@Diablo broke its year-long silence with a very short answer to an interesting question.

    Are there any new systems that haven’t been announced yet? Yes or No will suffice. Want to know if I should expect anything.—Grug

    A few.—Diablo

    Last year brought several new systems, depending on how you define that term. The DiabloWikiArtisans/DiabloWikicrafting/DiabloWikirecipes/DiabloWikimaterials was a system revealed in August, at Gamescom. More came at Blizzcon, with the DiabloWikiBattle Arena, the totally-redesigned DiabloWikiskill tree and the new DiabloWikitraits, much more on DiabloWikiRunestones, and the DiabloWikiTalisman/DiabloWikiCharms. The Demon Hunter was obviously big news, but a class reveal isn’t really a “system.”

    What more has Diablo III got to offer, whether in the initial title, or in the expansion pack(s)? Some possibilities.

    • DiabloWikiMercenaries: The devs have repeatedly no comment’ed when asked about hierable mercs, other than saying they want to do them bigger and better than Diablo II did.
    • Trading. The team has talked about implementing some sort of DiabloWikiAuction House or Trading system, but offered no details yet.
    • DiabloWikiLore. A new lore/story window was in the demo at Blizzcon, opening in a tab from the Quests window. It looked like it was there to provide bonus encyclopedia-style info about everything (items, monsters, NPCs, etc) but it was almost unpopulated as of Blizzcon.
    • Guild Support. We know nothing about whether D3 will support guilds or clams oysters over B.net.
    • Item DiabloWikisockets. The only known objects to socket into weapons and armor are DiabloWikigems. We’ll surely get more options there, eventually?
    • DiabloWikiQuests? We’ve seen quests in the demos, but they’re all just D2-style simple missions. Will we get anything really different, other than just the interface?
    • DiabloWikiMonsters? Will there be any larger systems for monsters, adding more organization or systematization than D2 had? Perhaps the devs will reveal some detailed info about how big boss battles will go…
    • Stats and rankings? The devs have talked about PvP matchmaking using a character skill ranking, and mentioned achievements and ladders for PvM, but they’ve not gone into any detail yet about either.
    • Difficulty levels. The devs have said Nightmare and Hell will be much harder, as will large games, but they haven’t said how or why. What will change beyond monster stats scaling up?
    • DiabloWikiItem sets. Pretty well confirmed to return, but though they’ve shared their ideas for improvement, nothing is detailed.

    Which (if any) of these are you most interested in finding out more about? Which do you think will be in the game at all? Which have I entirely forgotten to mention? Hit the comments for that.

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