Another batch of classic D2 fake screenshots, all submitted by readers back in the early days. There are now 30 in the folder, with a few dozen more to be added on future slow news days. Here’s a bullet list of the ten newly-added.

    If you want more viewing amusement, check out the DiabLOLs so far submitted for our current contest.  There are 65 entries so far, vying for the seven prizes (6 get one of the WWI cards, 1 gets a Blizzcon ticket), and most are LOlable. This may or may not be your favorite, but I think some bonus points have to be awarded for not only remembering that there were Diablo II TV commercials back in 2000, but actually digging up a still from one of them! If you’ve not posted your own DiabLOL yet, there’s still time; the deadline for entries runs through Sunday the 14th. See the full rules here.

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