It’s the turn of Gamespot AU to put Diablo 3’s graphics through the benchmarking test with another graphics comparison piece. The article looks at the different settings to find out how low the settings can go on a variety of different graphics cards and PCs. They conclude by saying:

    In practice, only the weakest computers will need to have their graphical settings adjusted. Any modern computer built in the past two years will be able to run the Diablo III beta with everything maxed out, and at extremely high resolutions, provided it doesn’t have onboard graphics or a bargain-bin video card. In our performance tests, we could still run with maximum settings, although at slightly lower resolutions, on four-year-old computers outfitted with the slowest of Core 2 Duos and a middling-for-its-time GeForce 8600 GTS.

    Thanks to Rhyno for the tip.

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