More Sign of Release Rumors, Plus Jay Wilson Teasing

Imminent release rumors continue to swirl today. First from our German partner site Diablo: Gamona who are reporting that Blizzard’s European distributor has reserved warehouse and shipping space for huge deliveries of Diablo III, and may in fact already have boxes in storage, ready to transport to stores. The Google translation is a bit unclear, but Zippoexe, a German speaker in our forum thread, gives us the gist of things:

The open poster, who is the general news poster from that fansite, later explains that he got a trustful source who has already seen huge numbers of palletised d3 copies and he could also tell him the exact number of copies at that whole sale.

If this sounds somewhat familiar, it is. Back in January, Gamona had quotes from another warehouse guy who said the exact same thing; that Blizzard had reserved huge shipping space. At that time the date was said to be the last week or two of February.

Obviously that one didn’t happen, and all this might be invented. Even if it’s legit it doesn’t necessarily mean anything about an imminent release; companies have to contract for storage and transportation well in advance, and if Blizzard plans to sell hundreds of thousands of copies of D3 the first day, especially in multiple different languages in Europe, they need to set up a lot of infrastructure to make that happen. From leaked images we know the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 manual has already been printed, and no doubt boxes and all the rest are manufactured and stacked up in warehouses and ready to go, just as soon as the game is finished and the DVDs can be burned.

When will that be? No one knows.

Well actually… plenty of people know the target date, providing more delays don’t appear. Jay Wilson for one, but he’s not going to just Twitter you the date. He’ll foreplay you into a fever about it, though.

How can you be “counting down the days” until release announce if you claim “[we]’ll know as soon as [you] know”? J’accuse! –vinhugh
you’ll know as soon as I’m allowed to say. And no, I’m not allowed to say when that is. –JayWilson

D3 testing and tuning to do sign of delay right?at least couple of months i’ m guessing –@AlexBittar
no, not a sign of delay, it’s what you do at the end. –JayWilson

Just finished an epic 4 player co-op Inferno difficulty play session. Died a lot. Very fun! 🙂

Hi Jay, can you name one extremely deadly monster attribute combination on an Inferno rare mob or champion pack? Thanks! –diabloiii_de
fought a vortex/Waller/illusionist/molten combo today that kicked a lot of ass. –JayWilson

Was wondering if followers are still viable at Inferno Difficulty? My Templar 2.47 DPS with a 8 DPS weapon. Sorry that’s 2.72 DPS with a 13.9 DPS weapon. –Chaos5061
Followers are not an awesome source of damage. They provide good tanking, buff, and debuff options. –JayWilson

Blizzard dearly hoped to finish and release Diablo III back in late 2011, and then again in March 2012. Both times they had to make last minute decisions to delay, and I’m sure people were tweeting Jay Wilson similar queries back then… but he never replied to any of them. That he’s choosing to reply to these questions now, in such a fashion, seems a pretty strong suggestion that Jay doesn’t think another delay is likely. SoR!!1!

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    58 thoughts on “More Sign of Release Rumors, Plus Jay Wilson Teasing

    1. He would like to tell us the date. But the will of a templar is stronger.

      He wants to tell us, but black magic is barring his way.

      • mmm I’d love to only being “forced” to listen to those lines 5 more times ever – when I level up each of the classes 🙂

      • He was going to tell us the date, but then he took an arrow to the knee.
        …whoops, wrong game.

      • player: when will you tell the date?
        jay: you will know soon enough, let me find my gear… and i will reward you well

    2. He sounds pretty pleased with the game. Definitely a good sign. Of what? I won’t say!

      • You want to believe he’s pleased with the game.

        This post alone proves even fanboys like you have doubts about the game. 

        • “Just finished an epic 4 player co-op Inferno difficulty play session. Died a lot. Very fun! ”

          Heh, fun fact, I just googled “[email protected]&k blizzard” and got more than 13.000.000 hits. 

          Sign of people hating? 

        • Been looking over your previous posts permaximum – why do you even bother visiting this or any other D3 site? You clearly don’t have anything positive or constructive to say ever. I mean, if you hate the game/the people making it so much, why even take the time to read about it?

          To be honest, I’d rather you went and screamed at a wall, you might find it more satisfying and it would stop me having to read the rubbish you post

          • Don’t bother… It’s been said to him many times (including by me). I’m now convinced he and septar are just angsty trolls that probably picked out a few things about D3 that annoy them and decided rage against all of it no matter what anyone says. They will both be playing it on release day and for months after…

    3. “Fought a vortex/waller/illusionist/molten combo today that kicked a lot of ass. -JayWilson”

      BRING IT ON!!! 

      • I wonder what Vortex does, in the beta “bonus” vids I have seen you couldn’t tell what it did.

      • How ’bout waller though? I mean yes it implies it creates walls, but that could applied in several ways.

        • Waller was revealed in the cathedral waypoint exploit in the beta last week – you can find the vids that show it off on this site.  Waller places a physical boundary between the monster and the character preventing melee attacks from landing.  It appears that distance attacks still worked by going over the wall if I was properly interpreting the videos.
          Fun fact:  Waller + Vortex actually sounds pretty deadly in an end-game scenario.  Melee characters will be kept at range, but distance characters will simultaneously be pulled right next to the monster.  AWESOME!

