We’ve had a lot of updates from BlizzCon for DiabloWikiskills, DiabloWikimonsters, areas etc, but we haven’t really seen much more lore.

    Medievaldragon was kind enough to make a (very) detailed summary of the Diablo novel The Kingdom of Shadow, and from that, we have added a whole bunch new pages, and lots of new lore.

    Here is an additional little lore update on DiabloWiki.Net, done primarily with info from DiabloWikiDiablo novels and the Diablo manuals, but also a little bit that has come from new Diablo III information.

    • DiabloWikiHelp:New article – Newest part of the Help section family. Learn how to make pages.
    • DiabloWikiForgotten Tombs – You might have forgotten them, but you first saw them in the WWI 2008 gameplay.
    • DiabloWikiMonster modifier – One of the main non-lore entries. List of known monster modifiers. If you know more of them, or what they do, make sure to help filling it out!
    • DiabloWikiLacuni – Lore from both the Abd entry as well as the manual.
    • DiabloWikiSanctuary – New theories about time on Sanctuary. Learn what “Lauds” really mean in the world of Diablo.
    • DiabloWikiUreh – A city we have only heard of from the novels, but might turn out to be very important.
    • DiabloWikiLut Gholein – You remember is as a small desert town, but it’s really a massive trade port.
    • DiabloWikiDiablo I Manual – Classic manual. Lots of interesting lore, but a lot of it has been made retconned.
    • DiabloWikiDiablo II Manual – One of the main sources of lore we have.
    • DiabloWikiDiablo II: Lord of Destruction Manual – Another great source of lore.

    If you also like lore, I recommend just reading the manuals, and help out by making articles out of many of the things that haven’t been done yet! If you have any questions, you can get help from the contributors of the Diablo Wiki, or just mail me at , or leave a message on my talk page.

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