More on Monster Power in v1.0.5

Jay Wilson and Wyatt Cheng served up another nice interview about the v1.0.5 changes to Korean gaming site As we’ve learned to expect over the years, the Google translation from English to Korean isn’t that great. The original Korean version is here, and there’s a Chinese translation of the Korean from, and completing the circle, Saintmek translated that Chinese version into English in our forums.

After all that translation, the result is mostly a repeat of the info we saw from the IGN and info we saw yesterday. There are just two new details, and thanks to Secondii for digging them out of the Chinese translation.

  • The current, v1.0.4 Inferno difficulty corresponds to about DiabloWikiMonster Power Level 2 or 3.
  • Players will score multiple items from the DiabloWikiInfernal Machine event, presumably as you kill multiple enemies during the event, and they all drop good stuff, leading up to the final event boss who drops the new DiabloWikiBoA legendary ring, and perhaps other loots as well.
  • I’m curious to hear some more explanation about point #1. From that the devs have said so far, Inferno is going to become a lot easier in v1.05, with the monster damage lowered by about 25%. We’ve got no idea how much the Monster Power 0-10 scales up, but if you figure 0 is the default, and that’s about 25% easier than now, and 2-3 is equivalent to now… does that mean that Monster Power 5 is about 25% harder than now? And then 7-8 would be 50% harder, and MP 10 around 75% harder? Or will the difficulty scale up exponentially at the top end, so that just surviving on MP 10 would earn you big bragging rights, not to mention massive exp and loot?

    Personally, I hope they scale it up wildly on MP 9 and 10. They underestimated badly with the DiabloWikiParagon Levels, as evidenced by the numerous level 100s in just a few weeks. Don’t make that mistake again with the MP values, guys. Get all Spinal Tap when you turn that knob to ten!

    Update: Lots of debate in comments about whether Paragon Levels are too easy to obtain or not. I think the progression is fine in the early going, but that it needs to scale up dramatically past 70 or 80. I liked when max level in D1 and D2C was an accomplishment that really meant something. The days of DiabloWikiGerBarb and DiabloWikiRussBarb. I’m fine with level 60 in D3 being easy, but level 160 should have been a long term challenge, not something multiple people could achieve in just a few weeks.

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    43 thoughts on “More on Monster Power in v1.0.5

    1. “They underestimated badly with the DiabloWikiParagon Levels, as evidenced by the numerous level 100s in just a few weeks”

      How many are numerous? There are a couple of million players….

      How hard is it to understand that if they made it so hard to be lvl 100 that the most hardcore players can’t do it then it would scare away the more casual playes that they are trying to get to keep playing. It’s like people saying “they” defeated inf hc diablo as soon as two guys did it.

      • 21 people have paragon level 100, Im 35lvl after 4 weeks (that means it will take around 8,5 months more) and flux is 10lvl (that means he will get it in 4+ years).

        People that are already high on paragon will destroy act 3, monster power level 10, without any problems, because they are equiped with gear worth bilions and got 600k+ dps. Im 100% sure about this. But for 99,99% of players 100lvl paragon will be a huge 6+ month farm achievement and monster level 10 will be almost impossible, so I dont get Flux…

        • ya ditto Flux. I haven’t even hit Plvl 10 on one char yet. And I feel I play too much. I think they got it just about right. For those of us that play 1-2 hours a day with some off days, it’s perfect. Blizzard cannot and should not cater it’s game to those players who can afford to put 8+ hours a day into a video game.

        • Cute too how you seem to think paragon level = character power (or dps.)

          This is ridiculous. Paragon levels have absolutely nothing to do with the strength of your character beyond the insignificant bonus to stats it provides.

          I play 3 level 60s, all of them fully geared now, and paragon could not mean any less to me than it currently does. If i want to mf I still put my mf set on and go out into a1/2. If I feel like running a3, I have 3 chars to choose from. I expect to be able to do monsters 10 with 2 of my characters, if not all 3… and my highest paragon level is 18, followed by 8 and 3.

          I am 100% sure you dont know what you are talking about, 600k dps characters, maybe in your dreams but the highest unbuffed I have seen is 205k dps and that was by a margin over the next highest I have seen.

          Really, give your head a shake.

          • All 21 people that got 100 paragon got super expensive gear, you troll to much, most of people on incgamers trolls like shit here I got use to this by now.

      • Exactly this. Also, making Plevels impossible to achieve would not be very coherent with the goal of moving away from the MF stat. Plus the fact that the P100 we see are a) mostly ww/sprint barbarians b) well geared to uber geared chars c) players with significant time/money investment. I understand that some want an impossible game just because they are good or they want to showoff, but there are many types of players around and options should still exist for them.
        I see that on a certain site there are as of now more or less 9530 characters with >100K dps unbuffed (I know it is not a very good indicator). I do not know how many still actively play D3, but even if it is only a million we’re talking about <1%.

