Blizzard peoples made some interesting comments on the Diablo 3 Auction House Shutdown via forums and twitter. First up, what do you suppose departed Game Director Jay Wilson had to say? You’ll recall that Jay got us thinking about the potential for big AH changes with his presentation at GDC earlier this year, when he said he thought the Auction House had hurt the game. With that history, his comments today, amidst excited tweets about GTA5, weren’t real surprising:

    I’m glad we’re making this decision. It’s good for the game. –JayWilson
    “Glad YOU are making this decision” … I don’t believe it was ANY of your decision –pourpat
    @joshmosq deserves the credit for pushing this through. I do, however, fully support the decision. —JayWilson

    real talk did you start the whole ah gone – or was it the new guy –halochicken
    Getting rid of the AH is because @joshmosq and the current team pushed for it. I didn’t do it, I just agree with it. –JayWilson

    There were many questions asked on the B.net forums and amidst their many “please talk about it in the official thread” locks, the CMs replied to a few comments. Lylirra’s best moment was when forced to answer for her comment that the RoS AH would have functional commas, which she tweeted just a few weeks ago. (On August 25th.) Lylirra was in the dark about their AH plans? She was offering cover for the impending AH shut down? Or did the team really decide to shut down the AH that recently?

    Commas Were Impossible To Code In

    That’s why the AH went bye bye. Yup IMPOSSIBLE
    Lylirra: Going to nip this one in the bud, since I more or less started COMMA DRAMA 2013.

    As we’ve posted before, commas were planned to be added with ROS (though, in all reality, they were probably going to be included in the pre-expansion systems patch rather than the expansion itself). It was a done deal, all scheduled. Plans change, though, and ideally this is much better scenario for players overall.

    Now, that said, feel to guffaw all you like at the irony (and my pain) internally, but let’s keep posts like this to a minimum. πŸ˜›

    Click through for more Blues about the new Diablo 3 CM (not Xanth) and a bunch of questions about PTR time for Loot 2.0 and other upcoming features earned not-totally-vague replies.

    Questions to Lylirra about an ETA for the new stuff. No concrete details, but at least the word “soon” wasn’t deployed.

    ETA on PTR?

    Kinda anxious to try things with the imposed changes. πŸ™‚
    Lylirra: No ETA yet! While we certainly want to give players the opportunity to test out expansion changes before they go live and provide feedback, we don’t have any details to share right now regarding a PTR or Reaper of Souls beta.

    how about PTR on loot 2.0 endgame modes?
    Lylirra: Yes, we want players to be able to provide feedback on those gameplay features those too. πŸ™‚

    But again, no dates or details yet (though Josh said we would love to do something this year, if possible). We still have a lot of internal testing and development to do before opening everything up to a wider audience.

    it would make forum life easier if you just said that ptr would not begin until next year
    We’d like to make public testing available this year, if at all possible (this will ultimately depend on how internal testing goes and whether or not we’re able to get everything into a playable state). That said, I wouldn’t anticipate anything before BlizzCon. If that timeline changes and we’re able to deliver something sooner, darn tootin’ we’ll let the community know.

    Yeah. I just said darn tootin’. /dealwithitglasses

    how about november 10th? πŸ˜‰
    Lylirra: I’ll pass on your suggestion. πŸ˜›

    Could you find out what will happen to our real money balance… Will I be able to cash it out, buy a D3 Pony t-shirt, buy Collectors edition ROS, or get me one of those sweet DWI Glasses?
    Lylirra: We’re still working out all the technical details for the shut down, so we don’t have all the answers right now. But we will, and we’ll be sharing them with all of you once they’re available — likely within the same FAQ thread we posted today as well as more front-page blog posts. We know these details are important, and our goal is to ensure that this transition goes as smoothly as possible. That requires keeping the community informed of what will happen to things like posted auctions, items or currency in the Completed Tab, and (of course) Battle.net Balance. This is partly why we wanted to give players such advanced notice, as it’ll allow enough time for all the appropriate preparations to be made (both on your end and on ours).

    TL;DR: We don’t know yet. But once we do, you’ll know too.

