More Diablo Easter Eggs in Starcraft II

Medieval Dragon has been busy pouring over every inch of the Starcraft II maps and gameplay, and has compiled quite a list of Easter Eggs in that game. You can see the full (and growing) list here. As you might expect there are quite a few Diablo references amidst the SC EEs, and in addition to the news we’ve previously posted about the Diablo Marine, Helmet Decals, Deckard Cain achievement, and Space Diablo, we’ve added Diablo the Movie and Diablo III WarGames to the wiki page.

Click to see the full list of Diablo Easter Eggs in Starcraft 2, with images and details, and much more about Diablo Easter Eggs in other games.

Also, we’re still compiling a list of the Easter Eggs in Diablo 2; check out the article and the related forum thread, and help out if you can.

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  1. After the long time without any practical information I was so happy that gamescom is around the corner – and now the magic has gone :\ Of course I will enjoy the old demo, too, but… its not the same as the prickle when you make first steps in something total new and awesome.

    Btw @Flux: if you really like those “hard” German words (I’ve heard that our language sounds strong in your ears), then also look into the bestiary:


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