        • Sorry Flux but I think your off your rocker on the plvl idea and do have to agree with te others above me. Just because a couple people (say 50 and I think in guessing ob the high) have hit 100 does not mean that blizzard errored. I would take a look at the life choices of those people who decided to spend how many odd hours playing straight to 100. Now we all make our choices and thats fine but really? Level 99 was top level in D2 and Im pretty sure people hit that in less than a month.

          But I do agree about the monster power idea. 10 should be difficult to kill regular mobs with even the best gear.

      • “couple million players” man, u kiddin me? For sure not in EU, most ppl i know quit a long time ago, and only hardcore guys (8h+ a day) log in daily…(i went back to sc2 so I can see that)…

      • Not to mention that, presumably, those who have reach PLvl 100 have only done so on one character. There’s plenty more to go,

        • yeah i HATE the people who act like okay my BARB IS PRO I BEAT DIABLO HAR HAR uhm, theres 4 more classes buddy master them all you twit. your not good if you can only play ONE CLASS SORRY!! as good as ur gear makes u feel hahahahaha play some other classes.. i have all 5 but am really enjoying the Witch Doctor right now… i do not know why as i keep hearing it’s by far the weakest class but im loving it!!! stay lifted guys.. ;p smoke some good.. theres plenty of diablo to play unless of course u have no life.. then everything gets boring.

    2. *Info:
      You’re main page is not currently displayed at all in Chrome (usin IE right now). – Only the Background is displayed, maybe its because i use the ‘Monk’ theme?
      Forums are working however.

      • Same happening here, only it’s with firefox that I am unable to load the page besides the background. Using IE now too…

    3. “They underestimated badly with the DiabloWikiParagon Levels, as evidenced by the numerous level 100s”

      Uh? I really hate this stance that Blizzard is poorly designing content when the bleeding edge crowd does what they always do. You can’t design a game to match a demographic that marathons everything you give them in the most time-efficient way they can think of. Paragon was more about solving the MF-swap dilemma and not replicating the ‘5,000 baal runs for half an experience bar’ experience in D2.

    4. Hmm numerous lvl 60/100? How many is numerous? Anyway it dont matter if they made it require 10^10000 XP to hit it the crazy HC D3 nutcases will get there really fast.

      The important bit is where the group behind the rushers are sitting.

      • ^The important bit is where the group behind the rushers are sitting.^

        This could not be more true. With just about every game you get a certain sub-subclass of players that are simply frightening in their level of obsession. They MUST be the first to reach every possible level, achievement, or goal that exists. While it can be entertaining to see how quickly these things can be done, for the most part they are not a realistic measure of the game.

        It seems to me that it would be more informative to gauge things by the more realistically obsessive players (only in the world of gaming does that phrase make sense). Say, the people that play several hours a day, rather than those that keep chars running 24 hours a day (don’t overlook the fact that the first Plvl 100 was actually played by several people who took turns running him around the clock).

        I could be wrong, but I would venture to say that the majority of the “realistically obsessive” players are still at least a month or two from hitting Plvl 100. And that’s just one character, meaning you’re still looking at at least a year to do one of each class. That’s a lot of D3. Plus it still leaves the vast majority of more casual players looking at several years of play to achieve the same thing. That sounds about right to me.

        Monster power will speed things up a bit, but you’re still talking about at least a few months to get all five classes to Plvl 100. Worst case scenario, that should be at least a good chunk of the time until PvP finally hits. If PvP is any good, it will keep most people playing (between PvP and farming) for at least a good chunk of the time between then and an expansion. And it’s virtually guaranteed that these “realistically obsessive” players will be back for each update/expansion. This honestly seems like a fairly well planned timeline on Blizzards part: just fast enough to keep the obsessive players coming back, and more than enough content for casual players to conquer in the meantime.

    5. I’m really excited about 1.0.5. Curious what Infernal machine will like..will there be special zone for it or all locations will stay the same except boss difficulty?

    6. This monster power thing is the post-release change I’ve been most excited about so far. Really felt like it should’ve been there at release. (I’d suggested it around here months before release.)

    7. But I’m a huge lose who plays as much as he can but I’m still only Plvl 24! ;( What am I doing wrong? Too many bathroom breaks?

      • I’m in the same boat, but only P-lvl 17. P-lvl 100 for me is so far out… Blizzard better not make it harder before I get there.

      • Im 35 plvl, ~3h (2 runs act 3) everyday since 1.0.4 (27 days exacly). 35 plvl is 10,5% of overall exp needed to hit 100 🙂 So im like 8,5 months away XD. Highest plvl on friend list is 53 but this guy is sharing account with his gf and they play like 12h+ daily, but they are moving to Mist of Pandaria soon.

