Treasure-goblin-posterAre there more DiabloWikiTreasure Goblins, and/or more of the rare types, spawning in Season Three and/or Patch 2.2? I’ve seen that stated in numerous comment threads, most people in clan chat feel it’s the case, and I’ve definitely noticed it in my own play so far in S3. (I had to gamble at level 44 since I was already maxed at 500 shards thanks to 4 Blood Thieves, and I went the last month of S2, playing/gambling a lot, without seeing 4 of them.)

    I played a fair amount of Patch 2.2 on the PTR and did not notice Goblins appearing more than I expected, and definitely not of the unusual kinds. As in S2 and earlier patches, in v2.2 on the PTR the majority of Goblins were the standard type with occasional Gem Hoarders and Odious Collectors and Rainbow Goblins, and less often a Blood Thief of one of the three new types.

    That was the PTR, though. This week with Patch 2.2 live I’ve seen numerous threads asking, “Is everyone else finding more Goblins than usual?” and it’s definitely become a theme of Season 3, at least in the early going.

    So how about it? Are you guys seeing more goblins than you saw in S2 and v2.1 and earlier? More goblins of non-Treasure type? Is this a stealth buff for the whole patch, or a stealth buff for the level 1-70 period? Or are some people (like me) just getting lucky goblin RNG for a couple of days early in Season 3 and drawing spurious conclusions?

    Update: Messed up the initial poll, so created a new one with different answer options. Revote!

    Are you finding more Treasure Goblins in Patch 2.2 or Season 3?

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    More Treasure Goblins in Season Three? Click through for a bonus Treasure Goblin odd images gallery, just because.

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