More New Details on v1.0.5

Big thanks to Secondii for providing some translations and pointing us to a new interview about the v1.0.5 patch stuff, posted by Bahamut of Taiwanese site It repeats/confirms much of the info we got earlier from IGN, but adds a few additional details about the upcoming Players X-esque system as well as the Infernal Machine. The original article is here, and the Google translation is pretty good if you don’t read Chinese.

Key points:

  • The Players X type system is translated as “Monster Power” and players creating games with level 60 characters can set it from 0-10 at game creation. You can not tweak it during a game, such as by turning it up before a boss fight.
  • At higher levels the game difficulty is increased, with correspondingly better experience gain and item rewards. Details are still unspecified on just how they’ll be increasing the difficulty, and on what “better” items means. More, higher quality (Sets/Legendaries) items, higher level items, or all of the above.
  • To unlock the Infernal Machine players will have to gather ingredients from all four acts, so it will presumably not be a short and easy assembly process. (Apparently even longer and more involved than Diablo 2’s Pandemonium Event.)
  • The Infernal Machine level has “a completely new architecture” (tileset?), but no new bosses or monsters. (Presumably the “uber” bosses will be palette shifted and have some new abilities, but we’ll wait for D3X for entirely new monsters.)
  • The Infernal Machine reward is a new Legendary ring only available from this quest. The biggest news is that it will DiabloWikiBind on Account. So no trading or selling or gifting, but you can use it with other characters on your account.
  • Other details remain vague, so it seems like we’ll have to wait for the actual patch to find out every last detail and start hunting those new uber rings. It seems pretty likely the ring will be something like the Hellfire Torch, with guaranteed great stats, but enough variability that you’ll probably want to find several of them while trying to get a better roll, and perhaps a roll better suited for each character class.

    Has excite?

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    59 thoughts on “More New Details on v1.0.5

    1. They promised a blog post this week about Monster Power and Infernal Machine. Can’t wait for it. D3 is shaping to be a great game after all these patches.

      • I’ve been saying that since the first week when everyone was flaming the game. I have confidence in Blizzard, they didn’t become my favorite gaming company just because they released a few great games. It’s cause they maintain and improve them. Even in the case of WoW where I liked the game in it’s vanilla form the most I could see what audience they were catering to to bring in the big $$s and though I was sad that it moved the game farther and farther from what I was looking for you can’t hate on a company for trying to make money, if you do then you’re just dumb. And it wasn’t like they were whoring the game out or doing anything blatantly to offend customers just changed difficulty/mechanics mostly.

      • Among all of these new stuff, the only thing that really restored my confidence was the Bind on Account reward.

        I was hoping that someday, there will be items of great value and power AND it cannot be traded in any way. Here’s hoping for more BoA’s in the future! 🙂

    2. They promised a blog post this week detailing Monter Power and Infernal Machine can’t wait for it. D3 is shaping up to be a great game after all these patches.

    3. Well I has some excite at least…

      But, they are adding another layer of difficulty while I can’t handle A3 inferno that well yet, with, in my opinion, plenty of hours spent on the game. If they don’t want to make players like me completely disheartened, they should really do something about legendary and set drop rates. In 200 hours, it isn’t that much to ask to get at least one kick-ass legendary, now is it? In D2 I never found the really high treasure class uniques, but still plenty of sweet stuff. Buff level 55+ legendaries perhaps then?

      • “But, they are adding another [OPTIONAL] level of difficulty…”

        Yes, while also nerfing monster damage across the board in Inferno. I think you’ll be alright, friend.

        • No, I don’t see how you can get that from my remarks.

          I am fine with an optional extra level of difficulty, more choices are good, I would only to be able to participate in at least part of it. I am not a hardcore gamer anymore, but I wouldn’t call myself casual either.

          • you should be happy then as it means even more content is waiting for you. What’s the rush? Why do you want to beat inferno quickly? So you can get to the new harder content and then be disappointed that you can’t beat THAT just like now you can’t beat A3?

