We posted the first batch of shaky-cam movies from Blizzcon right after the show, and ever since we’ve been waiting and hoping for some better quality movies to show up on YouTube. Sadly, the wait goes on. There are some other movies; you can see them embedded below, but they’re blurry and way out of color-balance. Still, if you’ve watched the huge minute minute gameplay enough, and you want something different, here are six movies from the PoV of a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter in a four-player PvM game. Bring your 3D glasses.

    That’s part one. Click through for parts 2-6 embedded. Thanks to Zediono for compiling the authoritative list of these shaky-cam movies in the forum.

    Part two:

    Part Three:

    Part Four:

    Part Five:

    Part Six:

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