The big debate of the week regards class weapon limitations in Diablo III. Bashiok replied to a thread on the subject, and added a bit of info to the public store.

    I’ve heard that there will be weapon restrictions, and I’m just wondering if anyone can confirm this.

    There are some weapon restrictions. Right now we’re working with the philosophy of only restricting weapon types if they don’t make sense for the class. We don’t think a barbarian should be using a wand, for example. Other examples of item restrictions are that there are class specific items, such as the wizard’s orbs.

    Could you list the weapons the monk is able to use? The last quote I saw only said combat staves, fists, 1h swords, polearms and I think thats it. I’m concerned about a melee class having such a small selection of weapons available. Is part of the challenge of being a monk finding weapons you can actually use?

    He can’t use 2handed axes and maces, uh, wands, orbs, I think that’s about it.

    The game isn’t done yet, there’s not a whole lot of “this class should never be able to use this weapon” but a bit of “we’ll try to implement these non-critical weapons if we’re sure we have time”.

    It sounds like they’ve eased the Monk’s weapon restrictions a bit from the last time Bashiok spoke about it. Most fans seem to think more weapons allowed per class is a good thing, which makes this… good news?

    See the DiabloWikiClass Specific-Weapons article in the wiki for a full compilation of what’s known about this issue. It’s certainly something we’ll get test data about at Blizzcon, which is coming up surprisingly soon. Less than 3 weeks!

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