More news and reviews of Torchlight, for your weekend amusement.

    Rush has posted his Torchlight review on our parent site, IncGamers.com. He’s happy with the game, likes his pet dog, and awards Torchlight with a 9/10.

    MetalIcarus’s blog on My MMOSite offers a very colorfully-formatted review with a score, but with highly positive comments.

    Rock Paper Shotgun is also too cool to sum up their thoughts with an actual grade, but they have a lot of fairly positive and somewhat probing comments about Torchlight.

    The Escapist has a nice feature analyzing an interview the author conducted with Runic CEO Max Schaefer, President & Lead Designer Travis Baldree, Art Director Jason Beck and Zombie Pyrotechnician John Dunbar. Here’s a quote, and the full interview transcript can be seen on the WarCry Network.

    Hellgate “wanted to be too many things for too many people,” said Schaefer, pointing out that the game had been trying to push the envelope on several fronts including new pricing plans and early adoption of DirectX 10. With Torchlight, then, the team knew that they had to “focus on what we were doing, and a simpler path to where we’re going, not take off gigantic bites that are more than we could ever chew.”

    In fact, their own team had been on the verge of making the same mistake with Mythos, said Baldree: “The development of that game was contorted and protracted, and like Hellgate it tried to be a lot of different things for a lot of different reasons … [Torchlight] is what Mythos should have been. Maybe it’s what Fate and Diablo I should have been.” Having taken those lessons to heart, the Runic team vowed to focus on what they knew their 27-man team could do, and do well: Make a smooth action RPG.

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