In addition to the Q&A video and cosplay fun we posted yesterday, Fmulder dug up several additional Jay Wilson media items from Korea. All were posted in Korean, and as always the Google translation of Hangul is kind of iffy. But there’s (apparently) some new info revealed.

    The biggest one came from Players Forum, and can be seen here. It’s a lengthy transcription of questions and Jay’s answers, and you can read the whole thing if you click through on this post. Other shorter write ups (apparently of the same interview session, as the pictures match) can be seen from Betagame.kr, from Gametoc, and another from Gametoc. More pics of the WD, Monk, and DH cosplayers (who must be professional models) can be seen from Playforum.

    Click through for a quote of the big Jay Wilson interview:

    Original Korean version here. The Google translation is quoted below:

    Diablo 3 core developers, and J. Wilson, director of media day before the demonstration of beta chamgwancha Korea paid a visit to South Korea. Korea fluent words to say to reporters about an hour, handing over his game of Diablo 3 questions related to the part about the system in person had answered with a view to refreshing and honest.

    Following an interview with director Jay Wilson is a specialist.

    Preparation for Diablo 3 Release How’s it going?
    Right now, the game system, content, and operating principles for the validation machyeojin state. When large-scale gaming services for problems such as capturing debug in more detail trim condition.

    I’m open beta testing in the United States, achievement levels and expectations of the fans and asked.
    Now the U.S. has been very successful beta testing is underway. Level of anticipated problems were found. These issues in advance of the test itself is to proceed to discovery, finding the part dedicated to this purpose can be resolved is the level and within a week. Number of concurrent users can tell more about the part, but not to expect might be able to reap good results.

    The main reason for not testing by region by region continue to play the game when there are no problems because it was the focus of stress testing. Now, on this occasion being tested by Korea in accordance with local services to identify issues in advance will not get a.

    Jinhaengdoeeoon from existing overseas participated in the test users’ reactions eotteohaetna
    North American users’ reaction was very positive. And so part of the content in the beta released mainly because of the points I can play Donna is a seamless part of the game had been used mostly for the comments.

    One of them facing the feedback “game too easy. Not that hard,” was that. Game more challenging and difficult for users who want their voices to the game accepted it directly reflects the state.

    In Korea, the possibility of future expansion should not support maekbeojeon Are

    There was some misunderstanding, not in any language that supports the backs. Munjesang internal sources to support development in all languages, and did not go. Internal human resources situation in the future watching or playing enough evidence to reverse these thoughts occur is enough room to expand across platforms.

    Compared with previous works has been dependent mainly wonder what part.
    When compared to previous games combat system and an in-depth quality was aimed to pursue. Comes to a fundamental change was that support for 3D graphics and game controls, in addition to the diversity and skills sought in part.

    Worldview and storytelling has become more robust for the part. By supporting voice for each class of players to move their characters can be absorbed through the ministry had to make. Diablo II and compared these parts to be any different, I think.

    The points are open depending on the level of skill is too simplistic because there are comments
    The freedom to decide on his own character, even more diversified than ever before can tell you that. In fact, you can play Diablo 2, the best skill set will be to remember that the enemy is very limited. Diablo 3 is not a skill you can select a lot, but each skill rune effects add to the lasting effects in the direction of a greater variety of wear can foster. If there are items added to the possibilities are endless with the character becomes.

    Rune grade bother even if they are not supported enough to foster freedom to pursue it was removed from the system.

    Diablo 3 manrepeul achieve, how much time is needed before?
    To be honest I’ve never clocked the time just a few hours, you can not tell you what it takes several days. How many people play the divided company to carry out the test took about a few weeks. It takes a lot of time online games like that can do it, but enough will be able to enjoy the game a long time.

    Diablo have traditionally came a shocking reversal, Diablo 3 also sure you have that part?
    In a shocking reversal, or finishing part of Diablo “We know that the ending is always dark, We need the shocking part.” We hope they did not. I fixed it in perspective by developers, leaving the player, “Oh, I’ll pursue the developer this ending,” he predicts you can get, so I want to leave it as the most open part.

