DiabloWikiBashiok posted a few short follow ups in the thread about the DiabloWikiMonk‘s DiabloWikiExploding Palm skill graphics, and then… reversed everything he’d said and argued previously, when DiabloWikiJulian Love delivered unto him new information.  Check yesterday’s post for the start of this discussion. Here’s today’s retraction:

    Bash did you see the Meteor Kick skill I invented a few months back?

    Bashiok: Boy did I!
    No, I didn’t.

    Shame. It was based on the common Martial Arts move of kicking an enemy into another enemy. The final hit would damage the enemy and force it backwards about 25 yards, injuring any other demon in its path.

    Bashiok: Sounds cool. One of the rune ideas for the DiabloWikiBarbarian‘s DiabloWikiLeap Attack is essentially that same effect.

    Julian just slapped me upside the head – so the Exploding Palm effect seen from the BlizzCon build and screenshots since is actually just the rare monster death effect (attached to Exploding Palm for time’s sake), which is a huge bloody explosion. Which actually isn’t supposed to be a huge bloody explosion either but a fire and lava explosion; but it has a ways to go to make it look like it. But anyway, Exploding Palm itself is getting a monster agnostic treatment so that it doesn’t imply blood and guts and is also readable as its own effect during the chaos of battle.

    So it won’t be monster-specific, but it’s also not going to look like a blood explosion which isn’t a blood explosion.

    Quick! Someone take one of the Exploding Palm screenshots and tint the red to green or blue or plaid, so we can imagine what it might look like when used on a Champion? (Like someone did when discussing the Arcane vs. Fire damage of Disintegrate, last year.)

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