Fmulder knew the truth was out there, and he found it, in the form of additional D3 Team interviews about Followers.  Here are four more we hadn’t seen previously; two in Korean, one in French, and one in Italian. The links below are to the Google translations, which are fairly readable; more for the French/Italian than the Korean.

    There are undoubtedly a few new tidbits in these interviews; there were several in the Gamestar.de one, that we extracted with automated translations and Germanic fan assistance. If anyone fluent in these tongues can skim the source material and point out some good stuff, it would be appreciated.

    Inven.co.kr—They interviewed Jay Wilson via satellite TV, and there’s a cool picture of the reporters busy taking notes as a giant Jay head speaks from the wall of monitors. It’s like a WoW player’s nightmare vision of a Diablo III re-education camp! (Oh please, oh please, oh please…)

    Gametime.co.kr was also in on the Jay Wilson Korean conference call, but their write-up differs, at least via the Google translation.

    Gamekult.com has a short interview with Leonard Boyarsky, in which he talks about some of the Enchantress skills, amongst other details.

    The last interview is by gamesurf.tiscali.it, and it’s with Jay Wilson. Jay gives some details about the followers skills and shoots down some wild theories of the interviewer.

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