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Last week we got the news that mailed all of their Diablo III pre-order customers to say that the publisher had told them it would not make the first quarter of 2012 release date window. This news did not go over well, as the 98, mostly-angry, comments on the news item testify to.

Bashiok subsequently said what Blizzard CMs always say, that they do not give retailers advance notice of their release dates. I thought we all knew that by now, after 3+ years of retailers posting their guesses at the D3 release date, but clearly the retailers aren’t going to stop doing it anytime soon.

I bring this up again since while searching Diablo III news today, I found this item, from a site called Stick Skills.

Target has listed Diablo III for a release date of February 7th, 2012, and it actually falls on a Tuesday. Pretend you’ve never purchased a video game in your entire life, and you’ll be happy to know that the majority of video games have released on a Tuesday. While Blizzard hasn’t made anything official just yet, the release date seems highly likely.

This sort of thing is why this issue will never die. Because people who don’t follow Blizzard’s glacial dev pace see a Diablo 3 release date on some retailer and think, “Well it must be legit, it’s on the Internet!” Maybe the Stick Skills writer knows better and just threw up the item to get some hits and activity, *cough* but whatever his motives, or those of the online retailers, these dates keep getting posted, and they matter in as far as people believe them.

On that note, here are some more recent release dates, from various online retailers. The hell of it is, they’ll eventually be right, if only on the “stopped clock twice a day” principle.

  • Best Buy: February 1, 2012
  • February 7, 2012
  • Wal-Mart: February 7, 2012
  • Poland World: April 2012

You might also enjoy our Release Date gallery, which is full of years worth of guess fails, or the DiabloWiki article on DiabloWikirelease dates that has more of the same.

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14 thoughts on “More Release Date Bingo

  1. wall-mart and target have feb 7th, hum seems pretty likely to me 🙂

    Also, i know blizard does not tell retailers but just think for a second……walmart has some major power….you mean to tell me that some one over there does not know something that we dont know….its quit possible

  2. Tuesday, January 17th, 2012. ^^

    It *may* be possible that Blizzard thinks that the pinnacle of WoW patch 4.3 is reached by the end of January, so they release Diablo 3 early February 2012 to take over. But then there is the 30 days free trial period of SWTOR which ends mid January, so it would be more wise to launch Diablo 3 then imho.

  3. Look, the Best Buy date of Feb.1 is also a Tuesday.  Therefore since games come out on Tuesdays it must also be correct, and the game will come out on two different days at the same time, violating causality and destroying the space time continuum and the whole universe.  GG Blizzard.

  4. I actually mailed the biggest Polish online shop this week, asking when they’ll start selling the Collectors Edition , and the guy said that they didnt receive ANY word from Blizzard about the release date and as soon as they do they’ll start selling, he also said that “when it comes to Blizzard, they get the release dates when everyone gets them”, Im paraphrasing but that was the tone of the response, and I’m suprised that he was this open with me.

  5. I don’t know why people simply cannot accept that Blizzard hasn’t set a release date down yet. They don’t know when the game will be ready. They may know when it’s NOT gonna be ready, like this year, for example, but not when it WILL…
    Folks. There is no release date. Nobody knows!

  6. Maybe we’ll find out for sure on December 10th hmm?
    I just hope it isn’t going to be too long for release.

    • I was thinking about this when I heard that they were going to show the full intro.  I have to think this might be the best time to tell the world when D3 will be coming out.

      • But what happens if Blizzard dishes out an actual date?
        Sites will still have off dates, and thus the “delay” speculation starts spinning. We won’t be free of it either way.

        Normally I just close my eyes, but this article puts things into perspective very neatly.

  7. They’ve said when it will come out a hundred times now.
    If I were a retail chain, I would not only be the first person to be a retail chain, but I would also write in the date as “When it’s ready – email [email protected] for more information”.

  8. Although I’m sure they pulled that date out of their ass, it is actually a somewhat likely date if Blizzard announces the release date on saturday…

  9. Mhh, sorry Flux, but since the last news about this topic has nothing change, so i cant understand why another searching is posting.
    Blizz has stated more than once, nothing is set fix, what not come from Blizz himself.

  10. I don’t play a lot of games, but am pretty hardcore about Diablo 2. Can someone explain why big retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy would predict random game dates? How does this benefit them? The only thing I can think of is to try to get people to pre-order from them and not a competitor, but that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense either. Thanks.

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