            People should make up their mind – either you want to blast through the whole game quickly and be a god – in this case don’t complain about the lack of content or things being too easy
            or you want a challange – then don’t complain about things being too difficult

            I agree with your point about item drops though, it would be nice if they were a tad better, although I can’t really complain on my side, I’ve found some sweet stuff that I’m happy with.

            • Like me he isn’t complaining about the content, but you know we play games for the fun of it and it’s fun and addicting to see a progression. When you pass 3 months overcoming a barrier because you can’t find any good drops and anything on the AH that is worthy is > 10M gold, it kills this joy and it becomes a chore which is not what we wanted in the first place.

              Yes it’s good that it’s RNG and all but boosting the floor of good enough items to be able to reasonably get through the content without slashing everything as a hot knife in butter (unless you find that loto wining godly or more than one) would be the right balance for me.

              I’m currently going for that unique collection achievement and yes I find that some purples are a bit too rare for my tastes but it feels good when you find one (even found 3 in a row in an Act 1 run). But while doing these runs and piling up countless rares I never found one single good rare weapon with > 900 dps or a good piece of equipment to progress further in Act 3. So for now I sit in Act 1 piling up achievements until they fix the balance issues enough that it should be less frustrating and rewarding to go through the pain of slow progress in Act3 and beyond on all my lvl 60 chars (only one is at start of Act 3 and getting his ass handed back to himself, rest are in Act 1)

              captcha: bacon & eggs, now where’s my sausage!

    4. I was hoping that the reward would be bind on equip or have it “expire” after six months or so. I am sure that the ring will have a random primary stat bonus (int, str, or dex) and it will be somewhat annoying to find a nicely rolled ring for a class that you don’t play.

    5. So you need to access A4 in order to even activate this “thing”? I can barely even survive A3 because I refuse to buy AH gear.

      I guess Blizz has finally declared its hostility towards players like me.

      AH, Motherfucker! Do you understand it?

      • Well just level up your Paragon in Act 2 and get better items. Btw I play without AH as well. Farming Act 2 at the moment, paragon level 7, finding upgrades pretty much every play session.

      • ~380 hours on my wizard. No AH. Farming act 3 and it’s melting.
        No, not using any cheesy cm/freeze builds, either. Arcane torrent and arcane hydra+temporal flux.

        It’s entirely possible, just keep at it and don’t lose hope!

        • there, thank you

          there are just too many disparities between players and the game cannot satisfy everybody. The guy who reached Plvl 100 could probably complain “meh, this is not enough content, it’s too easy, too boring…”

      • Actually, farming paragon is 60-70% as fast in act1 as in act3( with half the gear requirement ) if you choose your runs well. I did it until at around paragon 10 I tried A3 and noticed that after the nerfs( and trail of cinders 🙂 ) it’s considerably easier than before.

        • I’m working my way through Act 4 on a completely self-found, non-cookie cutter monk. I wouldn’t call Act 3 quite “farm” for me yet, but I can steadily run it.

          It’s really amazing the difference just one or two small upgrades, skill swaps, or paragon levels make. I was brick walled on Ghom for a couple of weeks, but once I got him down, it took me only a couple of days to complete Act 3.

          Point being, don’t give up. Self-found is doable, it just takes some patience.

          • Indeed. If anything, if you’re having trouble, just make a pet WD and farm the crap out of whatever you want. It’s really non-gear-dependent and you should be able to make decent farming progress to outfit your other characters to the point where they can farm A3 as well.

            • I’m playing a WD as my main right now. The pets most certainly are gear dependent if you want to play in Act 3/4 Inferno. I’ll give you that having pets makes it easier by giving the enemies things to target other than yourself, but if you don’t have the gear you are not going to get anywhere.

              First of all, the pets don’t guarantee you won’t be targeted, and even if they are targeted, if your gear sucks they will be dispatched quickly leaving you open for attack. In addition, once you are targeted, if your gear sucks you will be one or two shotted. Furthermore, the pets do not do any real significant damage. If your gear sucks this is even more true, not to mention you yourself wont be doing an significant DPS either.

              So again, easier maybe, but still gear dependent.

    6. Inferno came to a point where movement speed mostly equals farming speed.
      It’ll be nice to have an option that rewards staying power and ass-kickage output a bit more.

