Needs Moar Gold Sinks, You Say?

Yesterday Azzure posted news about some of the big changes to the Diablo 3 economy we’re seeing previewed in Beta Patch 16. The main discussion in comments on his post here is about the change from a flat fee to a 15% tax on RMAH auctions, (which was apparently a display error/bug in the beta) but if you click through to the full article on Diablo 3 Markets, you see two other interesting tidbits.

The new feature I found most interesting were the changes to crafting. The required materials got their usual reshuffling and many of them decreased in the quantity of ingredients. Their gold costs changed in the other direction though, and you might as well call the last couple of levels of Blacksmith plans “Heaven,” since the streets do indeed seem to be paved with gold.

If you scroll down the list of Blacksmith plans via DiabloNut, you see the gold costs right there on the table (you have to click to every plan page individually to see the costs using Blizzard’s site DB). The costs aren’t too steep through Normal and Nightmare, and even into early Hell lots of plans still cost under 10,000 gold (plus other materials). Once you get to the end of Hell though, and start working the level 9 plans… things get pricey.

The more desirable Level 9 recipes, which you’ll be doing in late Hell or early Inferno, cost 30-40,000+, and when you get up into the highest level crafting gear, better bring a credit card. Everything costs at least 50k, with dozens of plans at 100,000+, topping out at 171,054 for the 10 most expensive (and best?) crafted weapons in the game.

Obviously we don’t know anything about gold drops in Hell or Inferno, and we know even less about the Tomes of Secret, at least 1 of which (climbing up to 17) is required in every Inferno crafting recipe. Still, it’s clear that vast quantities of gold will be required to craft at high levels.

Note also that none of the plans any longer require Fiery Brimstone. (Which might be out of the game entirely; it’s still on Blizzard’s site but isn’t listed in any plans or Blacksmith training costs, and it only shows up in one weird recipe via datamining.) They can all be made with just blue and yellow mats, plus Tomes of Secret and gold. This seems like a change that will make it easier (or at least more feasible) for players to pull themselves up by their bootstraps in Inferno. Theoretically you could grind Act One Inferno for a few hours, building up gold and materials, which you could then spend on crafting recipes with a chance to make yourself a really top end item, of the type you’ll need to survive in the later acts of Inferno. This might be a solution to a problem that crops up in some games, where your character really needs Item X to survive on the higher levels, but there’s no way to earn that item without playing on those higher levels in the first place.

Secondly, we see more changes to legendary items, though their stats are still far from finished, as displayed on Blizzard’s website. (Legendaries and Item Sets aren’t included in the beta data files at all, so can’t yet be datamined.) Click through for details on those…

Months ago, we engage in some debate about the early stats listed for legendaries on Blizzard’s website. They weren’t very impressive back then, without much in the way of affix bonuses, and surprisingly low damage. This led to speculation that perhaps top weapons in D3 were flatter in their DPS, and and that unlike D2’s weapon system, properties other than huge +damage might have value in the end game.

That may yet be true, but from the new legendary item stats, it looks like the lack of damage disparity has been iterated away from, or else it was just a by product of the very early itemization at that point. As Azzure points out, most legendary weapons now have HUGE damage increases over their base item types. As the comparison of Azurewrath to a base Rune Sword shows, it’s more than double the damage.

This is still a lot less than the damage bonuses top weapons had in D2, where +250% was quite common, with top items (mostly runewords, ultimately) expected to grant +350% or more. That said, this is still a work in progress and things may yet change a lot, as you’ll note that the itemization is still underway, with almost every legendary weapon and high level crafting plan still just listing “and X random attributes.”

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26 thoughts on “Needs Moar Gold Sinks, You Say?

  1. These large numbers are why I wish they went with a copper/silver/gold approach. Too many people would complain though because it’s what WoW does – even if WoW didn’t invent the concept.

    • Tbh I think the gold only approach is easier to read. If the number’s meant to be intimidating, then sure.

    • i agree 100% here. i said a while back they should do this and many people didnt like it. said it was not “diablo enough” whatever the hell that means

  2. It seems that by having more gold sinks into the game, they are encouraging the players to use the gold AH. That, or either buy gold from RMAH.

    Personally, I am not that worried about lacking the sufficient funds to craft Inferno-level gears. Sure, they are insanely expensive but I do think that by the time we hit Inferno, we will be walking around with too much money anyway. Chances are, our Hell-level loots and rewards would be dependable in Inferno as it doesn’t make sense that they become instantly obsolete. So I assume that the difference in upgrade of gear from Hell to Inferno won’t be that extreme. Maybe a few +DPS here and there, but not so much that you are practically useless in Inferno if you don’t loot or craft one from that difficulty. And since they just change the flat difficulty of Inferno, the transition is much easier.

