More Tasty Diablo 3 Beta Item Screenshots

We’ve been adding lots more interesting screenshots of items to our Beta Items gallery, and just today we added cropped screens of more than two dozen high level (well, high for the beta) DiabloWikicrafting DiabloWikirecipes , plus other assorted rares and the second DiabloWikilegendary item yet found in the beta. All of those and most of the new shots are thanks to Tidusz.

You see a few samples here; click through the Beta Items Gallery to see them all, and enjoy. These recipes are known since Tidusz has done many, many item/gold runs, and with nothing else to spend the gold and training pages on, he’s been been pumping his winnings into DiabloWikiBlacksmith upgrades, raising Haedrig to a level you’d never get him up to short of act 3 or 4 in the full game. All of the recipes thus enabled are useless, since the Clvl requirements are much higher than the Clvl 13 hard-cap in the beta, (and some require materials that can’t be found yet either) but the point isn’t item upgrades; the point is just to see what’s waiting at higher levels!

Speaking of higher levels, there are a few new screens in the Beta Interface gallery as well, showing how high a blacksmith can be trained in the beta, the prices for buying additional stash tabs, and a Clvl 13 Wizard’s character window, and more. (Tidusz has filled 1/3 of the entire stash in a week of beta play, which gives you an idea how woefully inadequate the whole thing will be for item collectors in the full game.)

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28 thoughts on “More Tasty Diablo 3 Beta Item Screenshots

  1. This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but I think they should put the base weapon damage as the first item, with the large font, and put the damage per second on the second line in a smaller font.
    I realize the dps is the more useful stat, but I just think it takes away from the fun a bit.  It is fun to see a huge, slow hammer with a big damage number and a smaller, faster sword with a smaller number.  Then in your head you are trying to decide whether your play style could accomodate the slower weapon.
    With the dps highlighted, it feels more like reading a spreadsheet.  Ho hum, I can min/max a tiny bit more efficiently with weapon X than weapon Y, regardless of the weapon types involved.

    • Do note that many skills use weapon damage as their base modifier, and that’s not the same as weapon DPS. I think that by reversing the two stats on the tooltip, you’d end up with the scenario you’re currently describing for DPS – people would prefer the biggest damage weapons without caring too much about how weapon speed affects skill usage.

      • This is terrible, it means that most skills will gain the most out of only using the slowest weapons rather than using the best weapon available. Torchlight solved this by having skills be a % of weapon DPS, meaning you could equip a powerful but fast-attacking sword without gimping your damaging moves, because skill damage was a multiplier of your DPS, not your attack.

        Basing skills on weapon attack means that they have to make all weapons either hit at the same speed or accept that some high-level weapons will be functionally worse than lower level weapons due to their attack speed. This happened on WoW all the time, with a bunch of high-level epic weapons being pretty unusable due to their fast attack speed until they pretty much standardized attack speeds in WotLK.

        • As I understand it many of the “attack” skills (which don’t use mana or whatever) don’t have a set speed – they actually use the item speed. So while your statement may be true for high end skills with cooldowns, it won’t be true for the frequently used attack skills.

  2. I think it’s retarded. It’s a stat that only belongs in a players head, not in the game. If multiplying damage and attack speed is too complex for todays players then what isn’t? No wonder games are becoming so dumb.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. In the past I’ve suggested something like: for every five mobs you kill, you’re forced to solve a quadratic equation in order to continue playing. I think that would make gameplay a lot more fun because if there’s something that most people truly enjoy, and especially so in a computer game, it’s math.

  3. It shows overall damage as well as DPS though. Sure we can do the math but why say Blizzard fail when they do it for us? 

    Tasty weapon morsels. I see that they are adding “flavor text” to items now, btw.

  4. they look like shiit. also congratulations blizzard for removing the magic/physical balance. now casters, aside form having magic, can cause big ranged free damage (non existant in d2, for a very obvious reason)   serves to show the devs arent that inteligent, they just copy what they see in other games (torchlight, wow, etc)

  5. I say we should all play diablo 3 in a spreadsheet and just imagine everything else. That would be so hardcore and leet and stuff…

    I’m all against dumbing down the game but if you want to “hide” an essential stat from me its just retarded game/UI design. Maybe they should also hide HP you have, leave graphical representation and just let players calculate it from vitality? Whats the purpose besides a few people feeling like they accomplished something because they did 2nd grade maths, no one knows.

    Do you also complain about car companies using distance per hour and not letting you calculate it by yourself? Thought so..

    • I agree lobo that they shouldn’t hide anything that important stats like DPS etc I mean it silly when it something you really want to know.

  6. Gotta love how people bitch and moan about stuff like that and say its lame couse its not like D2, seriously, have they been only playing D2 for the past 10 years? Games evolve, deal with it.
    Also the “flavour” text in items is kinda cool, I’m expecting tiny bits of lore on the later items.

  7. Only 5 tabs of stash for a whole account?  WTH?  Guess mules will be making an appearance after all since item collectors such as myself would easily use that much space per character.  And here I thought I remembered hearing Jay W. say they wanted to avoid the muling requirements of D2.  Seems like a forced push to put extra items in the AH.

    • So for you a shared stash of 350 slots is not enough. Each tab contains 70 cases/blocks x 5.
      So you can store 175 big items in your stash or 350 small ones. If you still find the need to create mules (which may be the case if you want to keep everything that drops…) you will be a minority imo.

      • I agree, it should be more than enough.

        You’ll have 350 + 600 squares of space. If you convert D2?s item sizes to D3?s system, then you would be able to store the complete D2 Grail in the combined space of your stash and inventory of 10 characters.

    • With the only per-character storage being the backpack you have while out adventuring, a mule is not going to give you that much additional storage space.

  8. i also feel it is pretty adequate. don’t forget, an expansion or two are expected for d3, and I’m sure we’ll see an upgrade to the current system for sure, be it more tabs or a guild system with a shared bank space.

  9. “(Tidusz has filled 1/3 of the entire stash in a week of beta play, which gives you an idea how woefully inadequate the whole thing will be for item collectors in the full game.)”

    Maybe their intention is to get people to not hoard stuff and force them to either sell it on the AH or salvage it or something.

    IIRC, the stash in D2 before the expansion was woefully inadequate too.

  10. Well, I think my days as a “garbage collector” will return… constant trips to town to sell stuff…

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