The Clvl 60/D3 DiabloWikiend game discussion continues. A fan posted his feelings on the meaninglessness of D2’s grinding end game, and then added his predictions for D3’s end game. I’ll quote the last two paragraphs of his post, along with Bashiok’s reply.

    In D3 they obviously want to have a proper answer to those who want to continue playing, so they will introduce endgame content. Obvious stuff and not related to WoW at all. But having endgame content implies a few things, namely that you actually define where that kind of content starts, you define an “end of the game” and the level that you’ll have when you finish hell is a very convenient point, right?

    We have no idea what the endgame will be, it could be instance like boss battles that are actually challenging, it could be missions of some sort, difficult quests, you name it, but knowing Blizzard it will probably be pretty fun and there will definitely always be stuff to work for.

    All of that doesn’t mean that we won’t obtain our most important skills until we are at max level, it doesn’t mean that all meaningful items have a requirement of max level, nor does it mean that any style of cooperative and competitive gaming happens at max level. That’s what happens in wow and what you all seem to be afraid of, but I really don’t see any reason to, never has there been any hint that they’re moving in that direction.

    I like this.

    Some clarification on your last paragraph there:

    The core game content is all going to play out in Normal, as it should. Specifically for skills that means you have access to all class skills (in most cases) before you beat the game the first time.

    The experience curve to 60 isn’t going to be a perfect three playthroughs of the game on each difficulty. It’s of course expected you’ll be exiting and then starting up new games, but it isn’t intended to be a grind to level. The number of levels is intended to match the amount of content. Meaning when you beat the game on Hell, yes we expect you to be around level 60. Maybe you’re a level or two shy, or maybe you’ve been 60 for a while, depending on how you played.

    As far as the e-peen meter goes for showing off a higher level character, we think a proper achievement system is much better at this. There’s more variety, they’re more interesting and compelling for people to work toward. One important point of note is that our achievements are cross-character, meaning we can give achievements for things like leveling 5, 10… hell, 20 characters to 60. Certainly a bigger feat than a level 99, and we can give tangible rewards for it too.

    Good stuff there about the end game ideas and the level progression. How about cross-character achievements, though? That might be evil. Seriously, including 10 or 20 or more “chars to level 60” is the kind of thing that causes people to lose their jobs, and gets Blizzard sued.

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