A question to @Diablo garnered another of those temptingly info-esque replies we’ve come to know and love.

    So far we’ve seen weapons Like axes, hammers, staves, (Yeah, staves) and fist weapons. Question is: Any more types of melee weapons?—Vulcaino

    Spear. Dagger. Polearm. I think that covers it.—Diablo

    Thanks for replying to my questions. Makes the wait more bearable. Now.. About those ranged weapons.. —Vulcaino

    What makes you think the fifth class doesn’t use those weapon types? —Diablo

    It’s widely assumed that Bashiok answers questions from @Diablo just to tease us. It’s also widely-assumed that the DiabloWikififth character will be an archer/ranged attacker, but you know what they say about assumptions. As @Diablo hints, the fifth class might be another melee fighter, even though we *think* the Barbarian and Monk have the melee roles covered. Or, even if the fifth character does specialize in bows/xbows, the class could possess various melee specializing skills as well. It’s not as though there isn’t precedent for that in the Diablo series.

    So, what would you guys like to see? Would you prefer that the fifth character is a pure ranged attacker, using bows and maybe throwing weapons, coupled with various support skills, or would you rather see more variety with spearazon-esque options as well? Unfortunately, the profoundly unwise decision not to include a DiabloWikiweapon switch hotkey in D3 makes any true hybrid character unlikely, simply because there would not be a control mechanism to efficiently alternate between the ranged and melee weapons.

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