DiabloWikiBashiok returned to an issue that came up last week, and made some interesting points/arguments about why the male/female versions of characters in Diablo 3 have exactly the same abilties/stats/speed/etc.

    The design philosophy you’re hinting at seems to imply that you guys intend for all “best” “jugger-barbs” to be exactly the same, or as similar as possible.
    Bashiok: No, my point was that if the differences between the genders was enough to make an impact, read: meaningful, then each gender would be considered best used for specific directions to take that character. “You’d be stupid to pick a female barb if you wanted to take your barb ‘in this direction’, and you’d be stupid to pick a male barb if you wanted to go toward ‘this other direction’.”

    It’s not something we want to place on gender choice. It’s that simple. There are plenty of places variation and nuance can and will be, there’s no reason it has to be on gender choice, and there are very good reasons why it shouldn’t be.

    This is y we love RPG’s, coz we have the ability to build our character according to our likings and the actual purpose we build a certain char.
    Bashiok: Which is exactly the opposite of what putting stat differentiations on the genders would do. You wouldn’t be able to choose the gender to your liking, you’d pick the one with the stats that would ultimately make for the best final character you’re looking to build.

    I hope dearly that diablo 3 is as different from wow as it can be, and gender in wow also has no effect. Perhaps this is just a coincidence. Perhaps not.
    Bashiok: Ah, the heart of the matter. Good to see it finally made its way to the surface.

    You speak so thoroughly of illusions in WoW and yet what you’re proposing is an illusion itself of difference in the gender choices for Diablo III. An attempt to simply set it apart from a game you have a negative view of, regardless of what those differences actually are. Who cares what it does, as long as it’s different than WoW. Right?

    This fact aside, even if the slight variation in starting stats did alter the final effectiveness of a build in a noticeable or significant way on a single metric without increasing effectiveness of another metric in equal amounts…

    All this would do is introduce a factor in a persons decision to choose male over females or vicea versa other than “LOL CAUSE IM A (GENDER)” or “LOL CAUSE I LIKE BEWBS”.

    This is a good thing. Just look at wow.

    Bashiok: Ok so in the case of stats making a difference we throw different stats on them, they do have some affect, and good luck to the player figuring out what they are when they start up the game. Sounds like good design to me.

    It’s simply a bad idea, and that’s that. Grasping to it like a greased rope hoping to climb away from an imagined pit of “things that WoW has!” is a waste. Move on. Think about about World of Warcraft, what makes it an MMO, and why the design is tailored specifically for a pay-to-play game. Come to terms with it and move on. We’re here to talk about Diablo III.

    By the way – people are people, everywhere. You use all-caps for your WoW player quotes as if to imply they are less mature or intelligent than people on Battle.net and/or that play Diablo II. Hilariousness. I think if those glasses were any rosier they’d be damn near black.

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