More Release Date Bingo

We should just do one post a day collecting all of the release date rumors and leaks and official Blizzard no comments. And maybe we will! Here’s the first one for today, at least, with four different sources of input, all from helpful site readers.

The most amusing comes from TeamCaudell, who was in a Best Buy in Colonial Heights, Virgina, US, when he spotted this image as an in-store ad for Diablo III pre-orders. If the image looks familiar, it’s because we saw it early last year when it was used as (fake) Diablo III box art by a Polish game retailer. As we ascertained at the time, the image is fanart by an artist named PepperWolf, showing his depiction of WowCraft demon Sargeras. News on that from April 2011 can be seen here.

So we’ve got fan art of a Warcraft monster, which was turned into fake D3 box art by a Polish online retailer, and has now been recycled by a US electronics store to hustle up in-store pre-orders. Don’t you love globalism?

In other fake DiabloWikirelease date news:

Thanks for the links and info to everyone who sent them in. If you spot something similar, let us know via the big Send News button on the main page. You might also enjoy the freshly-renovated DiabloWikiRelease Date article in the Diablo Wiki, or just browse through the lies images we’ve collected in the Release Date gallery.

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15 thoughts on “More Release Date Bingo

  1. No Flux!!11 Don’t collect the posts otherwise I won’t refresh the page all day long at work!!!12bbq 😐

    • I just added a fourth item to this post, with another fake retailer date. So you still have to refresh every hour, but you’ve got to skim the existing updates too. Convenient!

      More seriously, we’ll obviously post a new news item if something of consequence comes up, but we probably don’t need 4 posts a day on different flavors of the same rumor, eh?

  2. Just wanted to point out that Sargeras is the most powerfull demon in wider Warcraft universe, he was strongest titan (most powerfull race in Warcraft universe) and is the most likely candidate for a final boss in a final WoW expansion.

  3. LOL @ Best Buy.  Does corporate have any control over what their stores do?  If I were in charge, I’d fire anyone that released/displayed unapproved advertisements containing misspelled words and/or art that may be copyrighted by others, especially when the art is not related to the product being advertised!

  4. Pepperwolf should sue the hell out of Best Buy for copyright infringement of his fan art. With a company like that he could win tens of thousands for the mass of customers seeing it without pay. he’d be able to buy a hundred computers to play diablo 3 on and thousands of copies mwuhaha.

  5. The palettes we spoke of are expected to arrive in Amsterdam/Netherlands during CW 7/8. So, that Dutch retailer might have the accurate info (some time in March 2012).

  6. I’m going with June 3. Why? Because it’s my birthday and I’ll be 33 years old then. You see? Diablo 3 – June 3 – 33 it’s an omen! 8)

  7. Neeru should have read a little bit more on In the discription it says: Pay attencion: Release date is fictional. The website also stated a november 3 date before with the same message. Seems pretty clear a date has not been given yet by blizzard. Seems pretty much impossible if they had a meeting about the release date, i doubt they let the shops know within a few hours after this. But good thing the news bits keep us busy during the wait haha

    • No one is saying those dates are the real ones. We are just amused by all of these stores attempting to give out realistic release dates to try to real in more pre-orders…

  8. Eww… Why did they use that fake WoW fan art box for the it instead of the real box art? That is why Blizzard released the real thing in the first place, so retailers could use the correct imagery! 😕

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