    And there was I flaming Twitter photo. Was the performance of any meaning?
    Diablo 3’s game director has the privilege of the blasts of fire (Laughter.) But here are part of the jangsosang unsafe because I will refrain from showcasing.

    RPG compared with South Korea Would Differentiate a certain point?
    Dude Korea a few games, but Diablo III compared with only tweak the difference is not so much a side question, seems to be somewhat difficult. In general, when compared to other RPG game Diablo mwoiljie answer for, if the characteristics of the Gothic atmosphere of confrontation taking place between heaven and hell. And in the process that occurs Diablo fantasy world can be called special features.

    South Korea started a private beta at the ends of wonder ~.
    Tomorrow is the start of beta testing is what it is known.

    The end of private beta testing schedule South Korea has not yet been set.

    Occur in private testing is in progress in South Korea for the feedback on the game content is worried that reflect afford ten thousand and one hours.
    Starting tomorrow, we proceed in the way to beta test has two purposes. Are we the first in Korea, the hardware test. Players advance the game to you that would like to show you the second time. Game content and G-Star 2011 system-on experience through the voices of their users in the game reflects Korea state. In this test, at the height of the player’s experience is focused on hope you enjoy.

    “Hanpiksel hanpiksel haendeupeinting craftsmanship, 100% said” I saw the contents of the tweet. Actually contains a lot of development went hand in
    Blizzard’s development philosophy and realistic than any technology or ‘our own style “is focused on earning. Over the years, because Diablo 3 is targeted to be played over the network. More realistic because it is represented by new technologies, Diablo cotton to create a unique look focused.

    Our state-of-the-art technologies such as mosyeonkaepcheona did not use means that Diablo 3 and all of the characters and the pixel is achieved by hand. It in order to make the best quality because I did not think that the most effective way.

    For example, in charge of a brick on the outside to take pictures out the game by making it technically falls within the brick-making did not work as is. Mosyeonkaepcheona life, rather than relying on the technique of transforming every action fan of Virtua portray each person directly to forge ahead, and so on.

    Full of game play are curious about the availability of public chat. In addition, the guild system in Korea, quite a lot of users requesting side.
    First, we have a Blizzard game to operate collectively as a community that is that you want to implement new Battle.net. Battle through tags found to play Diablo III World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, so that you can talk freely with your friends to play that goal.

    And there is no guild system will be supported soon.

    Korea version of Diablo 3 for cash auction service plans?
    Auction currency is a very nice feature real thinking has developed. But developing and “in some areas may not be able to use ‘the part expected, so I had to create a gold auction house will Among the items found to be more efficient to support transactions to be made to pray.

    Auction will continue to cash in South Korea is trying to realize.

    Diablo 3 for South Korea to users’ favorite, I hope to focus on this part, “If you have a story

    Each region to run a beta test preparation courses, and software and had to be different. Being beta-tested in Korea and is a lot of great expectations. As a developer, you want to send to those who say South Korea first, “Enjoy the difference,” he says. And if we have problems of playing “Please inform us immediately Blizzard just” wants to convey a portion.

    Blade & Soul (the beulso) gyeopchyeotda and testing schedule. Beulso Have you ever experienced that, and I wonder how the game as a beulsoreul

    Play twice tried. “I swipdeondeyo! (That was easy!)” (Laughs) a very cool game, lots of new parts should think. Beta begins tomorrow on the same day, after I left Korea, the beta tonight to start looking too bad I can not play directly.

    In addition, if the release of the English version will soon. Speaking in Korean, “Thank you, Hello” sticker-shock currently supported in Hangul is next to impossible to fully enjoy the game.

    Two kinds of games with different characters and different system, which with Diablo 3 as the sequel will have its own merits I think. Appeal to the unique atmosphere of its own series while at the same time, so that a new atmosphere in the direction of the drill can be fun. On the other hand, those who want to have fun for a whole new Blade & Soul is able to meet such a portion seems to be.

