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We posted the first very early DiabloWikiDiablo III reviews a few days ago, and here are some more that have popped up since then. News is very busy, so I’ll just link and score to keep this post short.

  • Reghardware: 85%.
  • The Escapist: 4/5 stars.
  • The Toronto Sun: 4.5/5 stars.
  • Wanderson 75: 4/5 stars.
  • We’re going to be updating every legit Diablo III review on a wiki article, so check there for a complete listing. There are currently 16 reviews on Metacritic, and the game has an 88% rating, with reviews ranging from 100% down to a low of 80%.

    Skewing a bit higher than the user-submitted ones, you’ll note…

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    1. One of the most hyped, acclaimed and long awaited videogames and it struggles to hit a score of 9 out of 10. What a shame, really. I am quite happy with D3, to be honest, but I agree that it’s not THE masterpiece Blizzard was talking about for months.

      They kept repeating they wanted to release a perfect game, a “unique” experience, and we now have a broken gold auction house, missing real money auction house with further delay, missing pvp, ultrabasic chat, zero UI customization (not even resize/move)… A great game for sure, but not worth a “top” score, sadly.

      • Not worth a top score? But a lot of these reviews are close to 100%, I don’t know how you get it otherwise… You sounds like those kids at IGN who expect every game has to get 9.5 or it sh1ts… Even the score 80 can be gotten from converting 4 out of 5 stars which again means really good. personally it worth a top score for me…

        Funny thing is I thought most people are against RMAH, but then you take points off Blizzard for it not being there at launch lol. Gold AH also works fine, been using them just fine since launch. I’m sure there is genuine issues there somewhere but not as big as being exagerated by the haters out there

        • Anything less than 90% or 4.5/5 for a high budget game nowadays in the review industry is LOW, in case you didn’t know.

          The reviewing scales for video game critics have been shifted dramatically and now ratings (again, for HIGH budget games) 95-100% are considered game of the year etc, 90-95% are considered great with small issues, 80-90% are mediocre to ok, and lower than 80% are plain uninteresting / issue-ridden.

          It’s pretty blatant that most reviewers like D3 overall but find large components of the game lackluster or mediocre, hence a lot of the scores being 80~85%.

          • 60 would be mediocre. 90 is excellent. If we’re going by American grading standards, Diablo 3 would be getting an A. What you’re doing is moving the goal post so far that nothing short of Diablo 3 curing cancer would make you stop and say, “Welp, I guess I was wrong, Diablo 3 is pretty good after all.”
            That being said, I had cancer before Diablo 3 came out and since then it has cleared up. Not saying it’s connected but

            Also helps that it’s pretty damn fun.

          • You’re overstating the grade inflation game reviews get. Yes, they get higher scores than they should, but scores over 90 are pretty rare, in critical average on metacritic.


            Skimming recent scores, Skyrim got a 94 and Mass Effect 3 got a 93 (benefit of rushed reviews being posted before they’ve finished the game?), but vast majority of games are in the 70-90 range. D3 is 89 as I type this.

            That would be one of the lowest bliz scores, though. SC2 got a 93. All teh WoW games have been 90-93. Diablo 1 is actually the best score any bliz game has gotten; 94.

    2. Hey guys I’m getting a Malware warning from Google AND Chrome when I try to reach your site.

      Whats the deal with this?
      Just saying.. Might be a reason why you have less visitors lately? 

      • A ticket has been put in to Google to remove the alert for incgamers. 

        The server down time has been due to a larger than expected increase in traffic on this site and  Rush has been working with the server balance to keep the servers online but we have ordered a new server for the wiki. 

    3. Actually, the toronto one was 3.5, not 4.5
      Which is what I think the game deserves, by the way. 😐

    4. I’d give the game a 6.5/10.

      Diablo 3 is less of a Diablo sequel and more of a logical progression from WoW. I suspect Blizzard has targeted old WoW players as the game’s demographic who have quit over the years as seen with their recent release of SC2, and now D3 by combining mechanics and gameplay elements from WoW in order to promote a seamless integration into an old IP. Excellent business move, yet devastating for the old school dungeon crawler gamers.  

      • I agree with you. I can’t properly enjoy diablo 3 if I keep thinking that it’s the sequel to both diablo and diablo 2. It doesn’t feel right.

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