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Another day’s grab of Torchlight features, since so many of you guys are playing and enjoying it, as evident in our Torchlight forum. (If you think we’re doing a lot of TL news, wait until D3 actually comes out, and we’ve got like 30 news items a day.)

  • Torchlight Lead Designer Travis Baldree is updating a patch list on the official forums, if you want to know what they’re working on for the first round of post-release improvements. It’s all performance improvements and bug fixes, and it’s coming soon.
  • Torchlight debuted as the #3 best selling game over Steam, just behind Borderlands and Left 4 Dead 2.
  • has a nice little article on the pleasures of Torchlight.
  • ArsTechnica has a nice article on Torchlight, which they’re calling “Diablo for Loners.” It includes some interview questions with Runic Games’ “Minister of Culture,” Wonder Russell.
  • MMOSite has a huge seven-page play report/discussion of the game.  Also on MMOSite is this giant 70 Tips About Torchlight (part two) feature. A lot of the “tips” are more like miscellaneous facts, but it’s an informative piece.
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