More Fake Screenshots

Slow weekend = another 10 Fake Diablo 2 Screenshots from our archives. A few of these are from the initial contest, but most were submitted afterwards, once the fake shot of the week became a regular feature… one we hope will one day ride again!

Here are the ten newly-added shots; click the links or see the folder to browse through the 20 now posted.
[*]D2 Trading Cards?
[*]The Secret Chicken Level?
[*]“Big Brother” Diablo.
[*]Find Potion, the early days.
[*]A grim reminder how much darker the theme and mood was in Diablo I.
[*]Cow Muling?
[*]A non-epic mount.
[*] servers found. ( was woefully underpowered in the early days of D2.)
[*]All Your Base Are Belong to Us! (This was the LOLcats of 2001.)
[*]The new Diablo 2 capture the flag mini-game.

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