    Diablo III is ready and I got part of the security
    Since Diablo II hacking and security related issues in the company of experience built up a lot about. World of Warcraft and future games where released and accumulated. People using nuclear or mode programs so that they do not affect the gameplay has taken many ways. By default, the security dimension in the gameplay as well as the server is in progress. In this regard, the more advanced aspects of Diablo 3 I’ll drill through the show.

    Although the single-player available Diablo 2, Diablo 3 is the online play,. That part should have restrictions also play online security issues can be resolved because I did not think. Spoken do not have to worry about security issues will be.

    Internet connectivity is lost, can not I play the game?
    Yes In order to play Diablo 3 online connection is necessary. Diablo 3 from overseas you need to connect to an online PC games are divided into

    Seupideuhaek hack or abroad, such as found in the illegal program is not unprecedented, is not it
    Know that such a program, and some of them took action closely on features. Where are you in the right entrance of the dungeon taught us was the ability to preview.

    The information gained by such a program does not help much. Hack in Diablo 3 Exact location only a little limited in the range of monsters can show information like the location. In addition, because of practical information to appear on the server so these programs are not available. Hack part of the case and found, as soon as this action will continue.

    Diablo 3’s success in Korea market as a developer perspective, I doubt about the level
    “The gaming market in Korea, look forward to the most wonderful game (laughs)”

    When playing Diablo 3 “This is just a little hope matbwateumyeon” If you have a content
    Hard to choose just one, but want you to enjoy runsiseutemeul haemulddokjjim bother. Runsiseutemeun on how to use skill to offer, because the diversity.

    For example, if the wizard, use any rune magic bullet technology Depending on when you cast a magic number of different, being fired, or it can further increase the amount of damage. So even if you use the same character of the same skills used Depending on what rune can experience a wide variety of character development.

    In Diablo 3 perfect combination of skills and create the perfect item to others to prove their strength is attractive. And this is just one of the key to building runsiseutemyida.

    Were excluded from the arena system is officially released. Emerge later as a patch to the existing arena, and many others have published?
    In fact, the old arena, currently under development, there is not much different in that it has been announced. Minus the PvP in this release because the system did not make enough to satisfy a mature enough, I thought. Specifically, we turn into what is still a part of the development process could not tell you’re on the specific part.

    The biggest reason not to focus PvP Diablo 3 single or co-op play through the collaboration and because the main purpose. Also, Diablo 3 PvP personally never die, not wanting to be a major factor is heart.

    If you fall into various PvP modes, if supported, audiences got to enjoy a game two can be honed. Daejeonhal more players together to provide an opportunity to focus on PvP and the one mode is trying to support.

    Diablo 3 if there are plans for other smart-platform support?
    Like tablet or smartphone to expand to other platforms, the game was a good idea though, but officially it is not supposed to plan or develop.

    Been in progress comes beta production has changed the most part seems. The current beta has a certain level of content contained?
    Being beta-tested and has turned part of it went well because some parts difficult to say for, but the craftsmanship and production parts closest to the final release version of the state, I think.

    AMD more than Nvidia graphics card was optimized and well thought
    I do not know about the technical part of any graphics card is better because of that hard to tell. One kind of graphics card performance better part comes a little surprising.

    Responsible for developing the technology through a detailed answer is where you can hear. Incidentally personally at home, Radeon, the company was using a Nvidia graphics card I Like phase two apparently did not feel the difference.

    Finally, before the release of Diablo 3 gamers throwing chulsapyo
    May 15th can not wait. In the development of six years and half hours passed. Player to play the game as soon as possible people would like to see.

    Through a lot of information already published article, but in fact more than that part of the game lies in the official release. These pieces, while users experience the fun, please enjoy the jusigil.

    Enough to cover … Eltanyangui flick flick
    G-Star 2011 in person at the time director Jay Wilson have spoken to shake things up in a blizzard is also yeolhyeolpaen Korean BBQ. Geuraeseoilkka? Lani rib dinner menu is provided immediately after the interview. Koreans go directly to a restaurant to eat enough food to love Korea Jay Wilson allegedly was part of the mind.

    Nice to meet you 🙂 Thank you very much for Jay Wilson!

    Obviously some translation issues in that. If anyone has better understandings of some of the gibberish, feel free to toss it into comments.

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