After the initial offering and our D2 vs. D3 gear set comparison, the images and arguments keep coming.

    Before locking the “starfish” wizard hat thread, Bashiok addressed the image Mr Bartuc made, with the hat superimposed on the Monk’s head in a real screenshot.

    This is getting really nitpicky now, but the angle isn’t what you’d see in-game. The render is head-on. Game cam is not.

    Anyway, this has turned into a rather nasty fight, which tells me that there are enough people that like it that we’re doing ok. I’m locking this thread, anyway.

    In general though, the helmet and shoulders are the places where there’s a lot of space to get the look “out”. To spread out and show big shapes and designs and really communicate what the set is about. So for all classes, the shoulders and helmets are where you’re going to see the biggest shapes. That’s also reinforced by the fact that makes sense due to the top-down nature of the camera angle.

    True, and the spike over the head looks taller since it’s seen from the front, not from above, but it does give a sense of how large and visible the hat will be in the game.

    Elsewhere, community photoshoppers hopped onto the Wizard gear set and made some changes. Below you see two such modifications, by Hal Nik (newer versions, with elemental action) and elganame. Both are now housed in the Controversy gallery, where fanmade, less-flamboyant versions of Diablo III go to die live.


    A more authoritative judgment on this will come next weekend. After all, the whole point in showing us these gear sets in advance is that they will (supposedly) be available in the playable demo at Blizzcon. Maybe some will appear in the screenshots Bliz will release at the show, but they’ll definitely be seen in the demo build, which players (including me) will be reporting back on.

    Consider this: last year; the male Wizard was playable in the BlizzCon 2009 demo, and no one thought he looked odd or out of place. Then, a month later, Blizzard added an animation of the char to their official site, and we had the huge “wimpy” male wizard controversy. Clearly, things like facial features (and hat size?) that are very noticeable in these sample images just don’t stand out in the game.

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