  3. “you might as well call the last couple of levels of Blacksmith plans “Heaven,” since the streets do indeed seem to be paved with gold.”
    I hope this isn’t a spoiler to the location of the 4th act (don’t tell me). Either way, please remember to post spoiler warnings on datamined story-related things.

    • I had no spoiler thoughts in mind when I said that, but it’s a pretty good joke now that you point it out. Nothing in this article required any datamined info; it’s all on the blizzard site, aside from that one odd Legendary material recipe. I only linked to DN since the display of info is more convenient than on Blizzard’s DB.

  4. The ED on Azurewrath seems to be 200-275%, which is great, considering that when they 1st released the item info, biggest ED variations were in the 20-30% range.

  5. pretty obviously this is the key to the secret cow level (“staff of herding”)

    there are 4 variants, each with zero mods and zero utility on the base item, named “nightmarish,” “hellish,” and “infernal.” each one probably unlocks the secret cow level in its respective difficulty, which explains the absurd cost for the infernal one

    the base item type is made out of those useless drops like the black mushroom that you could easily miss, suggesting it’s not a bona fide quest item

    edit: was supposed to be a reply to brokenstorm

  6. I like the sound of this.  Sometimes it is maddening that you cannot get the one or two items you need despite lots of farming/questing.  The ability to grind for some gold and then obtain a pretty good piece of equipment sounds good.
    However, Blizz keeps saying how much you’ll have to spend repairing your equipment.  Hopefully they won’t make it such that farming for gold is not really possible due to repair costs.

    • PS: To those in the beta or following D3 news more closely, does it look like the crafted equipment will be worth using?  In D2 I rarely used crafted stuff because it was usually not much better than stuff you could buy/find.

      • It’s hard to say what things will look like with high-level gear from beta experience alone. Blizzard have said fairly consistently that they want the item hunt to be a priority, so my guess is that the highest-tier crafting stuff will be really really good, but not quite as good as some of the best stuff in the game, which you’ll have to hunt for. In any case, I expect a fair deal of “viable” gear will come out of the crafting system.

      • so far in the beta i would easily say its far superior to have crafted items. (maybe not some of the weapons cause they are low lvl) but with the armor u can get like +10 to str/dex/int/vit which is very good to boost dmg for each class. and with the addition of rings back in the beta, ive got 2 +2-4 dmg rings on my barbarian and im hitting 47 dps with crits in the 90-100 range. i hit 175 once with a revenge critical :O

  7. Based on Diablonut available affix for runesword, AzzureWrath may have the following :
    ColdD13 : artic : +(67-134)-(157-313) Cold Damage
    Haste 9 : assailing : Increases Attack Speed by (18-19)%
    Damage 2 : Ferocious : +(16-20)% Damage Cold and haste are the 2nd best line, + damage is not terrible.
    It leaves some room for better rare in term of DPS.  

  8. I believe it when I see it. So far it seems just as easy-or easier to farm gold than in d2. If thats the case it will not be a problem to farm together 10 million gold in two hours of play.

    I find it disengaging to say the least that blizzard fails to introduce a copper/silver/gold type of system. All they care about is to make the beta bucks aka your wallet the only viable option to purchase gear.

    Time will tell, and that said I cross my fingers to be wrong on this – unfortunately most of the time I’m right. 

  9. basically this inflation in prices (if gold drops are equally inflated inferno) guarantees participation in the ah for those wanting to get that far in progression and in crafting.
    much like how facebook’s ui and structure is geared towards training you and selling ads, i have a feeling certain aspects of the game will be tailored to nudge players towards spending money in the ah.

  10. It may be easy to farm gold, but it is easier to spend it. In the current version of the beta, anyway. Between crafting costs, crafter leveling costs, stash space costs, and raised vendor prices (with rings a very rare drop but currently available through vendors), my whole account is permanently broke :p 

    • yes but remember that because of the changes to the blacksmith its not worth leveling him to level 2 anymore since all the journeyman items ar enow level 15+
      But with those ~2k ring purchases, yes I too have not much gold left in my account to buy those 10000 stash tabs
      I’ll basically do what one of the CM said, make a character of each type immediately and put valuable start-game items in their inventory instead of wasting time buying the stash tabs at the beginning
      Only 30 days left! (+ 1-2 days to receive by CE shipped box)

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