    7. The reward for completing the infernal machine event being account-bound is all I wanted to hear. Finally something to show off your mad skills.

      • P.S: Oh and this is something people have been too dumb to realize.

        The game is going back round robin to the pre 1.0.3 inferno difficulty, all they have done is change the name to Infernal Machine and most hilariously they are making you work for it. This is a prime example of nontent (content lacking substance).

        • While the ring (assuming its “UUUNNNIIIIITTTYYYY!” Lol) isn’t the most impressive thing in the world , if that “Random Magic Property” ends up being a Skill Modifier, then I’m somewhat interested… but at the same time, if that WAS true, I can already hear all of the rage now, “omgwtf I rolled an INT ring with Bonus to Elemental Arrow!” Actually, after typing that, I think it’s more likely that the “Random Magic Property” could be a random, new Legendary Affix. Either way, I’m obviously just guessing and have no basis for either, I would HOPE that they were smart enough to NOT let it it roll stupid s*** like “Increases Gold/MF Find.”

          As for the Monster Power thing (not Infernal Machine,)… While I can understand where you’re coming from, I think that this was an incredibly important addition for them, and although I haven’t played in a while because of other recent releases, I will DEFINITELY be coming back to D3 in the near future. Sure, my character is weak right now, and I still haven’t bothered farming for upgrades to finish off A2 on either of my mains, but when I first heard about Patch 1.03, I was PISSED. As someone who absolutely loves difficult games and incredibly difficult challenges, I was one of the very few people who, although I was stuck at the beginning of A2 at the time, did NOT want to see Inferno nerfed AT ALL. Not even a tiny bit. Now with this patch, I’m (assuming) that, not only will I be able to play D3 at a difficulty level comparable to the original Inferno, but it sounds like the difficulty can scale WELL past that. That’s very exciting to me,

          And as for the Infernal Machine, if that really was what you were referring to, I don’t think it will be related to pre-1.03 at all. Why would they make references to the Pandemonium Event if all they were going to do was “gently” tweak bosses? I also expect that we will be fighting multiple bosses at the same time, which, at first glance, may not seem like a big deal… Until the Butcher hooks you into the center of a flood of Azmodan pools while Diablo shoots off rapid-fire fireballs or something. *shrug* Obviously I have no clue what will actually happen for the IM event, but if it’s even slightly similar to the PE in D2, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

          Oh! And what if you can tweak the Monster Power setting at the start of the game… and it affects the IM bosses? Now THAT would be a challenge. Hell, it would probably be THE challenge of challenges. But yeah. Try not to be so down on the game man; I mean, nobody’s perfect… and what if they would’ve just left the game the way it was pre-1.03, stuck with a “working as intended” mindset, and just worked on getting PvP out instead? While that may have thrilled a group of players, they would’ve alienated everyone else, and shouldn’t they try to appeal to the audience as a whole? Diablo at its core is a loot grind; it always has been. So doesn’t it make sense that they would try to make that better first?

          I mean, don’t get me wrong; I’m no Blizzard fanboy, and it’s because of a lot of the things that they’ve done or taken too long to do that I lost interest. Before that, I was playing 6+ hours a day on average, and I could’ve cared less if any other games were even released at all… but in the past two months, I’ve played maybe 15-20 hours total. However, even though I haven’t felt compelled to play it, I’ve still been active on this site almost everyday, because somewhere in my brain, D3 still has a deathgrip on me. I love talking about it, discussing it, reading about it, etc. etc… and hopefully (sooner rather than later) I’ll be able to say I love playing it again, too.

          • Holy crap. Sorry for the incredibly long “comment”… I tend to do that almost everytime without even realizing it / trying to do it.

      • “new Legendary ring only available from this quest”

        NEW Legendary ring. So not Unity. At least read the post before you troll, please.

        • Well considering Unity hasn’t dropped at all (check the AH if you want proof), if it drops even once post 1.05 it’ll be a “new legendary”.

          Still, I agree that it will probably be something other than Unity, and the fact that it’s not dropping is likely a bug.

