DiabloWikiBashiok replied to a question about the Demon Hunter’s big DiabloWikiresource/skill changes by adding some useful details. As speculated on in our previous post, Hatred does still regenerate, though not as quickly as it once did, and that combines with the various +Hatred skills to allow players to rapidly build up Hatred which they can then expend through other skills. The quote:

    Does DiabloWikiHatred still regenerate passively?
    Yes, but the rate at which it regenerates is about half of what it was previously. By using a skill that generates Hatred you can get it back faster, though.

    About a year ago we began to realize that the way we were making people depend on their resource for some classes just wasn’t very fun, and so we began to roll out a new skill cost philosophy. Essentially the overall idea is that at any given time (within reason) you should have some option to use a skill and be able to do something, even if you’re out of resource. What that means is we can’t just have skills that depend on resources to use, but there needs to be a mix of skills that do cost resources, potentially resource generator skills, and some free-to-cast skills (maybe with a cooldown).

    The witch doctor has had mana recovery skills since forever, the monk has almost always had spirit generators, so it was really just a matter of rolling that philosophy out to the other classes, and demon hunter was the most recent (and visible now that beta is live and we’re exposing all that data).

    Bonus! It makes demon hunter build diversity explode like woah.

    There’s no word on whether these changes are going to make it into the DiabloWikiDiablo III Beta where players can try them out and compare to the current lackluster DH system. Also, can we just start calling the “hatred spenders,” “Love?” That would sort the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills into three types: Hatred, Love, and Discipline. Verbiage problem solved!

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