    Guests on the new podcast both expressed cautious optimism that the shocking fact of an actual date for the AH shut down means Blizzard is really making progress on stuff. It seems very unlikely they’d start up Loot 2.0 before the AH closes (or else players would just choke the AH with all the new-found gear, defeating the whole self-found goal), and the devs certainly can’t shut down the AH before Loot 2.0 (for D3C) goes live, since current drop rates make self found less than popular. So they’ve got to be planning to start Loot 2.0 right around March 18th. Given that time frame, I don’t see why they’d need to rush into testing this year. Do they really need 2.5+ months of PTR for a new economy balance?

    That said, I’d think they’d want at least 6-8 weeks of that testing, so it seems a pretty good bet we’ll see PTR for Loot 2.0 in January or early Feb, at the latest?

    Earlier this year, Xanth, our hardcore columnist and frequent podcast guest Xanth applied for a Community Manager job with Blizzard. He did more than apply; he got a phone interview, was flown out to Irvine for a full interview, and was ultimately offered the job! He had to turn it down for depressingly-real-life reasons you can read about in his column or hear about on the podocast, a decision I’ll continue to remind him about for the rest of time. Obviously Blizzard didn’t get up after that and kept looking for someone to fill the post, and ultimately they found someone. The new community manager was debuted yesterday (great day for it to go completely unnoticed), and say hello to Nevalistis.

    There are about a dozen blue posts in the thread, all jokey friendly welcome stuff from the other CMs, so click to read the whole thing if you wish. I’ll just quote the OP and the two replies from the new girl below:

    Please join me in welcoming Nevalistis to the North American Diablo III Community Team! Nevalistis has a strong passion for Blizzard games and is very enthusiastic about joining us on our many adventures throughout Sanctuary, endeavoring to be a conduit for information as well as a voice for the Blizzard community. In between the normal community manager functions of meeting with developers, writing feature articles, engaging on social media, and attending live events, she’ll be joining us here on the forums discussing Diablo III with all of you.

    So, without further ado: Welcome, Nevalistis!

    Nevalistis: Hello everyone!

    I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to be here. Pretty sure I lost some sleep the week before my first day. It’s been a long time dream to be here as part of the team, and sometimes I have to double check to make sure it’s real.

    I certainly plan on being as active as I can be here on the forums, but I’m also looking forward to cracking my knuckles and pumping out some fun articles for you to read. I look forward to chatting with and getting to know you all!

    Nevalistis: Thank you all for the warm welcome, from friends both new and old! It’s really an honor to be (back) here, and I hope I can exceed your expectations. =)

    (I’m just trying to prepare you for the tinfoil hat theories that you will get to see so much of. Welcome on Board!! ^.^ )
    I’ve installed a roll of aluminum under my desk in preparation. Hats for everyone!

    go slowly … dont burn your whole energy in the beginning. i know its very exciting when starting out. but keep it slowly … else you might burn out very very quickly … take your time … πŸ™‚
    I’ve been in the industry for some time now, and rest assured this isn’t my first time as a member of a community team. ;D There is, of course, always more to learn, and I’m excited I get to continue my journey at a company I love with awesome people I’ve long admired.

    My enthusiasm knows no bounds, and I’ve come onto the team at a very exciting time with Reaper of Souls and Blizzcon on the horizon. It’s difficult to not be as thrilled as I am!

    can I call you Neval?
    Just gotta be different, don’t ya?

    I’m tickled silly that you now sit within my shouting radius and must endure the mad rantings of a cackling skull.
    The installation of a targeted Nerf missile turret is scheduled for some time in the near future. Best be prepared, skull-man. ;P

    We only had one D3 CM for years, and then after Bashiok went back to WoW we got 3. Is the job so basy-making that they need 4? Or are they moving Grimiku or Vaeflare to at least part-time duty on some other game? I’m not exactly sitting up nights worrying about it, but we can (sort of) gauge Blizzard’s planned activity on D3 by the number of CMs they’ve got toiling away. Don’t take this as a tip of anything imminent, though. As Xanth’s experience shows, they were actively seeking the new CM many months ago.

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