          • Well if “dropped for me” is the standard for “new item” then damn near the entire suite of orange and greens are going to be brand new for the vast majority of players! 🙁

        • You gotta love folks who can’t quite comprehend what they read, and then go on to pull something out of their ass and call everyone else an idiot for not coming to the same conclusion. Apparently we are all “dumb” for not realizing what he just made up.

          It’s even better when they go on to make an argument that makes absolutely no sense. He might have had a better chance trying for Monster Power = pre-1.0.3 (although, that clearly avoids the simple fact that the difficulty will now be adjustable), but instead he went for Infernal Machine = pre-1.0.3. That doesn’t even begin to make sense.

          Coolhwip, while I’m sure it is still safe to color you ‘unimpressed’, I think a better choice would be either ‘functionally illiterate’, or the ever lovely shade of ‘willfully ignorant troll’. Your little thread hijacks are getting old… but you’re just so damn easy to pick apart. The truth is, you’re not even very good at trolling. You may sidetrack things a little here and there, but you’re becoming far too obvious. You may as well add a signature that says “Ignore all posts by this user.” You should go practice some more on the children in a Neopets forum, and try again when you get a better feel for how to do it.

          To everyone else- Yes, I know, I’m giving him just what he wants. But at the same time, I’d rather have him exposed for what he is… and to be honest, he’s low hanging fruit. It’s just too easy to pass up. I’ll step back now, and let him rage away to his heart’s content. Sorry for taking up the time and thread space to have a little fun with this self-imagined boy genius, it was admittedly a little self-indulgent on my part.

          • Blizzard has made some questionable decisions with items and quest rewards in Diablo III, but does anyone seriously think they’d put in a whole new multi-stage uber Inferno quest system, and as the big reward… produce an existing, not very good legendary item, that would then be account bound?

    8. I am looking forward to all the little nifty rings we can obtain through the Infernal Machine. I can’t hardly wait to game with some of my friends from here and kick the crap outta this patch.

      I will be curious as to what the reward is for /players 8. Like how much XP, MF, loot extra will be rewarded?

      **thought** – If you kill boss X/elite X with 5 stacks of NV and get 4 times the crapola that currently drops there are several effects this could have.
      1) Reduced cost of crating mats
      2) Possibly multiple legendary/set items per run – bringing the economy to where D2 LOD was in terms of needing super rolls to be worth selling.
      3) problematic bag space issues. – as if we do not currently have that problem

    9. Great news so far, can’t wait.

      Whether it will be a success depends on what they have in mind for “better loot” as well as how difficulty will scale.

    10. I just want a random dungeon generator so all this meaningless grind I’ve been doing without any upgrades or things that will sell on the AH would at least remain somewhat interesting.

    11. As long as we don’t have to farm Inferno Ghom or Rakanoth for the reagents I’m good with everything else. Those 2 bosses are just so extremely annoying. But, knowing Blizzard’s sense of humor, I have a feeling those are exactly the two monsters we’ll have to farm…
      I wonder though, if the patch isn’t coming out today than what’s up with the extra long maintenance? They seemed to have gotten them down to a much shorter period of time up till now…

      • The maintenance time thing has me a bit puzzled as well. As far as I know there isn’t anything major going on with SC2 today either, but I could be wrong about that. Odd.

    12. It would be great if the ring wasn’t only BoA, but you can trade with people who were present during the bossfight. As a wizard I would hate to get a monk ring when a monk fighting next to me gets a wizard ring and all we can do is stash it for alts.

    13. The infernal machine won’t feature any new tilesets. Don’t expect any new art or audio (worth noting) in general to be added to the game through patches. All of their artists are currently working on other games.

      They’ll probably recycle one of the devices from Kulle’s archives or maybe even the old Nephalem Altar model and make it trade items for a portal. Beyond that portal, one (maybe a random one) of the existing boss bottles will be waiting for players, tuned for a fifth difficulty setting. I wouldn’t even expect new boss abilities. Maybe boss battles with champion affixes added. The best thing one could hope for, would be the event they originally planned for Whimsyshire to be recycled here: the machine would then periodically spawn waves of monsters in short intervals before for some kind of ‘survival battle’ before dishing out rewards or opening portals.

