Flux has been hard at work since Diablo Wiki got back up, and has added no less than seven new guides to the Diablo II strategy section of DiabloWiki. They are all for DiabloWikiPvM (as last week was mostly about PvP) and it’s all about the DiabloWikiAmazon. If you are a fan of another class, don’t worry, there are plenty more to come!

    • DiabloWikiWindtitan, by Kijya – (v1.10+) Hybrid Amazon using Windforce/Javelins, boosted by a Rogue mercenary using the DiabloWikiFaith bow runeword to provide Fanaticism.
    • DiabloWikiPvM Gunslinger, by Kijya – (v1.10+) An Amazon hybrid focused around physical bow and lightning javelin attacks.
    • DiabloWikiPalazon Battlemaid, by Sokar Rostau – (v1.10+) Using a DiabloWikiPaladin skill as her main attack making her almost indestructible (Warning! Requires very high level gear).
    • DiabloWikiPvM Daggerzon, by Ava – (v1.10+) An unconventional build: Amazon using daggers. It’s more for variety and fun, that still can survive and succeed in Hell, with good equipment.
    • DiabloWikiPoor Man

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