Jay Wilson and Wyatt Cheng served up another nice interview about the v1.0.5 changes to Korean gaming site Inven.co.kr. As we’ve learned to expect over the years, the Google translation from English to Korean isn’t that great. The original Korean version is here, and there’s a Chinese translation of the Korean from Diablo3.cc, and completing the circle, Saintmek translated that Chinese version into English in our forums.

    After all that translation, the result is mostly a repeat of the info we saw from the IGN and ggn.gamer.com info we saw yesterday. There are just two new details, and thanks to Secondii for digging them out of the Chinese translation.

  • The current, v1.0.4 Inferno difficulty corresponds to about DiabloWikiMonster Power Level 2 or 3.
  • Players will score multiple items from the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine event, presumably as you kill multiple enemies during the event, and they all drop good stuff, leading up to the final event boss who drops the new DiabloWikiBoA legendary ring, and perhaps other loots as well.
  • I’m curious to hear some more explanation about point #1. From that the devs have said so far, Inferno is going to become a lot easier in v1.05, with the monster damage lowered by about 25%. We’ve got no idea how much the Monster Power 0-10 scales up, but if you figure 0 is the default, and that’s about 25% easier than now, and 2-3 is equivalent to now… does that mean that Monster Power 5 is about 25% harder than now? And then 7-8 would be 50% harder, and MP 10 around 75% harder? Or will the difficulty scale up exponentially at the top end, so that just surviving on MP 10 would earn you big bragging rights, not to mention massive exp and loot?

    Personally, I hope they scale it up wildly on MP 9 and 10. They underestimated badly with the DiabloWikiParagon Levels, as evidenced by the numerous level 100s in just a few weeks. Don’t make that mistake again with the MP values, guys. Get all Spinal Tap when you turn that knob to ten!

    Update: Lots of debate in comments about whether Paragon Levels are too easy to obtain or not. I think the progression is fine in the early going, but that it needs to scale up dramatically past 70 or 80. I liked when max level in D1 and D2C was an accomplishment that really meant something. The days of DiabloWikiGerBarb and DiabloWikiRussBarb. I’m fine with level 60 in D3 being easy, but level 160 should have been a long term challenge, not something multiple people could achieve in just a few weeks.

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