Big thanks to Secondii for providing some translations and pointing us to a new interview about the v1.0.5 patch stuff, posted by Bahamut of Taiwanese site Gnn.Gamer.com.tw. It repeats/confirms much of the info we got earlier from IGN, but adds a few additional details about the upcoming Players X-esque system as well as the Infernal Machine. The original article is here, and the Google translation is pretty good if you don’t read Chinese.

    Key points:

  • The Players X type system is translated as “Monster Power” and players creating games with level 60 characters can set it from 0-10 at game creation. You can not tweak it during a game, such as by turning it up before a boss fight.
  • At higher levels the game difficulty is increased, with correspondingly better experience gain and item rewards. Details are still unspecified on just how they’ll be increasing the difficulty, and on what “better” items means. More, higher quality (Sets/Legendaries) items, higher level items, or all of the above.
  • To unlock the Infernal Machine players will have to gather ingredients from all four acts, so it will presumably not be a short and easy assembly process. (Apparently even longer and more involved than Diablo 2’s Pandemonium Event.)
  • The Infernal Machine level has “a completely new architecture” (tileset?), but no new bosses or monsters. (Presumably the “uber” bosses will be palette shifted and have some new abilities, but we’ll wait for D3X for entirely new monsters.)
  • The Infernal Machine reward is a new Legendary ring only available from this quest. The biggest news is that it will DiabloWikiBind on Account. So no trading or selling or gifting, but you can use it with other characters on your account.
  • Other details remain vague, so it seems like we’ll have to wait for the actual patch to find out every last detail and start hunting those new uber rings. It seems pretty likely the ring will be something like the Hellfire Torch, with guaranteed great stats, but enough variability that you’ll probably want to find several of them while trying to get a better roll, and perhaps a roll better suited for each character class.

    Has excite?

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