An new article at GameDaily.com points out that while games with Roman Numerals after their titles remain the mainstay of the gaming industry, there are actually more new IPs in recent years. Believe it or not.

    From 2006 to 2009, the market share of new intellectual properties on the seventh generation home platforms grew from 16% to 22%, which may seem insignificant, but in absolute terms there were 61 new properties introduced in 2007, while 2009 had 126—a 106% increase in new intellectual properties being introduced since 2007 on the next-generation home consoles.

    Of course this is no thanks to the efforts of Blizzard. And why not, as profitable as Blizzard is churning out sequel after sequel?

    Blizzard comes to mind as an exemplary developer. Blizzard has not launched a new property in over 12 years, yet they contribute over $1 billion a year to Activision?s top-line. And if things continue to go well with StarCraft II and Diablo III in 2010/2011, they will likely not launch another new property until 2014?16 years between the launches of new properties! Of course, Blizzard operates off a different economic model than a typical retail packaged goods publisher, but their business strategy is something to take note of. When Blizzard comes across a new successful property, they treat it the same way farmers treat their land; they nourish the soil and carefully cultivate the crops to ensure the land stays healthy for the next season.

    It feels odd to ask this on a Diablo 3 site, but are you guys down with perpetual sequels? Would you rather see Starcraft 2 and (hypothetically) Warcraft 4 and World of Warcraft 2 rather than an entirely new IP? Do you take the sure thing over the new and unknown?



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