Bashiok threw a few more buckets of water on the DiabloWikiDiablo drought? by returning to yesterday’s durability thread with a game-econ 101 primer on the uses of equipment deterioration.

    Regardless of any arguments on specifics of how long it should take, or a burden to your mental capacity, it’s one of the few ways that gold can be drawn out in a nice steady stream and isn’t specific to any features or choice. It’s a constant deflation technique that counts on nothing more than someone playing the game (ie fighting monsters).

    It’s a true DiabloWikigold sink, you get no real benefit from it, but it’s also one that makes sense thematically, is accepted as a game mechanic already, and hell, it works. I wouldn’t expect everyone to be cool with the concept of it, but hey, sometimes you have to do unpopular things to keep more important aspects in check (ie A working DiabloWikieconomy).

    Elsewhere, Bashiok answered a question that many of you who have never attended a BlizzCon have probably wondered about from time to time… Is it ripe in there?

    So, to the guys who actually attend Blizzcon… Surrounded by nerds in huge rooms when presentations are happening… How bad does the room reek of body odor? Will they introduce free showering facilities on site to combat this problem?

    Bashiok: Being an attendee of most of the major nerdcons, I’d have to say that BlizzCon actually has some of the least smelly people. Video gamers tend to be pretty cleanly, compared to other nerdtivities. PAX probably wins for overall show hygiene… unless you go to the BYOC area of course. OF COURSE.

    PAX is most cleanly? Obviously you don’t remember when they had an outbreak of bird flu.

    Bashiok: I was there.

    An outbreak of an infectious disease doesn’t mean people stink, though. [/blue]

    I’ll back up Bashiok on that one, and testify that I have never noted any overly rank aromas at any of the BlizzCons I’ve attended. Blizzard included cute little bottles of hand sanitizer in the goodie bag in 2008, but they’ve never slipped in trail sizes of deodorant.

    That said, you’ll note that every BlizzCon has taken place in the spacious Anaheim Convention Center. The play stations and panels are basically situated inside an aircraft hangar. The ceiling is at least a dozen meters high, it’s cool and dark, and there’s strong air flow. You’d basically need mustard gas to stink up that space.

    Furthermore, the clientele is upscale. Attending a BlizzCon is fairly expensive, especially when you include travel costs, and each year has boasted an increasingly high % of female attendees, which might go some distance towards making the guys clean up their act? No, it’s not exactly a single and mingle event, since virtually none of the females are flying solo (your best bet might be to learn Korean or Chinese and hang around the press room, where flocks of Asian female journalists can be seen), but BlizzCon is not some Cheetos-stained, LAN-party, duct-tape happy, nerd fest. For better or worse?

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