While the major gaming sites have produced nothing D3-relevant from PAX, our forum goers have been a gold mine of content. The latest reader to contribute a fat report on his play time at PAX is AERobinson, who filled a forum post with his reactions to his first time getting hands-on with Diablo 3. Here’s a quote; see the thread for much more.

    I started out playing the DiabloWikiWizard, and quickly found that it has a learning curve. If a Wizard gets into a bad spot, they die a lot faster than other classes. They also have a lot more active skills, so knowing what button to press and when to press it is a lot more important. I didn’t have a lot of time here, so I mostly just died a lot before my friends took over. One of them played a Monk for a while, but I’m sure you’ve read a lot about them already.

    Later I came back and played a DiabloWikiBarbarian, and they are much improved from the DII variety. For one, no more mana. The DiabloWikiFury system felt very natural, which surprised me, because I expected it to be like the Rage mechanic in WoW (which I dislike). I especially enjoy the fact that if you DiabloWikiCleave into a group of enemies, you get back more than enough Fury to just keep on Cleavin’. Also, the warstomp was not only effective, but fun. The +defense warcry had no cost that I could see, so no precious resources wasted on the buff. When cast, a small box with a timer appears above the action bar to let you know how long is left on the buff.

    Elsewhere, Gameolio has posted a somewhat-rambling summary of the entire Diablo series, with a special focus on Diablo 3. It’s not based on any play time, so don’t go looking for first hand reflections.

    In June 2008, Blizzard announced Diablo III which is the latest installment. Not much is known about the story, except that it takes place approximately twenty years after Diablo II. It seems as though the heroes who had gone up against the Burning Hells have gone a little crazy after what had happened to them ? who can blame them, eh? So now we?ll have a bunch of new heroes to play with!

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