More Reports and Movies from Gamescon

Here’s what appears to be a photo someone took of a monitor showing the new desert area. Alcarnus. Look, but don’t burn your eyeballs out; we’ll surely get HQ shots of this area Friday on the Blizzcon Press CD.

A gameplay report (in German, Google translation here) and two dozen photos from and of the D3 booth at Gamescom, courtesy of German site (Thanks to Phoenix995 for the image uploads.)

German has posted a very long D3 writeup from their play time at Gamescom. Unfortunately for our purposes, it’s in German. Google renders it fairly readable, and you can click through to pages 2 and 3 if you follow the links at the bottom.

Game Informer has a few bulletpoint observations about D3. Scroll down, or just ctrl+F on Diablo.

And the three previews we news’ed up previously:

In addition to the others we posted earlier, here’s another short movie taken by an onlooker.

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