    8. Pft. I’ll play MP3 then, I guess. Game is easy enough as it is. This is like giving us all free MF/GF/EXP. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    9. i have put in 12 hour days, (work still, girlfriend, mostly weekends) and frankly i come out with 1 level, how doe people get so high level lol.

      oh wait i suck.


    10. I’m going to crank it all the way up to MP 10 so I can accumulate 1,000 unid ilvl63 rares evenfaster now. Before anyone complains… YES I’ll have to vendor 998 of them but the 1 or 2 items that I don’t vendor could be worth a couple million on the AH. Starting bid of 100,000 maybe to be safe. I’m so incredibly excited about this awesome new extension of gameplay! Players 8 all day everyday baby. I want that sick loot! Oh and that new legendary ring everyone will have by next month… Unless the stats suck.

      • i know you’re kinda joking about the “unless the ring sucks” comment. But honestly, for all those people who already have godly gear, it just might. It is just a symptom of the AH that people have bypassed finding the best loot and are buying it instead. I so wish they’d just kill it already. (altho it isn’t harming me at all…I have 2 AH transactions. I sold one item and bought a relic for my templar to try and get him to stop dying pre 1.04)

    11. Its awsome. everywhan can do act 3 – 4 inferno now whit 1.05. items will be cheap to do act 3-4 finely :d BUT!!! if you want to do player 2-3 lvl you need that little ectra gear( for peeps who have a little more time to play )
      playerlvl 8-10 30mill per item gear insane :d but thats for the hardcore peeps. But the fact is that everywhan can do inferno act 3, Thats better than now atm!!!

    12. How did they underestimate paragon levels? I’m paragon 28 and it feels like I’ve been playing forever.

      I saw a video of the first guy who hit 100. Rarely can anyone take mobs down that quickly – let alone clear entire zones in minutes.

      I think the paragon levels are just fine.

    13. I believe Flux was implying that the highest Paragon should’ve scaled much more dramatically, similar to the D2 system where moving from plvl 98 to plvl 99 was an enormously large jump. Blizzard could’ve kept exactly the same distribution plvl 1-90 giving players a reachable goal for 270% MF/GF and letting them make up the remaining 30% from a Topaz helm, alone. Then they would start ramping up the experience requirements to super crazy levels from 91-100. It would be a difference of 30 base stat points and 30% GF/MF so it wouldn’t be a huge advantage in PvP and yet still give people bragging rights. I agree that the ramp right near the end for 100 should’ve been incredibly steep and Blizz messed up that one.

      That’s what Flux is proposing for Monster Power 9 and 10. Make the progression from 0-8 reasonable and then jack the difficulty way up for 9 and 10 solely. The majority of players would never bother to find out what Monster Power 9 and 10 are and wouldn’t care. The super hardcore players would still have something to strive for trying to find a playstyle that lets them survive Monster Power 9 and 10. They could even go as far as creating BoA equipment that drops on MP 9 exclusively to help those players very slowly inch their gear forward to MP 10.

      • I see no reason to not treat the difficulty scaling more or less linearly. In fact, I see no reason to have 11 difficulty scales. Yeesh. 3 or 4 – easy, normal, hard, maybe ultra hard – would be totally sufficient.

          • Those never were “difficulty levels” in the true sense of the word. They’ve always just been continuations of your character’s progression. The game just needs an “easy, normal, hard” progression curve.

            • cus inferno was totally a “CONTINUATION” of my character progression. WRONG. you mean my character had to SKIP AROUND BUYING AH ITEMS to progress in inferno? doesnt seem like a continuation of my character progression to me.. drastically different from normal,nightmare,hell.

    14. The first guy to 100 didn’t even have THAT godly gear. He nerfed his DPS to ~65k for better fury regen on mobs (dead mobs don’t give fury). He played like 18 hours a day somehow though…

    15. I’m at p12 and confident of never reaching p100. The first 50 levels take only 8%+ of the whole so I may hit that someday but 80-100 requires 50% so yeah…
      Any idea if blizz plans to charge money for expansions? PVP will be a free patch afaik.

    16. I don’t know about 800k dps , but I run at 94k with all my gear on and it cost me about 85mil not that out of reach for most gamers.

    17. Not a very good article.

      A few hundred guys reaching P 100 out of what ? … 2 million actively playing people in 4 weeks time is ridiculous low.

      I bet with the current system it will take 1 % of active players 2 years or more to reach this.

      The problem with D3 is those player numbers per server are really huge. You can not make a system where only 2 or 3 players can achieve it in the P system because it would demotivate those other 999.999 players.

    18. Almost every article on this site likes to rally against Diablo for some reason. Doesn’t say much for this fan site when only a hand full of players reached plvl 100 and you are saying Paragon levels are easy. Diablo 2 was the same thing, you can reach Level99, but for me, it was hard and the highest I ever went was 95 after years of playing.

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