    4. He’s a dissembling incompetent douche that does nothing to inspire confidence in the future of this franchise and has probably done more to kill the rabidity of its fans than Pasteur’s vaccine did the actual virus.

      • Yeah, him saying, “Just finished an epic 4 player co-op Inferno difficulty play session. Died a lot.” didn’t really tell me much; you know, him being the guy who didn’t even know about the /players function.

    5. I wonder how many posts you would have written with the word ‘release’ in the title before the “actual” official release of the game…

    6. Just to put this straight: In January I said arrival at the *transshipment point* during the 7th or 8th calender week. The wares just arrived at the *wholesalers* 2 weeks later. Sounds correct in my book.

    7. concerning the manuals that were already printed; wouldn’t they have to be redone considering the UI changes, skill changes, rune changes and lack of PvP ?

      • I would certainly think so.  Or perhaps the manual is more fluff material such as history/background info.  And it just hits upon the vague mechanics of the game.  Most manuals for computer games now are just a few pages in length usually.  

        Or they may just supply an online (pdf) manual with the updates in there.

      • Not really no…just look at the back of the Warcraft 3 box….the graphics on it are from the totally different version of the game than what we got in the retail lol…there are obvious differences! Blizzard doesnt care!

      • Also realize that Bliz knew about those things long before we did. They’d had the new skill system in for weeks or months, and had surely decided they didn’t have time for PvP long ago as well.

        • Diablo 3 beta build NOT = internal/release build (what’s on the dvd). Of course, the new systems were ready months ago, they just revealed them step by step.

      • Actually Blizzard already anticipated the changing mechanics with the manuals. Look at the pictures of the pages. Instead of listing out the skills of the classes, they just give a description of the class and tell you to go the the online game guide site for more details. In other words, they aren’t going to have specifics like that in there. Maybe on the monsters, but not on the classes…

    8. I’ve seen lots of games where the manual was off at several points, hence I don’t think that’ll be much of an issue to Blizzard.

    9. Who really needs a printed manual for an online game like D3 anyway. Blizzard’s online game guide is far superior.

      • Huge majority of gamers will probably not even need to read any kind of manual at all for this game. Maybe for the lore materal if there is any, but defenitly not to learn anything useful about the gameplay controls and mechanics, since it’s so simple.

    10. The “counting the days” statement from Blizzard basically sums it all up.  They’re flaunting the fact that they know when the release date is going to be.  Flaunting that they know precisely when they’ll announce it.  Through all the delays, all the feature removals, the years of insufferable iteration and they’re holding out on us in a way that I don’t think any other developer would at this stage of the game.  Seriously, everybody knows the game is ready to go.  They’ve all but said as much.  And yet in spite of all of that, here we sit – waiting and waiting and waiting just like we have been for what seems like forever to us hardcore fans of the franchise for a beginning to the end of the waiting.  It’s pointless.  It’s frustrating.  And no matter the quality of the game in the end, there simply has to be a better way than this.

      • Meh, if they had a 100% confirmed release date they would announce it.  I think they’ll announce the release date exactly when they know for sure there will be no more delays.  Which is a bad sign, since it means they can still run into delays at this point.

    11. The DVDs are probably already burned. Just needs an install file that hooks into to download the game itself.

    12. I don’t believe DVDs are burned. Are they not literally stamped when in a mass production situation like this?

      • What is on the DVDs is irrelevant – content will be caught up on the zero day patch.  SC2 and WoW WoTLK and Cataclysm had sizable zero-day patches.  They could have burnt off 4.7gigs of textures, game engine, and installer back in Q4 2011 and had them sitting in warehouses all this time.  It won’t be an issue because of the online only requirement.  That said, you are kind of fubared if you have a slow connection.

    13. Wouldn’t it be cool if they waited until its ready to ship, give the release date 1 week from the announcement. They might be doing us a favour :D….. but probably not. Haha.

      • I think this is what they are shooting for. When they announce the date it might only be 2 weeks later.

      • Do you think we can start a class-action lawsuit against Blizzard for 4 years of Xanax prescriptions?

        • Yes… We should demand a payment for damages in the amount of the cost of all of our personal copies of Diablo 3.

    14. It seems like they want to announce the release as close to the release date as possible. That might just be a horrible theory though.

        • Why on earth would they want to kill the buzz for MoP with a release date for d3 – that doesn’t make sense in my opinion.

          • Blizz has already linked the two together with their buy a year of WoW get D3 free campaign.  Maybe this will be the second phase of this marketing?

      • It reminds me Addams family 2 movie beginning.
        “Gomez we will have baby.”
        “Now!”  😈

    15. The press event is for MOP btw. Force and other media are there this week for the MOP press event. Hate to dash your hopes about it though.

    16. Only blizzard can make the day of announcing a release date a special day.  LOL, its not even a release, just an announcement can get us all jacked up.  Funny if you think about it. 

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