      • ? what about the new animations they added to legendaries or the new portrait frames for p-level? It’s not much but they did add new art before.

        • These are particle effects and a bit of interface art was recently added as well. I’m talking about new art/audio content of significant scope here though. Stuff they do sketches, concept art, colour studies, new models and animations for, stuff that takes a team actually weeks of developement time. Not stuff that the interface guy throws together in a couple of hours from existing art on request, while he’s actually assigned to some other future title.

      • I think there’s enough reward in getting to 60 that it doesn’t require these mechanisms. Most people would probably rather level up than go through these extra quests, especially if they’d be providing low level items. The system might work if low level item rewards for those quests would be desireable enough for high-level gameplay.

        • I think we’re talking about different things

          I’m not talking about extra quests, I’m talking about “The Players X type system is translated as ‘Monster Power’ and players creating games with level 60 characters can set it from 0-10 at game creation”

          if ‘players 3’ will allow me to start a new char and level up faster then I’d like to do it

        • Yeah, the IGN one said Monster Power was available at any time. While this Chinese piece seems to suggest otherwise, I edited the post to go with the IGN position, as it seems credible.

    14. I am very disappointed that they are still not adding boe or boa system. Well, they do, but only for 1 item, and that’s nothing.

      • Yeah I was hoping the infernal machine would let you add a socket to gear in exchange for making it account (or character) bound.

        Pretty disappointed it’s just some stupid ring. I’ll keep my current rings… thanks.

    15. all exciting, but it seesm the game’s getting a bit unorganized. There are difficulty levels (NM, Hell…) and then there are difficulty levels of a difficulty level (Inferno 1-10…) Why couldn’t they make Hell like the current inferno and make Inferno the uber difficulty it should be, with all the different options they’re adding now? They could also contract the 1-60 levelling time (maybe it would be too fast given the game lenth?) especially that we now have p-levels.

      I realise it’s a dilemma and poses difficult design decisions though. Either way, the new features are welcome and sound enticing.

      Still waiting for crafting overhaul.

    16. Time to cancel the WoW subscription if this continues like this.

      I wanted to do the Theramore scenario this morning… I clicked the lfg mechanism and it said … 23 minutes waiting time …

      In D3 it takes 3 seconds to enter a group …

      I think Blizzard made a huge mistake by launching D3 for its WoW player base.

      No longer motivated to play that extreme long mmorpg kind of play these days.

      So let patch 1.05 come next week please. d3 forever.

      • I like both D3 and WoW ((MoP). They are totally different games with a completely different playing experience.

    17. I’m hoping this will spread the farming areas. Too much Act 3 for me. I’ll be happy to hop in Act 1 with a harder difficulty. Excited!

    18. Ummm more stuff for Inferno players. Have they thrown in the towel on getting new players or keeping players who aren’t into endgame? If “monster power” is for Inferno only then I think they’re wasting their time. I liked starting a new character in Diablo 2 on /players 8.

      I don’t believe they understand the core issue some players have with the game. They should watch some of the TL2 videos/streams and see how people are finding set items and unique/legendary items in the first act. How they’re finding items they can’t use yet (level/stat reqs) and have something to work towards. Instead of “oh look another POS dropped” feeling after iding, we (I) want “awesome drop, just have to level up to use it.”

      • I think you can level from 1 with the monster power setting:

        This has major repercussions for the entire Diablo III experience. Monster Power not only applies to Inferno, but to every difficulty from Normal onwards. If you want to roll a new character but don’t want to deal with what you consider to be too easy a grind, you can crank up the power to make things more interesting right off the bat.


        I agree with you on the whole loot dropping thing, but I don’t think it’s really fair to compare it with Torchlight 2. Compare it with torchlight 2 two months from now… When we were all new every rare item was a little exciting.

    19. Bind on account? Nope. No thanks. Not playing anymore. Bind on account completely goes against the nature of what Diablo games are all about. Torches in Diablo II were awesome partly because they could be traded. The trading community is one of the defining features of the Diablo game. Bind on account gear has no business being in Diablo. So for now goodbye Diablo.

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