DiabloWikiBashiok returned to the scene of yesterday’s crime and made some follow up posts on his skill point hoarding essay. Quotes:

    Any chance of a semi-regular “play of the day” type post from you? Something along the lines of what you just wrote up, to keep us in a state of high excite.

    I’m glad people liked it. Wasn’t really the intent.

    It’s an idea, I’m not sure how long it would be interesting considering the few details I could divulge about quests, areas, locations, etc. I don’t know, maybe it’s workable though. Different classes and builds… I’m sure I could write something much better than what I did if the goal was to actually recap a play experience.

    I’ll mull it over.

    Elaborate! And how long did each of these runs take you?

    I’ve never seen it before. Which isn’t saying much, I haven’t played main quest line from the start for a while. It may have just been a pre-determined rare. I might have seen or thought of the name color incorrectly.

    I’d say I spent about 45 minutes on each? Guessing. I’m sure someone will attempt to work out the XP curve from that. And I say go for it Charlie! (because it will be wrong).

    His last comment is on DiabloWikirespecs and potential long term DiabloWikiAcheivements. It’s well-worth reading, but it’s long, so click through for that.

    What’s the point in creating all of the game content they are making then, which is what most of the time they spend making.. if you’re hardly going to see it due to respecs?
    Respecs don’t give you level 14 gems in all your gear. Or the gear itself, for that matter. Respecs don’t change the acquisition of loot.

    Let’s go a different direction though and I’ll hit that note I mentioned of giving people a reason to roll another character of the same type.

    What if, say, there were a series of achievements per class… This is totally hypothetical, I’m making it up right now so maybe it’s dumb …but, say there’s some limited amount of this special achievement per class. Let’s say you play a witch doctor and reach level 60 with it and get the first one of these special achievements. The achievement grants you +1 trait point for all future witch doctors you create. That’s a pretty nice boost. So sometime later you make another witch doctor, start off with an immediate +1 trait, and then hit 60 with that one too, and hey hey! you get the next special achievement. Another +1 trait points for all witch doctors you make, so now you’re sitting pretty with +2 trait points on witch doctors your create. And it could go from there to some limit. Or something. So maybe that’s a pretty good incentive? And … one that’s probably broken since I’m not a designer, but anyway! I think it gives some idea of potential incentives to keep rolling characters of the same type.

    Thinking about downsides to this a couple come to mind:
    Feel “forced” to get all the achievements just to stay competitive in arena (or maybe literally forced)
    Old characters don’t gain the bonus so it may make them feel less exciting to play – Which I just realized could be fixed by just giving it to all your characters of that class type. Not sure why I thought that would be a bad idea
    Might discourage play of multiple classes/encourage sticking with just one until all achieves gained

    Anyway, I don’t want to spend a bunch of time speculating on these things. Although I’m sure I could. Was just an example.

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