We posted a video a few days ago of a Witch Doctor stampeding the Inferno Act One boss to death in nine seconds. That touched off a fair amount of conversation in the news post and in the WD forum, where fans debated the pros and cons of the build (awesome burst damage for 20 seconds and then 100s of cooldown boredom).

    Other video links were shared, and you can see one of them below. It’s the not-uncommon sight of a Barbarian treating the Inferno Act One boss in similar fashion, and requiring just 10 seconds for the feat.

    That’s all well and good, but it’s become conventional wisdom that all of the difficulty levels, especially Inferno, take a huge jump up from Act One to Act Two, and then beyond. Surely the other Act Bosses on Inferno aren’t so easily steamrolled, are they?

    Click through to see a different WD, using a very similar build, roll over the Act Three boss in a whopping 20 seconds.

    This player posted his video on Battle.net, and included a link to his build in Blizzard’s planner, if you want to know exactly which skills and passives are in use.

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