We should just do one post a day collecting all of the release date rumors and leaks and official Blizzard no comments. And maybe we will! Here’s the first one for today, at least, with four different sources of input, all from helpful site readers.

    The most amusing comes from TeamCaudell, who was in a Best Buy in Colonial Heights, Virgina, US, when he spotted this image as an in-store ad for Diablo III pre-orders. If the image looks familiar, it’s because we saw it early last year when it was used as (fake) Diablo III box art by a Polish game retailer. As we ascertained at the time, the image is fanart by an artist named PepperWolf, showing his depiction of WowCraft demon Sargeras. News on that from April 2011 can be seen here.

    So we’ve got fan art of a Warcraft monster, which was turned into fake D3 box art by a Polish online retailer, and has now been recycled by a US electronics store to hustle up in-store pre-orders. Don’t you love globalism?

    In other fake DiabloWikirelease date news:

    Thanks for the links and info to everyone who sent them in. If you spot something similar, let us know via the big Send News button on the main page. You might also enjoy the freshly-renovated DiabloWikiRelease Date article in the Diablo Wiki, or just browse through the lies images we’ve collected in the Release Date gallery.

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