Bashiok returned to a previous thread on D3’s resolution size in response to a wacky, but actually fairly useful, fan-made image/resolution guide. Here’s Bashiok’s reply, with the image inserted below. Image credit to Etherealunity.

    I hope these are all being saved somewhere.

    Yeah I knew what you meant though. So I checked into it and right now it’s sort of all over the place because spell distances haven’t been nailed down to a consistent number and there’s been no final design decision on how it will be handled.

    My personal hope is that we’ll cater to widescreen looking toward the future, but I think the majority of people are still on 4:3 monitors.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok joined in the gabbing on a typically OT and bored/pointless thread on the B.net forums, until things took a more serious/interesting turn when a fan complained about the customary style of online discourse, drawing a lengthy explanation from Bashiok. It’s included below the fold, since it has nothing to do with Diablo 3 game info. Click through if you want to read on.


    I’m not meanie Bashiok. Its just that ive been around in these forums for a while and i dont like what i see. Many threads, even some regarding serious topics, turn out to be huge jokes by some certain smartasses who just know how to spam well and destroy the meaning of those threads.

    Small useless replies, like its a struggle to show off more. If u like this attitude as a mod, fine. ill just w8 for the game to be released

    Bashiok: I wouldn’t say I’m fine with what you’re describing, but what I think actually exists is a culture of regular forum goers more or less knowing all there is to know. When someone comes in and brings up something that’s sort of an old topic, maybe not a popular idea, or maybe info that’s plainly obvious to the old timers, it’s somewhat natural that they aren’t going to be invitingly friendly every single time for months and months or years and years. They aren’t being paid for customer service.

    The real problem is there’s not much to discuss, so it’s a bunch of cynical people joking around most of the time and then pouncing on the odd, unsuspecting bunny that happens to wander in. So do I reprimand and ban them? The people that are here day-in-day-out and really have a core understanding of not only what we’ve shown, but probably the overall feeling and direction intended with the game?

    I think if you stick around long enough you’ll see those same people after a big info release and see their tone change. Or better yet, after release, when their worlds are torn asunder as its flooded with the masses.

    It’s a small community of hardcore Diablo III forum geeks, and yeah they may troll a bit, but there’s just nothing better to do right now, and I think that blame should be on me and the game for not releasing anything new. Or maybe the regulars for not having anything better to do…

    I have to say Bashiok, considering myself kind of a regular poster, I think mean people are a pretty well distributed demographic. Maybe is some kind of culture tunnel view (for both of us).

    Unless you were referring to me especially and in that regard I can be totally biased, being mean without noticing and contributing plenty to your views. XD

    Bashiok: I think you’re right, it’s just something that stuck out to me. Probably no more true than any other generalized conclusions.

    And no, you’re argumentative and have very specific ideas about how things should be, but that’s not rude or mean I would say.

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