In addition to all the great Diablo artwork HK’s posts are showcasing from our our Diablo Fan Art Gallery, Blizzard recently posted a few Diablo-inspired pieces in their fan art selection. Since their loathsome image script doesn’t permit direct links to any of the images, and I know you guys don’t want to wade through pages of WoW night/blood elves in metal bikinis *cough* to see the Diablo stuff, I went ahead and added them directly to the gallery here. Click the thumbs below to view the goods.

    You can also find a fair amount of Diablo-inspired art on Deviant Art, (some very cool stuff) though you’ll have to bypass a lot of other artwork that just happens to have “diablo” in the title. Anyone posting their work on DA is also invited to post it in our gallery. You’re guaranteed thousands of views here, and with your URL in the watermark and/or caption you’ll get many click throughs.

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