The Blue CMs stuck around to reply to some fan questions about the newly-enabled D3 Armory. First questioner asked how often are the profiles updated?

    Since this is a new feature for the Diablo III community site, we want to make sure that it remains stable and reliably available to you, so updates won’t be as frequent as they are for the WoW Armory starting out. Right now, profiles should update approximately once per day. We’re looking to have profiles update more frequently in the near future, though (probably whenever your character joins or leaves games or uses the auction house).

    Another fan asked if there was any way to achieve privacy, and got the most cheerfully-sidestepping “no” you’re likely to read today. I’m assuming that at least a dozen smart asses posted “just play single player mode if you want privacy” replies and got banned for it in this thread, but I didn’t actually count:

    But is there any way to make them private? I don’t like people seeing my gear.
    We’re glad you’re enjoying the new character profiles! Like the World of Warcraft armory, all character profiles are intended to be visible within the Diablo III character profiles. It’s a great way to share your progress into the depths of Sanctuary with your friends. 🙂 Remember, if there’s something else you’d like to see appear in a character profile, please make sure to let us know.

    Inevitably, the “not sure if stupid or trolling” siren was sounded by quite a few fans who logged on just to rage that this feature was implemented instead of game changes. The Blue replies to that bit of bridge-stomping were fairly polite.

    As a point of clarification: the character profile pages are spearheaded by our Web and Mobile team, as opposed to utilizing the resources of the Diablo III development team.

    Lastly, a Blue reported that while Achievements aren’t yet displaying in the Diarmory, they’re under construction for the future.

    What do you guys think of the profiles? Have you been snooping around and viewing the profiles of strangers? Looked up your own account and found surprises you’d forgotten about in the weeks since you last played? Anyone got links to some amazing characters, good or bad?

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