We’ve been adding lots more interesting screenshots of items to our Beta Items gallery, and just today we added cropped screens of more than two dozen high level (well, high for the beta) DiabloWikicrafting DiabloWikirecipes , plus other assorted rares and the second DiabloWikilegendary item yet found in the beta. All of those and most of the new shots are thanks to Tidusz.

    You see a few samples here; click through the Beta Items Gallery to see them all, and enjoy. These recipes are known since Tidusz has done many, many item/gold runs, and with nothing else to spend the gold and training pages on, he’s been been pumping his winnings into DiabloWikiBlacksmith upgrades, raising Haedrig to a level you’d never get him up to short of act 3 or 4 in the full game. All of the recipes thus enabled are useless, since the Clvl requirements are much higher than the Clvl 13 hard-cap in the beta, (and some require materials that can’t be found yet either) but the point isn’t item upgrades; the point is just to see what’s waiting at higher levels!

    Speaking of higher levels, there are a few new screens in the Beta Interface gallery as well, showing how high a blacksmith can be trained in the beta, the prices for buying additional stash tabs, and a Clvl 13 Wizard’s character window, and more. (Tidusz has filled 1/3 of the entire stash in a week of beta play, which gives you an idea how woefully inadequate the whole thing will be for item collectors in the full game.)

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