More Info on Diablo III Character Profiles

The Blue CMs stuck around to reply to some fan questions about the newly-enabled D3 Armory. First questioner asked how often are the profiles updated?

Since this is a new feature for the Diablo III community site, we want to make sure that it remains stable and reliably available to you, so updates won’t be as frequent as they are for the WoW Armory starting out. Right now, profiles should update approximately once per day. We’re looking to have profiles update more frequently in the near future, though (probably whenever your character joins or leaves games or uses the auction house).

Another fan asked if there was any way to achieve privacy, and got the most cheerfully-sidestepping “no” you’re likely to read today. I’m assuming that at least a dozen smart asses posted “just play single player mode if you want privacy” replies and got banned for it in this thread, but I didn’t actually count:

But is there any way to make them private? I don’t like people seeing my gear.
We’re glad you’re enjoying the new character profiles! Like the World of Warcraft armory, all character profiles are intended to be visible within the Diablo III character profiles. It’s a great way to share your progress into the depths of Sanctuary with your friends. 🙂 Remember, if there’s something else you’d like to see appear in a character profile, please make sure to let us know.

Inevitably, the “not sure if stupid or trolling” siren was sounded by quite a few fans who logged on just to rage that this feature was implemented instead of game changes. The Blue replies to that bit of bridge-stomping were fairly polite.

As a point of clarification: the character profile pages are spearheaded by our Web and Mobile team, as opposed to utilizing the resources of the Diablo III development team.

Lastly, a Blue reported that while Achievements aren’t yet displaying in the Diarmory, they’re under construction for the future.

What do you guys think of the profiles? Have you been snooping around and viewing the profiles of strangers? Looked up your own account and found surprises you’d forgotten about in the weeks since you last played? Anyone got links to some amazing characters, good or bad?

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49 thoughts on “More Info on Diablo III Character Profiles

  1. Q”But is there any way to make them private?”
    A”We’re glad you’re enjoying the new character profiles!”
    Hence they do not deny that everyone besides them is an idiot.

    • I think profiles should be only be allowed to be made private if you’re not posting on the forums. Nice way to combat forum trolls.

      • Sorry I don’t see the point. How a player’s profile will ever show you indications whether his post is a troll or not ?

        • If you listened to a podcast on this site a while ago you would understand. Grug was on the podcast – he had a ton of negative things to say about the game and was “trolling” hardcore.

          Over the course of the podcast, it was very clear that he had played only one character past lvl 30ish and was very inexperienced at the game (had the quest line progression all mixed up, didn’t yet understand game mechanics, etc. He basically was his own D3 Armory.

          We don’t have the benefit of a podcast to vet those talking on bnet, but now we have the armory to answer simple questions such as “wait a minute, you are yelling about legendary drop rates, but it says in D3 armory that you only have 1,500 unique kills… NOT QUALIFIED TO COMMENT”

          That is precisely where D3 Armory helps.

          • Exactly.

            BTW It helped big time in WOW forums too. All those lvl 1 trolls were simply being ignored after a while.

            However … with D3 you can’t even hide after a lvl 1 avatar

            Those players that actually have a point and can some how be verified will make the difference in constructive posts.

            A pity it doesn’t apply to this forum of posters, but I would say that this site itself was the reason why they attracted only non players and haters.

            You attract the public you address and be frank, this site is not a fan site of Diablo 3, which is kinda sad, but … even quite trivial considering the game still sold masses of copies beyond the trials of the hating trolls.

          • This is the answer I feared to hear or read. And I’m far from sharing the same point of view.

            First, the time you spent with the game has nothing to do do with the judiciousness of your argument.

            Furthermore you cannot exclude people from threads because they could have less experience in-game than another people, even if they are “noobs”.

            Last, it maybe useful to remind the definition of troll/trolling :
            “Troll (Internet), an internet term for a person who, through willful action, attempts to disrupt a community or garner attention and controversy through provocative messages”
            And this has nothing to do with time spent in-game or difficulties’ achievements of anykind.

            That being said, i’d still appreciate to see THRALL profile 🙂

          • Ah, a definition, great! Until you clued me in I was under the assumption that trolls were the terrible smelling things that you get in the back of your throat sometimes. I never really knew what to call them. Now that I have that definition straight, I see exactly where my post is utter nonsense.

          • Axamas, what you said basically made no sense.

            Nobody said anything about excluding people from forum posts.
            It just helps to see if people are talking out of their a$$.

            “First, the time you spent with the game has nothing to do do with the judiciousness of your argument.”
            Absolutely it does, if someone hasn’t finished normal, then they can’t really have judicious arguments to topics such as the storyline.

            Or, if someone is bitching about end game item drops but has only reached mid nightmare, then their comments aren’t really valid, and in some cases would be considered trolling. They can certainly have an opinion, but it’s not really based on personal experiences. (with the few exceptions of people with multiple accounts etc.)

            Whilst everyone is entitled to their two cents, it does help to differentiate from horse crap, and constructive input.

  2. profiles ; meh …

    they can only be as relevant and interesting as the game itself. that being said they are not interesting at all in the current state of the game.

