I've noticed gobos more this patch. It's probably because there's little reason to care about the normal ones and another handful of trash rares, but now they might be blood shards (!) so I pay more attention.

  7. I'm seeing the same amount of gobs, but the gob packs I find feel a lot bigger than usual.

  8. I've been finding them a bunch, and the goblin packs in rifts are absolutely enormous. I ran into a huge pack in a rift (while leveling a seasonal monk) there was loot all over the place after killing most of them. One curious thing I noticed is that the Odious Collectors will drop the level 61/70 mats even when your character is well below that level. I had to do some early gambling as well from Blood Thieves (as well as rift running).

  9. I got two treasure goblins in the same bounty; both popped out of those egg-things in “The Queen’s Dessert” in the Caverns of Aranae in Act 1

  10. Off Topic:

    COWS !!!
    finally, this afternoon i got suspicious when "Ghost of the Cow King" suddenly appeared in a rift … 10 (TEN) rift levels of cows!1!

    never had any of both before so i'm elated.

    and btw, yeah, moar goblins = hurray!

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