Following up a post I made last week, here are nine more great pieces of Diablo fan art. Like the last batch, these were all originally posted on Blizzard.com, many for their fan art contest in 2006.

    Most are paintings that have been enhanced and polished in Photoshop, but a few are true 3D images, with wireframes and rendering and all that fun stiff you see in those Digital Art Academy commercials late at night. I can’t create either kind of artwork, but it makes me feel better that I can at least tell the difference between them.

    Also, this will probably turn up in a fan art watch in a week or two, but it’s worth a look now. An amazingly well done overhead view of the city of Caldeum, created by softshack. Take a closer look and join the rest of us in saying, “That’s not official artwork? But it’s as good or better than the stuff Blizzard releases?”

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