  3. I think the release of the feature will be a perfect analogy of D3’s own release:

    -Way later than expected
    -Will have major issues the first few days
    -Will likely miss important features (or in this case, information you’d want to see)
    -Ultimately very unfulfilling

  4. I personally like it. I think the community will ultimately find it quite useful. Especially when sharing builds and the gear that makes them work. Although there won’t be permanence so it would only be useful in that sense for a small period of time. Sure someone out there could come up with a “take a snapshot” or something.

    It is also nice to use in sharing new gear finds with friends without having to be in game.

    That all said, it isn’t a major thing. It is a nice complimentary system to the game but ultimately not a required system. I’m glad it is here though. It will be good long term. Especially assuming they actually fix items and add more end game things to do. I imagine down the road after the 1st expansion most folks will have used it to link their char to their friend at least once.

  5. Enjoying the profiles. I think the layout is pretty awesome.

    People can say they suck, but it is a great way to take a break at work.

    • Yes, this! Much easier than trying to log in with integrated graphics on a work terminal.. *cough*..

    • I don’t have the option of installing D3 on my work computer, so it’s nice to have the ability to check out my chars.

        • I understand it. The characters may decided to do something that is actually fun while he his working and you can’t have that!

        • I’ll share my example,

          I have several gamers friend where I work and we frequently talk about current games, D3 being current nowadays for us.

          It’s easier to share tips, strategies when you can show/look at the gear.

          • Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine E8… people want to check out their gear and their friend’s gear at work, and that is the “lamest thing you have ever heard”. I’m thinking you probably don’t have a job, and therefore you do not value breaks from work. (For me, coming to this site and the D3 Armory is pretty awesome).

            You are doing a great job destroying your credibility as anything other than a troll, as you defined several posts up the wall.

    • If I was to care about player profiles (which I don’t), I would also say that they are well designed.

  6. If the profiles are going to update when you log in, log out or at the AH, then keeping your gear private is easy enough (for those who care): take it off whenever you leave a game.

  7. I wish they showed more player stats. What’s with them only showing the ones with the most “+str”?

    • Sounds like you are only looking at your main stat, +Str. There is a list of your main stats which you can click through below it.

      • I only see a list of about 5. Is there anywhere to see the entire “character” sheet, similar to the one in-game that breaks stats down in detail?

          • i wondered that too, i bet they will add it in game on top of the inspect screen cus its just blank, and will do armory on the same patch…. but when idk. :mrgreen: soon? 🙄

  8. I felt an initial disappoint like twisting the knife in the wound when I looked through the terribly boring gear my character was wearing when I quit the game but I got over it and feel that the profiles will have their uses.

  9. I don’t think we should have such high expectations of Blizzard so early on. I remember when I first bought D2, I had few expectations and loved the game. With time it got better. I expect the same with D3.

    • If you have old discs and some free time, try and play D2X at v.1.07 and go find high-end uniques… Every game has balance issues early on and skills need to be fixed, and also the drop rates. Imo, D3 has core “issues” (stuff I don’t like), like no mods (talking about muling applications, Median, etc.), online-only and AH. If one plays solely online and don’t dislike/hate/care for AH, the game can and will be fixed for this person.

      On the Profiles (aka on topic): I liked them, since the number of hours is hidden. I don’t mind people seeing my monk and his not-awesome gear, stuck at act3 inferno. There are privacy issues, and can be used to inform evil people – as a social network 8) .

      People should allowed to show/hide characters and information or made information visible only for who’s logged in. (I’m glad they hide the number of hours, so I’m ok). Useful tool for easily linking builds, show items, etc.

      What I’m noticing is that there are few people with 5 lvl 60 of each class… Most people seem to be running inferno endlessy with a non-WD char.

      • I personally play without the AH but since my main gaming rig had a Harddive failure I am sorta forced to stop playing until I either get a new pc or a new HDD for my current pc. Not using the AH and relying on both drops and vendors/blacksmith helps make the game better. Currently using my brothers account since he can not play with his current weak laptop.

  10. When looking at the history of the Diablo franchise one would definitely come to that conclusion James.

    We wont know for years out though. At lest a year after the first expansion.
    Hopefully there is a 2nd too.

    After that we should be somewhere.

    sad but true.

  11. It would be awesome if you could “equip” items in the AH and have your damage calculated, etc. in the profiles.

  12. My character doesn’t even show up in my profile. It has my SC2 account and a handful of low-level WoW characters (I barely played), but my 60 Barb is nowhere to be seen.

    • I am having the same issue non of my diablo 3 characters are showing up just all my brother’s WOW characters.

  13. wow i see my gear on a webpages…. OK Whats next will make the game better now???? cmon blizzard

  14. To look on the bright side, Blizzard finally releasing character profiles is one step closer to 1.04. Hope we get to see that 1.04 dev blog soon.

  15. I just noticed the chat gem at the bottom of the profile page. Seems to be working as intended!

  16. So I’ve checked it and yeah…I have a lot of crappy rares. And I don’t have to even start the game to look at my miserable characters.

    Haven’t logged into the game for 3 weeks now probably…

  17. Ahh yes as the original post suggests, “Not sure if stupid or just trolling.” routine is getting really, really old from them…
    The only answer I ever get seems to be just like that whenever I have a problem or question its has absolutely no relation to the question asked!
    I mean thanks for replying about another patch but yeah…you know I asked why an item in the AH just showed up as “failed” and isn’t in my inventory…
    I just picture Jay Wilson dubbed, and captioned in that now infamous scene from “Downfall”

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